About The Pac-12 Schedule

Next year, no teams will play a Saturday road game followed by a Friday road game. That’s good.

I would also note that every Pac-12 team plays 7-or-8 days before the conference title game. That means you avoid this year’s scenario, where USC goes two weeks without a game and plays a team (Stanford, Washington, Washington State) that will play two games in six days.

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  1. Next year no one has to play in Pac 12 Championship Game with 6 days rest. Oh, thank goodness! Trojan fans have been feeling so bad about Washington State getting only 6 days rest this year when they got gifted ALL home game before they played us at home on a short week.

  2. USC paid the tough price for a no-bye season and survived to play for the championship. Good for us. Nobody else could have handled it, obviously, so to the victors go the spoils.

    Fight On Baby! Crush the little gutties like the maggots they are.

    • ur fun, i know under stand why all of ur imaginary importint freinds like watching the gaims with u cuz u have such a grate prospective on life, smdh

      • Especially the bruins–after all his posts, a loss would send him away for quite sometime.

        • he is the worst of sports fans, takes all the fun out of it and he dont reelize it, and he probaly never plaid a sport in his life, but he is a loud mouth jirk

      • The Kiffer’s back in the news again and being talked about daily as the hottest one-year turnaround coach in the country.

        It’s unanimous that he’s gonna land another big gig this year or next, probably in 2018. Where do you think The Kiffer’s gonna move to when he cashes in his FAU chips?

          • Actually, I wouldn’t like to see that. Not at all.

            The guy’s a great recruiter, knows the west coast like the back of his hand and has developed into an offensive mastermind. Plus he’s had three years of Saban and was very successful there. I saw a recent interview of him on ESPN and he came off very well. He’s good.

          • I think Kiffin did a good job with what he had. His two mistakes were his father and not handing over duties to an offensive coordinator. He surrounded himself with excellent coaches, but the sanctions made a big difference. The spread option was gaining ground during that time and he was unable to rotate players like most teams due to the sanctions.

            He lost recruits because he could not develop players, they had to be thrown in to the lions and play right away. Top recruits want to play for winning teams and that’s why he lost recruits.

            I’m sure he’s learned from his mistakes. I believe he will do well if he gets another chancet to coach at a top school.

          • He’s dialed back his ego with his assts as well. That was a problem for him at USC and he paid the price. Always a little immature before Saban got ahold of him.

            He’s also very savvy about bringing publicity to programs, and not just the bad kind. Very smart guy who will stick his neck out to the max to get stuff done.

            He’s as driven as they come too, 24/7. The big boys are set to pounce on him. So many coaches need to be replaced, all of whom could have never in a million years done what The Kiffer just did at FAU in less than a year.

            He’s earned his way back and didn’t take the easy route by any means.

          • Yes, I’d say he did a decent job given the situation at the time. The team was much more shorthanded then compared to now. He still put up a 10-2 record and won the Pac-12 South in 2011.

          • I’ve said it before —after they dump Mora off at the curb, I’m hoping the brubabes experiment for a few years with a very cutting edge, UC-type concept —-going coachless. The players shouldn’t have to submit to some arbitrary authority figure. To paraphrase Marx, “what do they have to lose —but their chains?!”

          • Little petting kittens will be handed out to each brubabe after the game.

          • Yeah, I was kidding. The kid has paid his due since he literally got kicked out of the SC team bus years ago, and as you said, he knows this area and people real well.

            Is there ghost of a chance Kiifin might return to SC as HC? That’d be recorded as the most shocking event ever in the history of college football, wouldn’t it? LOL!

          • He’ll be set up again somewhere big by the time the USC job opens up, which won’t be until 2019 if Darnold stays. And maybe by then, Helton will have grown enough to keep the job. Could happen.

          • Yeah, all of that is possible, I think, given Helton will have learned enough and quickly enough to be a legit HC for SC in that time frame. Truth be told, I do like the guy as a person, and I always have. What I questioned all along was his guy-next-door personality and lack of experience and proper credentials for the head coach of SC. I’ve still got my doubts about him, and I’d be quite surprised if he proves me totally wrong eventually.

    • We really shouldn’t make this game against the little gutties more difficult than it should be, JB. I think the first couple of offensive series will be really crucial. If we turn the ball over or fail to score into the second quarter, it might become a close game to the end. After all, every possession means a potential 14-point switch.

      • It’s a rivalry game with our cross-town mini-rivals who are desperate to win so they won’t slip further into CFB oblivion. But USC just has too many weapons with Darnold, RoJo and our emerging receivers.

        Contrary to your position, I don’t really think the entire 1st Q of play means much, if anything, in this game. Knowing USC, we’ll be sloppy and mistake-prone, as usual. It’ll be close at half. Rosen will have some success if he doesn’t get hurt again.

        Expect USC to settle down and take full advantage of our talent edge in the 2nd half as that pathetic bruin D begins to show its true form and Darnold and RoJo (and maybe Carr too) get their footing and run away from the baby bruins.

        Then the pressure will be on the little gutties to beat CAL to get into the Drain-O Bowl. Sweet.

        • LMAO…Drain-O Bowl…I would love to see them in it!

          We shall see how the game would develop, and either of our projections will be right or wrong, but we both agree on an SC win in this one. I still think the earlier part of the game will be more important to take the fight out of those gutties, though.

          Saturday can’t arrive quickly enough, JB. It’ll be immensely entertaining to see those aggravated facial expressions of The Chimp and Rosey as they bite the Coliseum dust.

      • Oh my you’re so deep, like a cesspool. Every possession means a potential 14 pt switch.. my your math skills are amazing.

      • Earth to little gutty. Earth to little gutty.

        USC was over-ranked in the pre-season. USC is a very good but not a great PO team. We’re still good enough to humiliate you baby bruins on Saturday and finish top 10. That’s a lot more important than some summer ranking guesswork.

        Are you really this dumb?

          • Speak for yourself. I’d rather crush them by 2 with a last second FG after they thought they were actually gonna steal one. Now that would be perfect.

            If you knew anything about eagerly awaited, long-standing rivalry games, which you obviously don’t, you wouldn’t say such stupid stuff.

          • Come on. Are you serious? Get your head out of the sand, or else quit playing dumb little gutty.

            Recruiting rankings are just guestimates, filled with imprecise and outright wrong evaluations. Slugs like Bigelow and Whitney Lewis and frauds like Dillon Baxter and Antwine Perez all helped give USC big brownie points – but couldn’t play a lick. You’re a total sap.

            And the four team PO always omits teams that are deserving. USC ended up at #3 in the rankings and couldn’t get into the PO, because of a bad start to the season. We were obviously better than UW and destroyed them in Seattle. Deserving teams will be left out again this year so making the PO isn’t always the most valid way to measure teams.

          • Johnny, “they call me the Quitter” Rosen was to win the Heisman, Rose Bowl, and National Championship. How is that coming along? Let us see, he is 0-3 against USC, he is on the verge of not going to a bowl game due to one more loss, and he is one ouch away from calling it quits for the season.

      • -USC is the only team in the nation to play a Bowl team in 5 consecutive weeks.

        -And that was 5 games in September. No bye week included in the season makes it a good argument that we had a tough road.

        -INJURIES were constantly popping up it seemed almost every other day.

  3. Gomer had a soft schedule, top QB & RB, a huge advantage for the championship game, top 4 pre season ranking and he and his merry band of castoffs blew it

  4. This is just another reason why USC should say adios to Larry “Game, set, match” Scott, and join the Big 12 or go independent. Larry just can’t seem to figure out that USC is the only team that year in and year out has a legit chance at the CFP, so he keeps sabotaging USC. The Pac 12 needs USC a lot more than USC needs the Pac 12.

        • Began some time ago, and got really bad under Garrett with the NCAA, aka, prosecutor, judge, jury, and appellate court review. The most blatant cartel.

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          Here is the NYT headline of the day:

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            By the way, how is your buddy, Al “Magic Hands” Franken doing?

          • He had nothing to do with it….nothing at all…absolutely zero….nada….

            And NASA faked the moon landings, and Elvis is still alive, and FDR allowed Japan to bomb Pearl Harbor so the US could enter WW II…

            You really need to do better than this. This just looks foolish.

          • Owns is a Three UCLA Thieves Truther.

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        • You mean like the phony 12 Stepper Al Franken? Or the cheater BJ Clinton, your role model? or preachy lib Richard Dreyfuss or Harvey Weinstein?

    • Hate so say it, but USC already casually brought up the subject of leaving when Haden was AD – and the rest of the conference laughed, especially STAN. It’s not all about football.

      • It would be a win-win across the board joining the Big 12 for all sports. Can you imagine the t.v. revenue a USC vs. Texas/OU would generate every year? Let the rest of the Pac12 laugh when their bell cow goes off to greener pastures.

        • Don’t you think this has been thoroughly considered for years? Must be something pretty big holding USC back, since we’ve had so many P12 troubles.

          But the truth is the Pac12 is a much better all around conference than the Big 12 in all sports, so it’s not even a sideways move. It’s not even close.

          Look what’s happened to NEB since they left the Big 12. They lost all their natural rivalries and can’t find one in the Big Ten. They’re dead forever unless they go back. A&M left and they’ve been just a middling program ever since.

          If the P12 wanted to play hard ball, they could just shut USC out of games with STAN, CAL and ucla. Boom. USC’s Rose Bowl days are over. As we know, it’s the conference that rules, not the schools.

          If USC starts anything big with TEXAS/OU, it’ll be because they join the P12, not vice versa.

          If what you say is true, then why aren’t we just moving over? What would we be waiting for? There’s never even been one report that SC’s even considering such a move or that TEXAS or OU want us in there. If there has been, I’ve never seen it.

          • All solid points, but I beg to differ on a few. Primarily the Pac12 freezing USC out of games against UCLA and Stanford. That would be more disasterous for those schools than USC because USC moves the needle. For example, the only two games Stanford comes close to selling out is USC and N.D. The other big money sport, basketball, the Big 12 is just as good as conference as the Pac 12. My rationale is this. Like in any relationship, when you’re constantly treated like a second class citizen, sooner or later you need to walk away.

          • I would only say that STAN is so rich (and they truly are) that they don’t care about gate receipts for home games. They just don’t care about football like USC does and never have. They’re fine if they win 7-8 games. Plus, they like being in the Pac12 because it elevates their product and they don’t feel like they are being slighted. They love it.

            They also know USC would never leave if we had to drop all of our oldest rivals from the ’20s. Never happen. So they don’t consider the threat of USC leaving realistic and they told this directly to Haden. Right to his face.

            As far as ucla goes, they’d probably like to see USC go. That would help their stature in L.A. and they are a more regional football product. We own ’em in football and they hate being second fiddle in L.A. and getting crushed in the Coliseum or the Rose Bowl – our second home.

            ucla’s loss of gate receipts for SC at their rented Rose Bowl is a pittance compared to their licensing deal with UA. It’s nothing.

            Sure, SC could walk away at great cost and gamble on a new future tied to TEXAS and OU. Maybe we’d make more money, but we’d lose a lot more of everything else and the P12 knows it and they’ll never sweeten SC’s deal to keep us. USC tried for that and got stuffed, You think ORE or UW are gonna play second fiddle to USC in terms of dividing up the pie? Over their dead bodies.

          • Jack, if USC walked away from the Pac-12 the conference would implode, just like the Big East did when Syracuse walked away. Check out the 30 for 30 documentary on the Big East when Mike Tranghese stated, “We will rue the day that we didn’t get Penn St. to join the Big East. He knew that football revenue was paramount.
            What was said to Haden should’ve been the first sign of trouble, and Haden should’ve called their bluff. If word got out that USC was seriously considering leaving the Pac-12, Bob Bowlsby would be in LA so fast your head would spin. What other conference has a revenue sharing plan where the big dog gets the same cut of the pie as the bottom feeders? Let me ask you this, if Alabama was treated they way USC is in football, you think they would sit idly by? No way in hell.

          • Football is king in the South. It’s nothing compared to that in the west, so your ALA reference is completely irrelevant. And you have no idea what ALA’s contract with the SEC is or how/if it differs from any other SEC schools.

            But if you’re right, then I presume USC will be in the the Big 12 soon. We’ll see about that.

          • What makes you think the Big 10? Sooner or later there will be four super conferences with 16 teams each. Each conference winner, plus four at large will make the playoffs.

          • Obviously, I meant Big 12, where OU and TEXAS are and you suggested USC should go.

            But now you’re talking about four super conferences of 16 each. Before you were talking about USC ditching the P12 alone. All I’ve been saying is USC will never do that. You think we will and should. I don’t.

            But if USC moves with a larger P12 contingent to become a part of any different alliance, that’s an entirely different question which would make anything possible.

          • I’m just tired of USC paying the freight for the conference and not getting their just deserves. Do I think that USC will leave the Pac-12? No, but I think they should.
            I also think in 10-15 years we are headed to super conferences for football and basketball, or just football.
            Should USC stay in a future Pac-16 who do you think the four other teams should join are? My guess would be Boise St., San Diego State, Fresno State, Colorado St. UNLV, New Mexico, take your pic.
            I also think that the Pac-12 title game in football needs to me moved to Vegas at the new Raiders stadium. The one thing Larry Scott has done right is move the basketball tournament there.

          • I’m not unhappy with our spot in the P12. We are well known as the long-standing football bell cow. I’ll take it! Do we deserve more $ for that? Obviously the rest of the P12 thinks not and I’m fine with that. We’re often horrible in basketball and add nothing to the conference. I’m sure USC makes plenty of dough off licensing rights to what we sell as a result of our super football profile. We are aligned with very successful media and ad people for these purposes.

            USC will be fine wherever we land and I like the current composition of the P12. I think both CU and UTAH were smart additions. I wouldn’t add anyone you referenced and would only consider combining with other schools of comparable academic and athletic prowess.

            Take CCG out of San Francisco for sure but I don’t know the reasons it’s there now. Must be some big ones because we can’t stage it at a college campus.

            USC is a big-time power hitter, always has been, and whichever way the wind blows, we’ll be fine. Too many variables to predict how things will shake out. But we’ll have plenty of suiters and people willing to combine with whatever group we want to align with when the super conference era begins. That could still be a long way off.

          • Pac-16? Really? You think adding the four you listed makes this weak conference stronger? It does not – you stated what many talked about over the years either leaving the conference and joining another or bringing in OK and TX – now you have instant power.

            There isn’t enough fan interest to add 4 more teams and then attempt to divide the money up 16 ways

  5. Last time i counted, usc has only 13 days between games. Not 2 weeks without a game, as per your blog. The only difference is SC has an extra week.

    • You’re nuts. Beating ucla by any points whatsoever will be fine. We’ll still own you whether we beat you little gutties by 1 or 50.

      Besides, USC doesn’t need to win except for local bragging rights. We’re in the CCG anyway. You need us to make a bowl game. We don’t need you for jack!

  6. USC will win because they are a better team with a better qb and have rebounded from two losses better for it. bel-air tech has learned very little save that they win at home – well they’re not at home and more bluntly they are deficient in every aspect of the game and until they make a change at ‘head coach’ they will continue to bore themselves in their own self-created tomb.

    Good news is that the irish got shown the door and here’s hoping Stanford shoves a shiv in their side a week from Saturday. The rigged con game they have not having to risk playing in a CCG is contemptible for the rest of college football.

    Lastly if you read Plaschke’s front page article about the three bruin players caught stealing in China one line reeked of of how the icons of the past 20 th century are exempt from any real scrutiny – get this line:

    “And in the sidewalk outside Pauley, the statue of John Wooden might have pulled the rolled-up program in his hand over his face.”

    Never a word of what was ignored and swept under the rug for over 45 years now instead we get the same ‘kabuki’ theatre that is the ‘little old winemaker woodie’.

  7. Actually Scott since the Pac12 title game is on a Friday (again, ugh) everyone but the Oregon and the Washington schools will be playing on 6 days rest if they make it.

    Remember Scott … November only has 30 days!

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