About The USC Schedule

The first thought on USC’s schedule is the back-to-back road games with Stanford and Texas could have a huge impact on the season. The next two games that stand out are road games with Arizona (Khalil Tate) and Utah (have to be better next season).

Then comes the season-ending swing with UCLA and Notre Dame. Whatever predictions I might make depend on whether Sam Darnold comes back, of course.

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  • j metaphor

    Sam should come back and take care of “unfinished business”.

    • USCDAN1986

      5-5 is pretty bad! #jointhewacconference

      • Jack B

        Soon to be 5-6: It’s a little gutty tradition!

        • USCDAN1986

          5-6 and cry and plead for a january 20th bowl..lol

          Maybe Trump can help them..


          • Jack B

            The Trolls are just happy their little gutties make any bottom feeder bowl. They’re used to it and ucla always has its special petition papers on file and ready to go in case they need to beg for special privileges which are there for a program like ucla’s.

          • USCDAN1986

            That be true.. I know the trolls will chirp but but but we have more championships.. But ..we are talking football…12 chips to 1/2 .. Well we know who runs LA. #uscfootball

          • Jack B

            It’s been great to see ucla stumble through yet another low rent season. Nobody’s even talking about the SC/ucla game because the only story line is that ucla needs a miracle to win.

            Fortunately for us Trojans, The Chimp keeps the little gutties right where we want them, in the gutter looking down.

            The typical USC beat down of ucla is coming. I’m predicting 51-38, but that’s only assuming Rosen stays upright and because Helton likes to take a knee in the 4th Q instead of push hard for a more resounding win.

            USC owns L.A.! Come on Trolls. Please follow me around and show your distress!

          • fast fred

            What, not the 25 points you talked about?

          • USCDAN1986

            Lol.. Get em Jack!

    • SucKiffin

      Give up millions to lose 3 games for a dud coach making millions because and only because of him

  • fryer tuck

    Playing the toughest schedule? Whoever it is each week, It’s their bowl game. Fight On!

  • FightOn!

    Oh…we’re so waiting for your predictions… We know they’ll be fair and unbiased

    • gotroy22

      Gollllyyyy Noiiiiiiidddd thinks he is 0-366 in cossssstummme connnntesttss because the judges are biased against dorks.

      • JustOwns

        Menendez jury hangs and a mistrial is declared.

        That 22 means M keeps his Senate seat; New Jersey Gov. Fatso won’t have a chance to appt. a Ratpublican to M’s seat, and making the Senate a tough nut for the Moron to crack…..Doo Dah, doo dah!

        • SCgrad12

          Hey Bruin Rob, how is your buddy Al Franken doing?

        • USCDAN1986

          Say hey to Al Frankenstein for us! #hypocrite

        • gotroy22

          Hey Owns are you in denial about Senator Stuart Smalley the pervert?

          Will you deny the picture showing Al Franken groping the actress?

          And do you agree with Democrat New York Senator Gillibrand that BJ Clinton should have resigned in January 1998?


  • B.Miller

    Alot of the youth will be much developed.. But as long as USC has issues with play calling, especially in short yardage and Red zone.. and the Lack of discipline.. The offense will sputter.
    USC is 71st in Total Defense
    USC is 65th in Rush Defense
    USC is 31st in Pass Defense
    at some point USC might have to look at the scheme

  • GT

    You know that Texas and Stanford will be much improved next year, plus going on the road. Arizona as wel! It will be a very difficult start next season.

    • Paul Muad’dib

      The Pac 12 will definitely ensure that USC’s schedule is tough in the beginning of the year.

  • Jack B

    Nobody at The Athletic gives the little gutties even a shot.

    Nicole Auerbach USC, 45-31

    Matt Fortuna USC, 42-21

    Chantel Jennings USC, 41-28

    Jason Kersey USC, 29-17

    Stewart Mandel USC, 52-20 (says that USC beating the 16-point spread is his lock of the year!)

    Max Olson USC, 38-21

    Daniel Uthman USC, 38-30

    Chris Vannini USC, 45-28

    • Trojan5

      Jack, did you sign up/pay for the Athletic? If so, is it worth the $. I am reluctant to pay for my sports info.. But maybe I need to rethink my position. Look where I am today. Yikes!

      • Jack B

        I took advantage of a good introductory price and for me it was all about timing.

        The mag launched perfectly right at the start of college football, which is the only part of the publication I even read. I enjoy the superior writing, extra info and differing views – but once the season is over, I doubt I’ll be looking at it much, if at all.

        Don’t know if I’ll re-up for next season because there’s so much already out there. But I’ve always liked Stewart Mandel and he was the only reason I decided to give it a try.

        • fast fred

          So that’s your source?

  • Independent_George

    If Sam doesn’t come back, odds are that Helton won’t be the coach in 2019.

    • SucKiffin

      A certainty … looking at 3 early losses ( and when Gomer loses he loses big … Texas and Zona ouch)
      Gomer is dead dummy walking

  • Pasadena Trojan

    Scooter, we already know your predictions with or without Sam Darnold. They are:SC was lucky to win the game because of Darnold. SC lost the game because the coaching staff called a lousy game. SC should have blown out the other team but it didn’t because of the lousy performance from the team except for Darnold who won it and SC is lucky to have him for his last year.
    I just wrote your entire blog for the 2018 year in one paragraph. Now what Scooter?

  • Globehead

    Will Wolf give SC credit for scheduling Notre Dame & Texas in the same season or will he just criticize because of UNLV? (Even though every other school in the country plays at least 1 UNLV and most play 2 or 3.)

    • USCDAN1986

      Alabama comes to mind!

      • Grammymb


  • StokaNoka

    No excuses if Darnold comes back to what SHOULD be a 12-2 season after this year. 12-0 or 11-1 is expected, especially after 3 yrs of Heltons recruits. Road games at Texas and Stanford are the toughest, but let’s not act like they’re top ten teams next yr, especially if Bryce Love leaves. Tate is a one man team. Also WSU at home with no Falk and possibly no Hercules. Come on now, there’s a bye midseason and ND at home. If these guys are bout it they should run the table.

    • Trojans 6942

      Nice assessment may I also add that ND is all upperclassmen. They lose plenty. Look for Utah to bounce back. Really nice schedule, no UW, or Stanford outside of USC they play the most pivotal games at home.

      • StokaNoka

        Don’t get why people are complaining. You see what having a schedule like Wisconsin will get you: pessimism and scrutiny. Like I said, if you can run the table or have 1-loss to a ranked team with this schedule, there’s almost no doubt you’re in the playoff.

        • Trojans 6942

          I wasn’t complaining, I’ve already said 11 -1.

          • StokaNoka

            Nah I was talking about the people on the previous post who were claiming SC is not getting a fair shake, as if we deserve the easiest schedule in the land because of ____.

  • Lunderful

    Sam is probably too polite to say, “Let me outta here.”