Clown Conference

Did you see on the Pac-12 schedule released yesterday that next year’s conference title game will be on a Friday (Nov. 30).

That’s another sign of a Clown Conference. Not big enough to get your game on Saturday.

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    Larry Scott is an incompetent hack that has done nothing to elevate neither the conference brand nor the individual Pac 12 institutional brands since his arrival. The real clown’s, however, may be the university presidents who continue to sit idly by, while their institutional brands are diluted.

  • Trojan5

    Many writers and fans have rightly criticized Larry Scott and the PAC 12. It is funny that since the 2018 schedule was announced Jon Wilner has written in detail about the new schedule. The good and the bad. And at least 3 national writers have commented on how much better next years schedule is compared to this years. But INSIDE USC has offered precious little analysis or in depth reporting . And that is why we all go elsewhere for informed opinion & breaking news.

    • peter

      “That’s a Bingo “

    • Pete

      Well said.

    • FightOn!

      Inside USC….lack of analysis and in depth reporting… welcome to the party pal

      • Gabby

        That’s about it in a nutshell. and a breeding ground for the haters

      • gotroy22

        Who would expect Golllllllllyyyy Noiiiid to quote Die Hard instead of Starrrrr Warrrrs?

  • Clown Conference?

    It is time to ignore Wolf; he obviously loves to rile up the SC faithful so that he gets hits on his blog, which I guess translates to more donuts (or money) on his plate.

    • Gabby

      I leaning towards more jelly filled donuts. Any surplus in the budget goes towards the purchase of Krispy Kreme stock

    • LamontRaymond

      He’s spent the better part of his professional life working in said clown conference… Sort of like Jiro Dreams of Sushi – full commitment.

    • Stewdog55

      More donuts, he’s a fat sloppy human being

  • Ignore_the_trolls

    Actually disagree on this one. I like it being in prime time and not conflicting with other major conferences. Like this year there are a couple major conference games at the same time.

    • Gabby

      Exactly! my same thoughts. A night of USC football, plus some adult beverages, perfect. Saturday is recovering, reminiscing and catching up on the other CCG’s.

      Wolf hates it, on Friday nights he moonlights down at the Krispy Kreme making donuts for the morning rush

    • SucKiffin

      Friday college games are 2nd rate

      • Ignore_the_trolls

        During the regular season, I would agree with you, but not for championship or bowl games. Those frequently fall on other days than Saturdays and I prefer no conflicts with other games.

    • gotroy22

      Remember when college football said Friday nights were for high school football?

  • Sandy Underpants

    Agreed, but the conference championship game has always been played on Friday. It’s Friday night lights because every team in the Pac-12 is JV high school, and USC is the New England Patriots of the Pac-12. SC needs to leave and go to Conference USA where they might get competition.

    • Gabby

      Does the sand in your underpants chap the a**, sure sounds like it….just saying

      TROLL ON!

    • JustOwns

      Name one former bozo u QB to start a Super Bowl.

      • Uncle Rico

        The starting QB trophy must look nice in UCLA Hall of Fame.

      • Linkster

        That is all you got bud. You use that comment three times a year, because when it comes to UCLA football, there is nothing there.

      • Sandy Underpants

        Troy Aikman was really an Oklahoma QB, so I guess I’ll say Tommy Maddoxx. Both had much better teams in the NFL and XFL than the UCLA team they were anchored to during their collegiate efforts.

  • Traveler

    Scott Wolf: Clown Reporter.


  • Stewdog55

    Clown Jounalist = balding wolf

  • Stewdog55

    You suck at your job

    • Ed Garrett

      u half hi self esteam dont u?

      • Pudly76


  • Ed Garrett

    writer say thing that up set me and i respond like that dog paulov and get angree at him like i do every day the past 4 munths, my live has porpoise, who is the reel looser,? stewdog? or that girl gabby?or every other one that get angree?

  • UCLA Dynasty

    I’d go if it was Tuesday afternoon. #trueblue

  • Russ Taylor

    WHAT????? Good thing I go to all Conference Championships involving USC!!

  • Shawnman

    We need to stop feeding the real Clown SW

  • SucKiffin

    How about that clown conference Goat Kiffin is in … whatever it’s called.
    Kiffy lover Herbie and his idiots just made it sound like Kiffy just won the SEC in that crap piece on Game Day.
    This ‘ great coach’ but disturbed person is so wrong … yes he is a disturbed puke but also a crap coach with limited skills of bubble screens and negative plays.
    Loved how Goat brings up ‘his’ record as an assistant but never as a multiple canned coach
    The fraud continues … can’t wait til Herbie gets a sap piece on his loser boy pal Suckisian.

    • Pudly76

      Let it go he’s gone, gone
      And he’s never coming back

  • JBKayak

    Transparent troll Scottie. Click bait with the use of word Clown. You’re better than that! Use the back handed compliment, it fits you better

  • bigmac

    Looks like you’re late to the party Mr Wolf. In your post “About The Pac-12 Schedule” from Thursday it seems you forgot November had only 30 days and didn’t realize the title game was on a Friday.

    You are right the pac-12 is a clown conference … But as long as you don’t double check what you write, you, too, are a clown.