USC Morning Buzz: It’s Time For The Friday Notes Column


It’s the Crosstown Rivalry week editiion of the Friday notes column, where I talk about a “prank” that police said was potentially dangerous to hundreds of people; talk about the recruits coming to the game; talk to someone who knew the original George Tirebiter and make my game prediction.

Wolf: USC, UCLA rivalry was more dangerous in 1950’s

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  1. Here’s my prediction. Do what it takes Win, Fight, Fight, Fight. Keep The Bell Cardinal! Have a Trojan weekend, Fight On.

      • “Normal 2 picks a game” is factually incorrect.

        Darnold hasn’t thrown 2 picks since September.

        In last 6 games, he has thrown 15 TD, with 3 picks.

        I’ll go with Trojans rushing for 300 plus against what is just about worst rushing defense in the country.

        • Obviously, j. hasn’t been paying much attention to Sam’s recent history. The Sam UCLA is gonna see is NOT the Sam that played against Notre Dame.

      • You’re kidding, right? “The game comes down to a field goal?” Sounds like you’ve been sniffing the same glue as Chaz Beefcake. At least he has the decency to rarely come around these parts, especially with that stellar ucla football season you guys are having…

  2. Okay, I have been closely watching every game this season with dropping expectations each week. This one has me filled with them, I expect USC to win by 24 points, please don’t let me down Trojans. Rosen won’t finish the game.

    • Rosen is probably the toughest guy on that field tomorrow with the possible exception of Sam. Rosen has been knocked down more times than Rocky and he’s right back in your face tomorrow.
      If your D line doesn’t get to him quick, he will pick your wimpy D backs apart like he was plucking a chicken.
      Glad you, your team and Vegas have already counted this as a win.

      • Message to j: For some reason Rosen doesn’t get credit for his toughness. My guess is he’ll keep getting up on Saturday….no matter how many times he’s hit.
        Message to Scott: You could’ve quadrupled your hits with a prediction of a 1 point UCLA victory. What would it have cost you? USC would still win —-and trolls and fans would all walk away happy.

      • Nobody on the team has counted this as a win. I notice you are no longer guaranteeing a victory.
        Have you been busy defending the Louis Vuitton Three?

      • I have a feeling Rosen will come down with the powder blue flu Saturday morning and avoid the game altogether. He wants to get drafted, and maybe he’ll make it before the 4th or 5th round if he’s healthy. If he plays tomorrow, he’s gonna retire tomorrow night.

  3. I guess Wolf predicted we will win, which does not bode well for the Trojans but at least he’s back on the USC page in my paper.
    One of my favorite pranks was during the card tricks (for those under 25 the student section of the stadium used to make designs with cards)
    I haven’t seen these in years, but that’s probably because the student section is less defined. Anyway the Trojans pranksters were able to slip SC into the UCLA cards. (It’s good to be old)

  4. Gomer, if you, Fredo and Tee11 have the brain power, just run the damn ball down their throats tomorrow.

  5. Can anyone say this USC O-line has been able to consistently open holes for our RBs this season except for the Stanford game? I think it will take more than handing the ball to RJ or Carr to win this game. It will be a close game if Rosen has time the throw the ball. I hope Helton doesn’t get outcoached by Mora who will need to win this game to save his season.

      • I would agree with you however I heard Mora’s buyout is 12 million. I don’t believe UC(cheap)LA would ever pay that.

          • If a degree from “clown college” paves the way for me to earn that much disposable income, then I’ll get their degree all day long.


    • Should Helton somehow figure out a way to lose this game to Mora, I think a lot of Helton’s support would evaporate.

      Won’t happen though. Darnold will do some major damage to the little gutties, along with RoJo.

      • ….but UCLA won’t win, Jack. One way or another —by blowout or fast finish— USC takes the game and goes 10-2 in regular season.

      • If I was Helton, I would have a few designed plays featuring Sam as the runner. Best way to get big yards without trick plays.

        • Only one problem —UCLA makes a living hurting quarterbacks as they slide at end of run.

          • You gotta know that there’s nothing UCLA would like better than to blindside Sam. [But Sam was a linebacker for part of his career—-he can take a hit better than any other quarterback in college football]……

    • Believe me, Mora won’t outcoach Helton. Mora’s players don’t even like him —-and wouldn’t mind seeing him gone.

        • I don’t even know why Mora WANTS to hang around, Gabby —-the alums and UCLA fans treat him like dirt.

          • Mora’s making a mint at a mediocre job where the second-rate football culture is over-the-wall type stuff. It’s an easy gig if you can get it. Low expectations from little gutty fans who enjoy Trolling other sites to get their jollies.

          • I have a feeling we’ll be down to about, say, zero trolls by Saturday night, Jack….

          • Hah. They’ll be back by Sunday. USC is an object they can’t resist attacking. They can’t deal with being #2 in L.A. They come here all negative about USC but with nothing to say about bruin football success ever. What is there? bruin football is a wasteland.

            Long ago ucla had an 8-game winning streak over USC, yet accomplished nothing else. It’s still their main claim to fame in the football world. USC always has bigger fish to fry and views losing to the little gutties as a disaster, while for ucla, beating USC is everything.

            bruin Trolls will never leave this blog. They have no alternatives.

  6. So next season, if Darnold leaves for the NFL after this season, are most Trojan fans just supposed to accept lower expectations for the team…again?

    Helton was brought in to be Kiffin’s QB coach so why haven’t QB’s been groomed properly at USC if Helton is such a good coach as some people believe?

    Under Helton (while he was Kiffin’s QB coach) he worked with Kessler and Wittek, neither of who could win the job outright. Kessler ended up winning the job by default. Three years Kessler was USC’s starting QB and three years he wasn’t good enough to be handed the starting job, we were told that he had to compete for the job every spring. His closest competition was Max Browne.

    Kessler leaves, Helton is the head coach, Helton’s choice to be starting QB, Max Browne. Now who knows if loyalty and seniority played a part in Helton’s decision to go with Browne, but it was the wrong decision and Darnold was eventually brought in to be the starter.

    Helton is supposed to know quarterbacks, what’s going on? Who is Helton grooming to be Sam Darnold’s replacement and if that QB is waiting in the wings, who is he? Helton doesn’t know who it is himself. I hope Helton isn’t waiting for a recruit to come in and surprise him like Darnold did, USC will really be in trouble if he is.

  7. There’s a post on a message board that reads, “I DON’T want my team to make the playoffs (USC)”.

    The poster and a few others write that they don’t want to see the Trojans getting humiliated in a major bowl game. The reason they give is Helton and his coaching staff. They say that USC has the talent to compete with the elite, but that the coaching is terrible.

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