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  1. The game meant so much to LA at that time, and was considered then to be one of the great college football rivalries, along with OK-Nebraska, and OSU-Michigan. Coliseum would sell out, or get close to that, seemed everybody in the city cared. Now it seems like an afterthought.

    Hard to sustain a rivalry without two high-performing teams. UCLA was effective in the 1960s under Prothro, and later under Donahue, but not so much recently.

      • Actually under Prothro, Rogers, Vermiel, and Donahue ucla was decent if not downright dangerous. But they all bailed and ucla gave us the famous names of Toledo, Dorrell, and our favorite, Neuhiesel, and lastly the Chimp, Mora. Recent history shows they just can’t attract decent coaching talent. Keep up the good work ucla. The real rivalry is with ND

        • Remember after Vermeil left for Philly Freedom that the ruins went cheapo and let the 32 year old Donahue learn on the job?

          • Definitely. They were trending down in the early 90s, and he left in 1995. Their winning record since Donahue is something like 56%. UCLA is basically irrelevant for more than 20 years.

          • Wasn’t UCLA on a 20 game winning streak in the late 1990’s, longest at that time?

            They were a game from being in the first BCS championship game. They had a game vs. the Hurricanes that was postponed early in the year. They then entered the game 10 – 0 after the reschedule and had a 10 point lead in the 4th before they completely blew it. The Miami back that day, Edgerrin James, had a huge day.

            I hate the Bruins but some were saying if the hurricane didn’t hit in September when they would’ve played Miami they might have made a run to the title game. It was the real hurricane, not the Miami Hurricanes that derailed that team, some say.

            Still, I’m glad UCLA didn’t get a chance to play for it all.

          • I think that they were 10-2 that year. Since 1995, my guess is that they have had 5 or 6 seasons near that level. Otherwise, they have been on average a .500 team.

          • Donahue took a #1 team in 1976 and managed to finish the season losing to us and Alabama, then took 3 more whippings from SC before a miracle tipped pass gave him his first win in 1980.

  2. Ruh Roh-Rey was arrested last night and cut by the Dolphins…

    Andy Slater ✔@AndySlater
    UPDATE: Rey Maualuga was at Club E11even at 8:30 a.m. this morning. He allegedly wouldn’t pay $40 he owed for a tab. When asked again to pay, he allegedly grabbed the victim by the throat, source says.

  3. For those who say (ruins) that rivalry games are always close, the score for the last ten yrs is USC 345-132 ruins.

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