The Pac-12 South Sinks

When you hear Clay Helton point out again that USC won the Pac-12 South, remember that every other team has at least 3 conference losses. It’s a truly awful division.

By the way, UCLA’s 501 yards in offense was the most allowed by USC since Helton officially took over as the Trojans’ coach.

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  1. OK, this team is good enough to win the Pac-12 South this year. But will they be good enough to win the conference in two weeks? I’d say it won’t be that easy against a better Stanford team than the one they beat or WSU which beat them earlier in the season. I don’t think it’s guaranteed that this team will end the season on a high note with the uneven and inconsistent ways of playing.

    • We can do the math. The team struggled against lesser teams than those two, including UCLA tonight. Why would it be easy to beat either team?

    • Spot on We still have lots of work to do before we are ready to compete in the championship game. We leave to much on the field and championship teams do not. We play satisfied and not hungry.

      • I don’t think Helton preparation is his strength. After a lengthy break before the Rose Bowl, I didn’t see anything special from the game plan, it took Darnold’s heroics to win that game. Let’s play WSU so we have something to prove, to amend our conference loss. Maybe getting some healthy bodies back will win the Pac-12 Championship.

  2. I predicted a close score (27- 21). I was really hoping that I was wrong and that the Trojans would blow them out tonight. Their bend but don’t break D got stretched to the limit. SC is still not at full strength- although the numbers are there, the development and maturity is not. From what the staff has shown, they might be just holding the fort down until more players become mature and Swann hires a coach who knows how to teach the team how to go for the jugular.

  3. Utah should have beaten the Dub tonight – would have been better for The South. But yeah, Scottie, you’re angsty tonight because a Bruin victory would have validated your nonsense. We all know this isn’t a great Trojan team. We don’t need your snarky frustration adding to it. But we’ll keep reading.

      • It’s a good community…. Many who have been around a long time. Whatever happened to Charlie Bucket? Especially on a night like tonight, would love to hear from him

    • How much material did Scottie have to throw away when the gutties couldn’t pull off the upset…I bet he was ready and had it typed up, ready to cut and paste

  4. Please Swann make Helton fire his brother, Bradford, Callaway and Tee Martin. This is painful. These kids are way too talented to have this poor of a coaching staff.

    • Can Gomer
      Cut off the head not the tail
      This staff sucks especially the D
      Darnold saved the O

    • Fire the dB coach. The two corners don’t exist in the game. Jones was burned so badly he should be cooked until next year

  5. I think the best comment of the game came from the guy sitting next to me. “Aside from Stanford, it’s the same $h*t show every week.” If I’m Darnold, I’m outta here asap with this circus act coaching staff.

          • He’s an idiot ignore him. SD also throws way more bad int. Then either of those guys. He needs another season under his belt. He’s in more danger of being Mark Sanchez than anything else. Good athleticism and talent, but questionable ball security and throws into coverage.

  6. Ahhhh, poor Wolfie. Like the child that is denied an ice cream cone, then yells “That ice cream sucks anyway!” Wolfie wants USC to lose so badly, but they just keep winning, so naturally, all of their Opponents must suck. Oh yeah, the PAC 12 South sucks, well good thing USC is 3-1 against the North too.

    Wolfie can cry all he wants about “everyone sucking”, but the fact is USC just finished off a 10 win season against 11 of 12 Power 5 Opponents, without a BYE week. Im sure Wolfie can tell us all how many teams in the country played more Power 5 Opponents than USC. The answer is ZERO. And Im sure Wolfie can tell us how many teams played their season without a BYE week. The answer is ZERO.

    So they played the most Power 5 teams and were the only team in the country without a BYE, but everyone sucks,,,,so no big deal.

  7. Either the O-Line didn’t play well or it was the play calling again or both, but UCLA was dead last in the nation against the run and SC’s run game actually struggled. SC is averaging 200 yards a game on the ground for the season. Against UCLA they only got 153 on 41 carries. That’s only 3.7 yards per carry. On the season they are averaging 5.2. Rojo averaged 3.7 per carry in this game. On the season, he’s averaging 6.7. Lane Kiffin used to talk about wanting to bring USC back to the days of student body right and smashmouth football. He talked about that back in 2010 and Clay Helton has said similar things since then. This is SC not Cal Poly. We should be able to get the players and coaches to bring that about. Why is it that we are almost done with the 2017 season and we are still just talking about it?

    • 12 weeks without a bye, the Friday night game on the road, a young team. Let’s see how they look in two weeks and in a month for the bowl game . I still think they will be much better next year. Much like the Phila. Eagles and Rams, struggle one year then pull it together the next.

      • If Darnold leaves it’s 4-8 and bye bye Gomer
        If he stays it will be same as this year , he saves Gomer most the time but gets drilled at least twice
        But he isn’t staying , why would he

      • The Debbie downers on here have no idea what the cumulative impact of 12 straight games is. I believe the last NFL bye week is in week 11 with grown men, I wonder why they make sure each team gets a bye before week 12 if it isn’t very important. Throw in there 3 guys we depended on for our DL are out for the season. UCLA was terrible against the run because they missed tackles all season. They are not untalented and last night they missed very few tackles. Of course they are more attentive in a rivalry game. If Jack Jones misswd the bus we only give up 14-17 points against a high scoring O. There aren’t a whole lot of blow outs in this series despite how each teams season is going. We won, we never trailed in the game and took 3 knees to close it out. That is pretty good control of a game.

        • The game was in the balance on the onside kick…Not complete control of the game. You always got to throw out the records in this Rivalry game.

      • I do believe they’ll be much better next year….if Sam comes back. That’s a big “if”. If he doesn’t come back, next year might be a down year.

    • No adjustments with run game at all … Nothing
      Even was worse in 2nd half vs a high school looking front 4

  8. 23 points was the 4th lowest allowed all season. There is a reason rivalry games are big, teams get fired up, UCLA defense brought their best, SC won.

    • Golden Trojan is one of the few posters I respect.

      I mean, most of you are probably good guys in general, but this incessant negativity that you all spew is, quite frankly, boring. You guys are bores.

      • The Debbie downers have taken on the Scott Wolf mentality, negativity is the only way to live

  9. My prediction before the game: “Why is everyone predicting a high scoring game. I think it will be 31-24.”

    It is a rivalry game, and the underdog often overachieves.

    Still, I loved that fake-out play that had most of the SUCLA team running to the wrong side of the field, opening a nice clear lane for an SC touchdown run. Stupid SUCLA!

    You all want perfection?– Then football is not your cup of tea, pilgrims; go to Dorothy Chandler Pavilion and see a play instead.

    The worst thing about this year was not the team, they struggled, but 10-2 and a Top-10 finish is not leftover fish; no, the worst thing about this year was reading the negative trash from you, and you, and you.

    Get a life. Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving, although you and you and you are probably not aware, but you have a lot to be thankful for. Afterall, you live in sunny Southern California and you are lucky to have the leisure time to criticize a football team made up of 18-21 year olds.

    • Me, and me, and methinks you are missing the point: given the way the team of 18-21 yo BLUECHIP RECRUITS have put together their 10-2 record, barely surviving their own sloppy mistakes and egged on by inept coaches, only looks good on paper. Fans of SC Football know this show is a masquerade. Stop pretending it isn’t.

    • They ran that fake decoy punt play last year once with Adoree drawing defense and Pittman dropping. They only made 15 yds last on it. Did you notice that Bolden had 2 blocks to enable Pittman to score!

  10. TRUE…and why SC is no top 10 team,top 25 probably…nice if they win pac 12 then a top 15…I don’t think they will, unless Sam has a game over 400 yds like Rosen just did and Jones and Co. run for 300 yds…which means they never punt and control clock so Faulk doesn’t annihilate SC 2ndary…if It’s Stanford SC has a better chance they have q/b problems compared to most years.

  11. Herbstrit was right in his analysis of Rosen and Darnold. Rosen is more redy for the NFL at this point . Darnold might go but he would benefit from staying . More reps and needs a lot of work on technique, happy feet, etc. he does heroic things from his pure athleticism

    • I agree with everything Herbstreit said except his conclusion. He assumes Darnold would benefit from another year of coaching from the same coaches he has regressed under. He might still develop despite his coaches, but I’d rather get paid as I take such a risk.

  12. Winning the Pac12 south really shouldnt be a big acheivement for this team no matter how much Helton lauds it

  13. We have top 5 recruiting classes every year. Most of the Pac12 south classes rank in the 20s or higher. Wash and Wash st probably rank 25 or higher in their recruiting classes. We should expect more.

  14. I have a few friends really close to the program, they are saying swann going to fire Helton at end of season. He has 4 coaches in mind, he has spoken to all 4 too. Swann Is saying he will talk with most of the player that can leave about staying if coaching change is made. I was told two coaches ate nfl guys and 2 are college guys gonna be interesting 2 weeks lol

    • If its true then he had better have someone signed up before firing Helton. We dot want incoming recruits not knowing who the coach is.

      • What I was told was 3 of the coaches he has spoken with want the job the 4th I heard is not sure but would like to talk to him after season.

        • As much as I respect Jeff Fisher and remember his playing days at USC, I hope he is not in the mix. He is too old, lacks energy.

    • I hope for the sake of the program you are not just spreading nonsense. If what you say is true, I like how Swann is being proactive, particularly by approaching players and encouraging them to stay for another year. Major change in coaching direction is log overdue for USC football, but the transition year can be very rocky in these situations based on other examples in college football.

      • Yes swann is a class act I. Not sure how Helton could keep his job. Usc is average with above average guys. This all on Helton. A few decomminments have happen cause Helton is gone and a few have open doors to others. I heard Kelly’s name come up a few times with swann. I heard they have spoken but not sure if it had anything to do about job. I do know swann has 4 coaches he has spoken with and that Helton is fully aware of his possible firing. I wonder what Helton would say if he was asked by media about it. I heard Helton wants to go to Florida of he gets fired. Lol that would be funny.

    • You and your imaginary friends are delusional. You can’t fire a head coach that has two 10 win seasons in a row, wins the division and the conference for the first time, won a Rose Bowl last season, and lands in the College Football Playoff in his 2nd season. I wish you could, and I wish Les Miles would become the new coach, but it’s not possible.

      • Usc will not make the playoffs. Helton coaching decision made that happen. My source is very close to swann and someone he trust. Helton is well aware he will be fired. If you don’t believe me tell the media to ask him ? He response will tell you the trust. Also pay attention to him giving usc the week off. Maybe cause he has a flight to Florida. Lol. Big picture. Helton will be gone. The only way he is able to keep his job is playing in national title game. Those are words out of swann mouth and we all know that’s not happening

        • Hi, if this is true, then why would u make this public? Maybe discretion would be better in this instance. My opinion. Thank u

    • Hard to beliweve that Swann would confide in players about such a significant move, wherein secrecy/confidentiality are needed before he pulls the trigger. He would be asking for a substantiated leak and the ensuing fall-out. I would get the new guy committed on paper, then make my pleadings. Protect your plan and have a name to give the players to make your plan real.

    • Because of one good game when his team was actually motivated to play? Cool. Hope it’s that easy. Maybe Sam can pass him if he ever has another good game.

  15. Who cares, it’s this season. Next season the Pac-12 South will dominate the entire NCAA, or atleast the alsorans they are scheduled to play outside the conference. I predict every team in the south is ranked in the top 10 by the end of September. We’re coming for your cupcakes, and we gonna eat ’em up!!! 8-clap!!!

    • Lmao, u have a qb who never beat USC and the other ones are worse than the 0-3 qb against sc. sc’s back qb is better than the ruins back up qb. Just add another loss next year to the U Convicts of LA.

  16. Who cares? Most of those yards were in the air to a NFL caliber quarterback. We’ll hear now how great Chipper is, and he won when SC was under heavy sanctions and the conference was really down. And he’s a genius? Oh well…

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