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  1. Here we go, fellow Trojans!!! THE Beatdown Of The Year on the sucla shoplifters is about to commence!!! This is going to be fun!!!

  2. Maria Taylor, who just interviewed Coach Helton, is definitely one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.

  3. Could any college team win with Jack Jones at corner and Rosen throwing the ball? He’s SO lost.

  4. It’s amazing how quickly the ref ran over to stop Fatu from celebrating after the sack. Pac 12 refs are just getting warmed up…


  6. It’s already about that time to bench biggie and jack. They are absolute liabilities out there.

  7. The USC secondary is being exposed. Marshall and Jones are bigger jokes than I thought. Mora is going to target ’em all day. Only way to stop UCLA is go after Rosen. Play after play —until he’s too beat up to throw with accuracy.

  8. I had a bad feeling Tee was too dumb to just stick with the run and get us to a 21-7 lead.

    • Two play callers is not good.

      Neither is the way the game is going. They need a touchdown or they are allowing the bruins to stick around. So much for that.

      As big as an SC fan I am, maybe a loss to UCLA gets a big name coach.

      • I get it —but, oh, I still hope we win (and Helton is forced to get himself a 1st rate staff).

        • Our defense is playing good. We need some spark from our offense.

          I don’t want to see SC lose either.

  9. It’s the usual so far. So many STUPID penalties —lots of confusion on the USC sideline. We need this touchdown to go up 21-7. Otherwise, we’re playing with fire.

  10. Here we are again, playing at the level of the competition. Same staff, same results. No run game established, it almost was but Tee decided he needed to pass. Stupid penalties.

  11. I dont know what you people are watching but if you’re honest with yourself, its been USC thats been getting all the calls. UCLA is the team thats self destructing.

  12. 14 points against a defense that couldn’t stop a high school football team, way to go Gomer & Co

  13. That last play by Darnold showed his desire to win this game. Does the rest of the team do just as much? I sure hope so.

    • The last play showed lots of desire but no knack for situational football, RT. Sam could EASILY have run out of bounds and given himself another shot.
      I don’t know if we can overcome our own mistakes, RT.

      • Yes, MG. The team’s personality doesn’t convey such notions as ‘smart’ or ‘opportunistic’. It’s quite dull and one-dimensional.

  14. It’s hard to win close games when (1) Helton uses up his timeouts to resolve confusion on the sidelines and has none left for a crucial failed drive at the end of the half that could come back to haunt us , (2) Sam keeps making the same mistakes he’s made all season, (3) the DB’s have not been coached up and look lost again.
    The worst part is Helton now finds himself in a close game with the superior quarterback on the other side and will be forced to make half time adjustments —–something he’s proven, repeatedly, he has trouble doing.

    • “Helton uses up his timeouts to resolve confusion on the sidelines and has none left for a crucial failed drive.” This has happened every single game this year.

      This is something that should not be happening. Is there a problem with getting the play in or are Tee and Tyson fighting over who gets to call the next play?

  15. The run game disappeared all of a sudden. Can we sustain something good for all four quarters? Ever?

      • We were 3rd and three at the UCLA 25 and easily could have gotten the first down with successive runs.
        [If we, then, scored after the first down— we’d be up 21-7]. Instead we threw to the sidelines and blew the first.
        I think Tee has regressed as a play caller to the point where USC could be in serious trouble. Rosen is gonna just keep throwing —-and we needed a big lead going into half time to give us a little security at the end.

    • It really doesn’t look like it, RT.
      I wouldn’t want to be Helton if he blows this game after losing to Notre Dame.

  16. Helton is trying to showcase Darnold in this idiotic “Season Of Sam”. Its about the team, not just one player. Or at least it should be.

  17. Helton and Darnold need to stop trying to compete against what Rosen is doing, Rosen is clearly head and shoulders above Darnold…it ain’t even close.

  18. Get used to the fact that USC is not going to replace Helton, no matter how much he is holding back the talent on this Trojans team.

  19. And Ronald Jones is not going to stick around for another year of this crap coaching wasting his talent.

  20. LMFAO@ the refs trying to keep Helton and the Trojans in this game. No Trojan fan should want to win this way against a team that is as bad as UCLA.

    This is embarrassing.

  21. I feel like both teams should just leave the field before they embarrass themselves even more.

  22. Sam is picking a bad day to be off. He needs to forget the duel with Rosen and concentrate on hitting open receivers for first downs. He hasn’t been focused all day.

  23. UCLA worst run defense in the nation and Helton and Darnold are throwing the ball. Might be just as well, nobody is blocking for Jones anyway

  24. Anyone notice Darnold hasnt called an audible all game long? I doubt Darnold knows how to read defenses.

  25. Can this team beat Stanford or WSU in two weeks? If so, how do we not get embarrassed by a quality team in the Fiesta bowl?

  26. Notice when ucla has the ball everyone is scared to death the db’s will get beat for the tying score? This is against ucla. How do you fix this.

  27. Why are they throwing the ball to Steven Mitchell to go up and get it when that is not his game? The sentimentality has got to stop.

  28. Every team in the Top 10 have to be salivating about the prospect of meeting up with the Trojans coaching staff in a major bowl game.

  29. Here comes Pendergast’s soft D as UCLA and Rosen will easily march their way down the field.

  30. This game is perfect. We all know we need new coaching but we also don’t ever, ever, ever want to lose to UGLY especially. This game points out that we can’t do much even when playing an UGLY team that will have a losing record and probably won’t even be bowl eligible. We can save face, won’t have to get bloodied and embarrassed in the playoffs, and take care of our coaching problem after we get through all this.

    • If we win the Pac12 Championship, in normal fashion, meaning sloppy, we may get embarrassed against a good team in a bowl game.

        • Wazzu? Yes. Stanford may be a better game knowing they are not a four wide receiver spread you out team. They have been playing better since they last played in September and may prove to be too physical for USC. .

        • No,, No, Linkster. The Trojan players, coaches and fans want the Washington State Cougars in the PAC12 Championship Game. It’s not Friday in Pullman. It will be a 6 day short week Friday for the Cougars in San Jose, CA. USC this year is a 4th quarter monster. Our play book comes alive and our defense makes the critical stops. Wash St will be beaten by our Trojans some way, some how.

  31. I hate to say it but UCLA has shown more heart. More mistakes, but more heart and better game planning.

  32. Just another win by an exceptionally talented team that looks like it is striving for mediocrity. Jack Jones should go to the ucla awards banquet, to pick up his mvp trophy.

  33. Glad we got the win, but we sure did not dominate or look like a play off team. We did not put a enough pressure on Rosen

  34. bRuins dominated line of scrimmage most of the time. Another uninspired effort by a Trohan team that should perform so much better in so many ways.

  35. Gutty were the Booins, but I’m happy. Hoping for Wazzu rematch and another whack at NDn the Fiesta. Ok that won’t happen but that’d be my Christmas wish. Damn Irish

  36. Sam should leave to save himself from Helton. This team has under performed tremendously.

    • Am I expecting too much? This seems like the most unimpressive 9-2 USC team. It seems like every game goes to the 4th quarter when most shouldn’t. It’s nice that they have a bye week right before the championship. The players can use the rest.

  37. NFL teams dont ask their DB’s to play man on man coverage all game long like the Trojans do.

  38. Where the F**k is 50 – zip, ” I worship the Moron,” 22?

    UCLA played with huge heart but were ultimately screwed (as usual) by their own coaching staff.

    I’m utterly embarrassed for the UCLA’s FB program that JimmyBall and Danny Vin Rose have disgracefully degraded into 2nd tier status.

    • For 20 plus years, you have been third tier status, not second tier. UCLA is a .500 program. You always will be. If you make regular coaching changes, you might get a 9-3 season once a decade.

      But now that coaching change will cost you somewhere around $12 million or more. State of CA will not pay for that. And after 20 years of being irrelevant, I don’t think your fan base – what is left of them – 20,000 season tickets sold this year – really cares anymore about UCLA football.

      Time for you to watch bRuin hoops and write Trump a letter of thanks for negotiating the release of the
      “three knuckleheads” (per New York Times headline).

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