Sunday Night With Clay Helton

USC Trojans head coach Clay Helton during the first half of an NCAA college football game against the UCLA Bruins at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, on Saturday, Nov. 18, 2017. (Photo by Keith Birmingham, Pasadena Star-News/SCNG)

Clay Helton talked about UCLA firing Jim Mora.

“Very sad,” Helton said. “We are in a high-risk profession/business. Coach Mora has always been respectful to me. It’s sad to see him go.”

Helton on his goal as USC coach: “You always want to progress and get better every year.”

That has probably been the main sticking point this season.

Helton on the pass defense allowing so many yards the past two weeks? “We’ve lost some battles the past two weeks.”

Helton also said USC has played a lot of man-to-man defense.

Injury report: Rasheem Green and Reid Budrovich suffered sprained shoulders. Budrovich did not get hurt on his tackle of Darnay Holmes on a kickoff but on a different play where he was thrown to the ground. Chris Brown suffered a lower back injury.

Meanwhile, Helton said wide receiver Randal Grimes did not suit up because of a broken hand two weeks ago. So quite a waste of a redshirt year.

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  1. Poor Jim Mora, doesn’t work another day and gets $12 million dollars!
    On progress every year, last year one loss out of the Pac 12 CCG, this year, in the CCG, and one loss out of the CFP, that’s progress. Need to win on Dec 1st and win the bowl game. Next year, expectation should be to get in the CFP.
    Injuries, heal up boys, eat lots of turkey, kick a** on the 1st.
    Grimes, tough break, that happens, hope he has a great next season.

    • Before we get too overjoyed at Mora’s predicament — this just in: “Former UCLA Coach Jim Mora was seen by himself Sunday at a table of the Westwood McDonnell’s, tearfully singing “Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me…” while toasting his reflection in the window with a diet Coke. Across the street at a fancy steakhouse, Chip Kelly’s agent was negotiating a $90,000,000, 9 year contract. Witnesses reported that Mora could see the negotiations from his booth.”

        • Of course, Paul. The only way we can move forward as a species (or as blog comrades) is with a constant flow of information.

    • Agree that we are getting progress in terms of the record.

      We still need to improve our defense, OL, and the offensive play calling. This may mean Helton needs to change coaches.

  2. SW, not sure why you are cherry-picking all the platitude answers such as “We lost some battles” and “You want to get better every year”.

    Did Helton give any updates on Gustin?

    • Would be good info, a healthy Gustin would have made the defense way better. Getting him back would be huge.

    • Nwosu was a one man gang out there. He and Gustin would’ve have been a super 1-2 punch. Rector was a nice surprise even though he wasn’t as consistent as Porter was. Iosefa had a solid game last night .

  3. Forgot about that Budrovich hit. I think he wanted to show the D and the rest of the team how to play with aggression. Holmes still doesn’t know what hit him.

    “Homes still don’t know what hit him, vato”

  4. Helton has learned well from Tessitorre on how to defuse questions by not really answering them. Glad USC won but it is still painful to watch how sloppy and undisciplined this team plays week in and week out. How it could be a much better team if it had a better HC.

    • Do you think it’s possible that Callaway already knows he’s getting let go? The o-line looked confused and demoralized —as if they know some things are about to change and they’re not gonna get to continue their undisciplined, nonchalant style of play much longer.

      • I think if Callaway was let go, it would be due to Lynn Swann demanding it and not Helton’s move alone because Callaway is an old Helton family friend. I just hope Swann is as sick and tired of the lack of coaching our O-line has shown throughout the whole season. That is our only hope. We will know if Swann is just another Haden or not…..

        • I take it, you will not only be disappointed but surprised if the exact same staff is around next year?

          • With this current administration, you don’t know what to expect the end of this season. Previous administrations have said they want a championship level football program and “backed it up” with better coaching staffs. This administration has only given us lip service. Again, all we can do is watch what Lynn Swann does or doesn’t do after the season is over.

        • Wouldn’t you think that Clay should be seeing that and be the one making the call? If winning and becoming a physical team, like he always says, is the ultimate goal, he should realize things are not going as planned. Maybe he’s too nice or too dumb to see it. If Swann has to make the decisions, you have no coach at all.

  5. Helton said that USC has played a lot of man-to-man defense.

    Wouldn’t you think that if Helton knew better he would stop having the defense play man-to-man seeing that the DB’s were getting beat like they stole something?

    It ain’t rocket science.

  6. I guarantee you that Darnold will be back next year, he’s not going anywhere. It’s obvious Darnold cannot read defenses. I doubt any of the coaching staff knows how to read defenses either.

    • You little gutties are lucky USC beat you again so you can get a fresh run at a new coach to see if he’s finally the one who can alter the embedded loser bruin football culture.

      28-23. Hope you enjoyed another crushing bruin defeat!

    • Are you serious? If Saban, Meyer, Harbaugh, Rickt or even Chris Petersen was coaching this team, would they play this sloppy and undisciplined?

  7. Shouldn’t the Sunday night call with the coach be reserved for members of the media? Yet, Eeyore (generally characterized as a pessimistic, gloomy, depressed, anhedonic, old grey stuffed donkey) consistently finds his way onto the call, only to give us his useless comments.

  8. USC is going to have to make some decisions here because UCLA fired Mora and I heard that they offered Chip Kelly 7 million a year. That tells me that UCLA has decided to spend whatever money it takes to win. SC doesn’t spend much money at all(even though they are probably the second richest school in the world). Helton probably makes barely over a million. Princeton was once a football powerhouse. They chose to de-emphasize football. It will be interesting to see what SC decides to do….spend the money or just lapse into mediocracy.

    • USC has lapsed into mediocracy…coaching wise. Helton makes $4 million a year. As of the beginning of last season USC still owed Kiffin and Sarkisian a total of $40 million on their combined contracts. USC will not be firing Helton. That decision has already been made by Max Nikias.

      • The only guys informative enough on CFB who could influence Max Nikias to do something are Trustees Hughes and his daughter or maybe Roski. If they aren’t pushing for any kind of change in the football program (and they are not at the moment) then Nikias will not do anything.

        But as of right now, it’s Max’s show and he likes Helton’s stability. Clay isn’t going anywhere. Everything else abut football (assistant coaches, falling short of CFB playoff this year) is over Nikias’ head and he really could care less.

      • I’m not sure I want them to fire Helton…….yet! I’d like to give him a chance. But if he doesn’t do the job, then they should do what any big corporation or institution would do….go out and get someone who can do the job. To do that, you must pay them the going rate.

    • These buyouts look bad but they are not that big a deal … most the time an arrangement is made with big boosters or school just pays it they have hundreds of millions endowed

      • Then why doesn’t SC spend that kind of money. Business news weekly once did a study and said that SC was the 2nd richest school in the world.

  9. The Helton sunshine pumpers are out in force trying to deflect attention away from Helton’s terrible coaching being on display yet again last night in prime time. Helton’s coaching was so bad that Herbstreit and many other sports spoke holes were saying USC would be overmatched against every team in the top 10. And they’re right.

      • It was a win over a terrible UCLA team. The overall big picture shows the Trojans aren’t getting any better and thats going to come back to haunt them once they play a quality opponent outside the conference.

        • I agree. But SC won. I don’t like Helton’s staff at all. But at 10-2, they are doing something good.

        • Funny thing is when you post you can’t even keep it the same. Down below you refer to SC as us, here you refer to SC as them, true colors come out. Troll. This is a regular occurrence in your posts. Your no Trojan. Troll.
          Your take on what herbstreit and others say is fictitious, and that’s giving you the benefit of the doubt. Troll. Herbstreit never said it. Troll. As for any of the backwater writers you subscribe too, who cares. They’re probably too liquored up on their moonshine to see straight. Troll.
          Many here have the opinion the coaching staff needs changing, most don’t succumb to the need to spread non truths. Troll.

          • Clay Helton and staff are the new Ted Tollner and Paul Hacketts of SC football. I don’t even want to equate Helton with Kiffin or Sarkisian. As terrible as those two were ruining our football program, they at least had the imagination to throw a bubble screen once in a while. USC just did not show up on Saturday night. A crappy game, crappy coaching, and a lousy opponent. Can’t wait for this season to be over. This is going to cause the ticket office to get a ton of cancellations from season ticket holders who are asked to pay licenses for their seats. There is no future in the program with the Helton on board. If Lynn Swann wants to let Helton ruin the program, maybe its time for him to reconsider his own position.

          • Hey fella? Why you writing to me, you think I care if you ever see another game again, in person or televised? I don’t care who coaches this team. If you want someone to tell who might care, call your momma. Or better yet call Lynn Swann. I’m a nobody.
            I’m glad you expressed your opinion and were able to do it without bending the truth. Yeah! No what do you want from me?

          • Nope, never have referred to USC as “us”. So whatever you wrote after getting that wrong really makes no sense. But I’m sure you gave it your best effort. LMFAO!

          • Troll, can’t admit it. At least owns and the others admit who they are. As far as your contention nothing matters is bs to the max. You’ve told some many lies here you can’t even get them straight anymore. Troll.

  10. Good luck trying to snag him from his multi-million dollar couch in the booth of MNF. Maybe Cortez has a thought on this? Probably not. Because he’s a born loser. Unlike Chaz Beefcake who’s actually a funny troll.

  11. Why couldn’t UCLA wait until after the holiday? Does anyone think 7 win Sark will be the next coach?

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