34 thoughts on “Trevor Trout Commits To USC

  1. Snoozers.

    CFB is focused on the search for the next UCLA HFBC.

    Thank you bozo u for lucking out Sat night.

    • True, but early signing period is right around the corner…. this verbal is probably more relevant than Nov 19 verbals of years past…. hopefully.

  2. Let’s hope he’s to college football what his namesake (Mike Trout) is to baseball. Nice pick up. Need more big fellas…….

  3. Did I miss the negative spin? Where is it? Was this commitment too early or too late? Are there other positions USC should have got a commitment from? What did USC do wrong FLOW? You forgot to tell us…

  4. Quick let’s fire CH because he’s clueless and nobody wants to play for him or his coaching staff…oh wait.

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