Trevor Trout Commits To USC

Defensive tackle Trevor Trout, who made an official visit to USC this weekend, decided to commit. He is ranked the No. 41 player in the nation by Rivals.

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  • JustOwns


    CFB is focused on the search for the next UCLA HFBC.

    Thank you bozo u for lucking out Sat night.

    • RegalTrojan


      History always repeats itself, which means sucla will always be also-rans in college football no matter who comes in to go through the motions in coaching.


      • gotroy22

        They are the Washington Generals of college football.

        • Pudly76

          Trout is a big deal, as well as a big dude!

        • trojan_1972


    • Linkster

      Your football team has been totally irrelevant since 1998. When was the last time u were ranked in Top 10? I don’t remember either. You will not get Kelly. He realizes Chianti Dan is a fool and your FB program has little to offer after repeated mediocrity for the last 20years. But hey, it is the holiday season so dream on.

      • Grammymb

        Cheatin’ Chip?

        • Pasadena Trojan

          Just like Johnny Cheetin’ Wooden. And the Cheetin’ continues as a tradition.

    • Pasadena Trojan

      Squatter, I will let you in on a little secret, ugly was never in the game. They never led.

    • Sas

      Bless you!

    • USCDAN1986

      Chip is headed to Florida!


  • StokaNoka

    Michael Thompson next

  • Trojans 6942

    Great pick up this was a Alabama lean for quite sometime.

  • Pete Smith

    until they are in class this means nothing

    • LamontRaymond

      True, but early signing period is right around the corner…. this verbal is probably more relevant than Nov 19 verbals of years past…. hopefully.

    • party_opponent

      Absolutely true, but it appears from his commitment video that he is very solid.

    • Trojans 6942

      TRue. But I think he will sign in the first cycle

  • Linkster

    I hope he is big and ugly. OL and DL lineman that can win the war at LOS.


      He is big and ugly, look at his pic on rivals

      • Gabby

        Go away, no one cares

        Get a new job

  • LamontRaymond

    HUGE pick-up. Great work Clay, BKU, and Clancy!


      Clancy doesn’t recruit, doesn’t scheme must of a defense either

      • Paul Muad’dib

        That’s one thing that makes no sense. A college coach who doesn’t recruit.

        • Gabby

          He’s the TROLL OF THE YEAR

      • Gabby

        Attach the anchor and jump

        another stupid comment

  • Sebastian Lane

    Let’s hope he’s to college football what his namesake (Mike Trout) is to baseball. Nice pick up. Need more big fellas…….

    • Lunderful

      If he doesn’t live up to the hype, then we can call him Flounder…………..(get it?)

  • Gabby

    Here is a link to an emotional video regarding his commitment..


    (replace “DOT” with a period)

  • Paul Muad’dib

    Did I miss the negative spin? Where is it? Was this commitment too early or too late? Are there other positions USC should have got a commitment from? What did USC do wrong FLOW? You forgot to tell us…

    • 04Trojan


    • Porfirio666

      Yes, where’s his negative energy? I’m disappointed.

  • Sas

    Great pickup here. Nice!!!

  • Brent4c

    Quick let’s fire CH because he’s clueless and nobody wants to play for him or his coaching staff…oh wait.

  • Sas

    The video brought a tear down my eye.

    FIGHT ON Trevor !!!!!!!!!