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UCLA Bruins wide receiver Jordan Lasley (2) catches a pass for a touchdwon over USC Trojans cornerback Jack Jones (25) during the second half of an NCAA college football game at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, on Saturday, Nov. 18, 2017. USC Trojans won 28-23. (Photo by Keith Birmingham, Pasadena Star-News/SCNG)

It was obvious last night the USC fans are over the whole inconsistent nature of the Trojans’ play this season. The post-game reaction said it best. But apparently UCLA was also unimpressed.

A five-point loss to USC results in Jim Mora getting fired the next day? Didn’t Rick Neuheisel lose 50-0 to USC when he got fired? Now you get fired for losing by five points. USC isn’t even passing the eye test with UCLA.

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  1. I wonder if Wolf sees any positives in last night or was beating our rival for the 3rd straight year and 15th time in 19 years a total disaster.

      • It is even worse, sc got mora fired an U Convicts of LA might even hire a good coach. But that could be a blessing because sc would fire Helton and bring in a better coach

          • That’s on ucla. The punter should have said punt right or punt left, it’s not complicated

          • Never saw ten guys so totally fooled on a play before, not just faked, actually ran 30+ yds down the field the wrong way. Pittman made a great catch and Bolden throws TWO big blocks to seal the deal!

        • Always remember, the new coach has to “know USC”. They will never get a great coach as long as they hold on to that mantra.
          Time for all new philosophy, direction, and leadership. Give Helton one more season with a new staff and see what he does without Darnold.

        • Well getting Bob Toledo fired got Dorrell Hired and getting Dorrell fired got Neuaswhole hired and getting neuaswhole fired got Mora hired, and Chianit Dan (yes he was around this long) after firing Toledo said, “I believe that in order to revitalize our program and move it forward, a change of leadership is required.” Stop talking about big names, they’re gonna bring in another nobody. The guy that needs to get fired first is Chianti Dan.

      • Just out of curiosity, when was the last time you were happy with the state of USC football?

          • The feeling after 2004 was like never let this stop … now it’s please make it stop
            2005 gave everyone an ulcer … wasn’t until later we realized Pete betrayed us those aholes assistants.

          • I didn’t say there were a lot. Being able to finish was one.
            I was more curious about your expectations. So the last 12 years have been unacceptable?

          • He’s been suffering from deep depression the last 12 years. Paxil and jelly donuts have been his best friends

  2. ….I noticed Mora had ZERO emotion on the sidelnes last night…almost dead man walking…that said…..if you fill empty seats by having a good coach it would take no time at all to come up with the $12 million buyout….

    • It’s my impression that filling the rose bowl with UCLA fans has ben a huge challenge……winning teams or not.

      • Not so. When ucla has been hot (not often in the past 20 years) they have averaged up to 80k at the Rose.

  3. I don’t know, Scooter, think he was fired because of the five-point-loss or because he has a losing record over the last two seasons?

    The problem with trying to be clever,when you’re not, is that it’s too easy to see through the lack of cleverness.

    • Exactly right. Or the fact he couldn’t win with a five star quarterback. Or that Chip Kelly was available. Not funny. Just cracking wise, and it’s not amusing….

  4. During their undefeated 2002 Title Season, THEE Ohio State won the National Title winning ugly. Wins during the year by 4,5,6,4,7,5, and in OT vs Miami. The game at Notre Dame is the problem in 2017 for us. We could have easily overcome the WSU loss.

  5. Doth protest too much. Wow, that’s a strained argument. I would say you’re better than this, but….

  6. The Bruins look to be getting a head start on trying to find their next coach. Kelly in town!

    • You’re well behind both TENN and UF – both programs with much higher expectations than little ucla. Some ucla head start.

      • What if Lane Kiffin wanted to return to LA to spite his former employer?
        Could prove interesting.

        • There aren’t all that many schools that would want to deal with Kiffin —-whatever his skills. He’s left behind bad blood at Oakland, USC, Tennessee and Alabama.

          • The bad blood in Tennessee is because he wanted to return to the west coast.
            Alabama is being a part of the Saban regime, which is lethal.
            Note – Sark is also gone from Alabama.
            Oakland is Oakland, a worthless place and ownership in which to establish your credentials. Ask Del Rio. He was just glad to get the hell out of Florida.

          • And add to all of the above, Kiff comes with the goods and doesn’t care what you think of him —-he’ll find a way of delivering. Don’t get me wrong —there is a school out there that is looking for someone just like that (but fewer than you’d think —and it’s not going to be one of the image conscious Los Angeles schools).

    • Lol, right. Wittingham is a good defensive coach. He ran with Meyers recruits, not so much with his recruits

  7. Outside of Tusculoosa, a coach’s success is predicated on finding and developing the right QB for your system and team. Think Mariotta at Oregon, Darnold at SC and Tate at UofA. Mora had Hundley for his first two years and those were his most successful. When they landed Rosen, Bruin fans saw a bright future. I think what doomed Mora was not delivering despite having -the -more -than- likely #1 overall pick in the draft and still having a below .500 record. It doesn’t help that Darnold has basically saved Helton’s first two seasons.

  8. USC wins the men’s waterpolo championship for the second year in a row! Defeated the ruins in palo alto earlier today.

  9. If ucla doesn’t make a miracle comeback thanks to TAMUs epic collapse, the ruins are 4-7.

      • As a 49er fan, he had the worst of owners as his bosses. Not all his fault.
        The 49er organization is worthless until they find someone(s) to replace the Yorks.
        Where is Eddie D when you need him?!!!

  10. UCLA has a chance to rule college football in the LA area, if they decide to hire a proven coach

      • Gruden? That would be the day, RT. They might even promote their offensive coordinator if he beats Cal and wins whatever loser bowl they sneak into.

        • You know I was joking, right, MG? Gruden would never degrade himself coming to sucla. Well, who knows what they’re gonna do? My guess is they’ll try to bring in a more established coach, but everyone in the business knows competing against SC in LA isn’t exactly a cakewalk.

          • I know your sense of humor by now, pardner. But you know what would be great? If they ditched Mora thinking they had the inside with Kelly but find out they don’t. Then UCLA will get stuck trying to find someone before recruiting season starts —which is REAL soon!

          • LMAO…MG, you devil, you! Yeah, that’d be as tasty and sweet as extra peanut butter and jelly. Let’s hope that’s exactly what they’ll get. But I think there’s at least some possibility they’ll get Kelly mainly because he’s been available for a while now.

          • Lots or reports that Kelly’s agent is meeting with UCLA reps right now —meaning this thing’s been in the works for a while (UCLA must have been praying Mora wouldn’t pull off the miracle and make them look ungrateful). But UCLA will still have to top Florida’s offer (unless Kelly’s afraid of the SEC and sees the Pac 12 as easy pickings—in which case UCLA may not have to make the better offer).

          • Interesting, MG. And it’s getting pretty suspenseful now. Let’s hope sucla will end up with The Chimp 2.0 or The Slick Weasel 2.0.

          • BTW, MG. I hope sucla won’t get Chip Kelly. He knows the conference well, and he has won in it before. He’s dangerous!

          • The horrible thing, RT, is the fact that, since Chip Kelly already knows the conference, he is more likely to want to stay here rather than start coaching in a whole new conference universe. But the good thing is there is going to be tremendous pressure on him to win immediately if he comes back. If he loses a few games, the luster falls off his reputation real fast.

          • True, MG. But it seems to me that the best possible hire that’s available to them has to be Kelly. Is it guaranteed he’ll start winning instantaneously? Can his fast tempo offense be installed with the current sucla players? Those are tough questions to answer, but I think he’s as capable of winning as any coaches in the Pac-12 at the moment. What’s more, he must be pretty motivated to show the world that he’s a winner again after putting up a dismal record in the NFL, sort of like Pete Carroll was prior to coming to SC.

          • That’s all true, RT. Chances are Kelly would instantly be the best coach in the Pac 12. And he’d belong to UCLA!! Helton would need the greatest defensive coordinator in the country to help him out —-some young genius presently in the NFL who’s able to relate to college players. And we’d have to pay this guy as much as Helton!

          • MG, I hope Helton’s our long term solution for HC, but I’ve got my doubts about it. Let’s wait and see how things develop. It might take another year or two, though.

          • Next year is probably the make it or break it year, RT.—-whether Sam stays or not.

          • Yes, I agree, MG. Next year will be just that — the make it or break it year for Helton’s regime at SC. But if Darnold comes back next year and the team does well, Helton may postpone his true test for another year. So whether or not Darnold returns will have profound implications on both Helton’s and the team’s future.

          • I’m gonna say something that I have no basis for saying —-beyond the merest hunch—-but I think, if Sam comes back and if Rosen moves to NFL, Sam will have a great year in 2018. I think he let the comparisons to Rosen and the Heisman hype get to him this year.

          • MG, that’s certainly possible. However, we also should consider that fact that Darnold has actually regressed this year in his level of plays compared to last year. Can this coaching staff make him improve next year? I’d say it’s not guaranteed.

          • Good point, RT It’d be so interesting to know if Sam’s problems this year were more on him (mental stuff) or the coaching staff (messing with his throwing motion and trying to make him more of a pocket quarterback).
            But —you’re totally right about Sam needing a better quarterback coach next season. I think it would help him make up his mind to come back if he knew he was going to get one. Unfortunately, nothing is going to happen on that front until we finish our bowl game.

          • It’s probably both, MG. His own confusion on mechanics and self-imposed pressure to live up to the expectations. And also the lack of the proper skills and mental/emotional coaching, To be real honest, he deserves better coaches to realize his true potential. Can you imagine what this guy would be like with the guidance from the coaches like Carroll or Saban? Coaching definitely matters, MG!

          • I never thought of that, RT! What a great thought! Pete Carroll and Sam Darnold! What a Trojan team that would be!

          • MG, we need to find Pete Carroll 2.0 eventually. Despite the consistently high level of talent SC recruits with its brand name, the team will not be a national power with ordinary coaches like Helton. And conversely, the team will almost always win the Pac-12 South and shoot for the conference championship even with average coaches like Helton because of our superior talent. We remember the team was doing that even with other poor to mediocre coaches in the past, such as Tollner, Smith, Hackett, Kiffin, and The Wino, right?

      • As long as Clay Helton is coaching USC, then any competent football coach at UCLA will take over the City

    • They HAD a chance when SC was hit by sanctions. They blew it. With a “proven coach” they *should* have a chance to compete with SC.

  11. Agreed Scott. They should have waited for the 50-0 loss before taking action. 49-0 wouldn’t even cut it, it has to be 50-0. New Rule.

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