66 thoughts on “USC-UCLA Tweet Of Day

  1. LenDale channeling his inner Georges St. Pierre, “I’m not impressed with your performance.”

    Neither am I LenDale…

    • I was very much impressed, LenDale, you king-size NFL Flop, who foolishly left his University one year too soon.

        • No kidding … Lendale made his money and ran.
          Could u imagine Lendale vs this pint sized puzzy USC D

        • Could care a less about Impressions. I dig the FINAL SCORE. The FS drives the Herd. So…….

          • Right, me too. But you said you were impressed by usc vs ucla. C’mon man, they under acheived badly. It was embarrassing.

      • LenDale was a member of 2 AP champions. Not too many can say that since the 1931-32 squads. He earned the right to give his opinion of the current team’s performance.

        • gotroy22, surely you must know that LenDale’s early departure crushed any chance of repeating. We had to start TWO FRESHMAN TB’s after he left. I am offended that he would cut down thw Trojans after the Trojans Were VICTORIOUS. Impressions don’y mean S@it to schammer47.

          • Surely you know he gave us his all for two NCs and was more than entitled to try to make a living in the NFL. If Pete screwed up on recruiting TBs that’s his fault. LenDale knows what it takes to be a champion and obviously this team could learn a lot from him.

          • I didn’t like that LW criticized the players in mass.

            It’s insulting, and I think that’s an unreasonable assessment. If this group benefitted from coaching and game planning of the same quality that LW received, I’d feel differently.

            And by the way, my general impression is that I think the current RB coach is pretty darn good. I observe significant development within that position group.

          • I do like it. The whole team shouldn’t be satisfied with a season that featured SC losing to it’s rival by 35 points.

        • I’m guessing Regal, Troy and you are gonna pony up big bucks to lure some big time assistants. I mean no way you’d come on here and talk about what everyone else needs to do unless you were planning on buying out contracts and supplying $ for new ones.

        • What was the one big difference between
          the 2004 Rose and 2005 Orange Bowls and the 2006 Rose Bowl?

          • Answer: Norm Chow coached the offense in the 2004 and 2005 bowls. Kiffin and the Drunk coached the offense in the 2006 Rose Bowl and left Reggie on the sideline on 4th and 2.

  2. I share your sentiment, LenDale. Very unimpressive win against UCLA and the season was flatlined from start to finish. Can’t really expect more from Clay Helton or his “coaching staff.” Time for Lynn Swann to make a bold move and get the program rolling along. And, as I recall, the play calling for the 2006 Rose Bowl game were Kiffin’s and Sarkisian’s. This is what happened when Peter Carroll ousted Norm Chow in place of those two pretenders, Lane and Sark. Otherwise, weren’t you 51-2 or 41-2 during your years at SC. Thank you for making us great back then.

    • Guess what? You get to watch Carroll vs. Sakisian on Monday Night Football. Should be fun.

        • Pete —as great as he is —loses it in the final minutes of big games. He did it in the National Championship, the Super Bowl and last night. He’ll try something that seems right out of Vizinni’s conversation with Westley in The Princess Bride—“you think I’m going to do this, so I’m going to do that—except you know that I’m going to think that—so you’re expecting it —and so I’ll do this.” The fake field goal last night was the latest (most inexplicable) example of that kind of thinking.
          Note: It would be so cool if Pete didn’t needlessly use up his time outs (a problem someone else currently associated with the Trojans seems to have). If Pete hadn’t totally blown his last timeout (his LAST timeout!), Wilson could have won that game for him.

    • Sylvester, Clay Helton did a Fantastic Job last year. USC beat the Cr@p out of Stanford which nulifies comment number two. By ignoring last year and showing up today on SW’s Blog badmouthing Coach Helton, pleading for his dismissal, is Uncalled For and Incredibly Foolish. Next……

      • Up and down year, right? 1 complete game, and the others not so complete, right? You would hold the course, it seems.

        As you know, many don’t agree. Let’s see what Swann says. He’s the guy with the only vote that counts.

  3. I do now.
    But it might be that geriatric natzi from a while back. Remember him?

    Andy……Great win last night bro!

    • Sas, not sure which geriatric natzi sc fan you’re referring to since there are so many that fit the description on this blog…not you, of course. You’re actually pretty cool.

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          • Hey, ZZ, check my message above. I’m still waiting. The clock is ticking. Get back to work! Lol!


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            grave soul • a year ago

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      • The Geriatric Natzi was this guy that came here and was beyond racist towards me and me only. I actually forgot his handle.
        Thank you pal. Who do you want ucla to get?

        • I like Kelly largely because he has a proven NCAA record and he would.m be a monster recruiter in SoCal. I’m intrigued by choices such as Norvell, Matt Campbell (I watched when he beat OK), Dave Clawson, Frost, Mullen, and a few more coaches. It all comes down to whether it’s a good fit. With UCLA’s new state-of-the-art facility, change of culture, $$, and willingness to shell out the latter, we should be able to land a solid coach (unless Guerrero goes the easy route and promotes Fisch, who is great as an OC).

          If you remember the handle for that scumbag, please make it known. Frankly, I’m not sure how you deal with so many ignorant trumpers and bigots on this blog. I still remember when betomas outed racist Joe Blow’s identity on this blog and Blow blew a few last puffs before promptly disappearing in a most embarrassing manner. Betomas said he’d be back one day to expose more bigots. 😉 looking forward to that.

          • Pretty good bunch of names. I think owns said one of Pete Carroll’s assistants is a possible name.
            But I have a feeling that guy is now Cortez The Killer.

    • They played faster because USC is so predictable. I think USC has the better athletes.

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