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    • Exactly, I could definatly see him being hired by new coach at UCLA if he wants back in college. I have a feeling Clancy returns to the pros after this year, if that’s the case, I would love his return to sc

        • I can’t believe we actually agree on something. Clancy sucks because he kid held the #1 pick w nothing to lose to 3 TDs despite a horrific performance by his back 4? SC is in the top 10 in sacks. Norton has shown nothing that makes me think he’s an accomplished D.C. He was a great LB coach and a decent recruiter here that’s it.

  1. Okay, so there’s one piece of the puzzle. This hire could assure Clay Helton gets a contract extension after the CFP loss next year.

  2. Please and I’m sorry god for saying this……Fire Pendergast and pay Ken Norton NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    #Do It

    • I don’t really follow the raiders, but according to most fans Norton was not well liked by the fan base.

        • “Did they say why.” Yeah 22, the crowd cited 14 points in an hour long chant after the Mexico City game.

        • According to facebook posts, raider fans said the defense got worse under his tenure. Schemes too complicated.

          • “According to facebook posts…”

            That’s like saying Hillary is “liked’ because Hillary said her mom said she was.

            Say NO to Faceplant.

          • No its not. Its literally raider fans comments. I didnt say it was official. I didnt say i couldnt be wrong. I said that to let everyone know thats where i found the info. So calm down, keep politics out of this and have a nice day.

          • Forget politics.

            Facebook is a troll haven for idiots and people who long to be Mrs. Kravitz. Snivelers and whiners.

      • You know that’s probably true. I haven’t kept up with the NFL all year. I was surprised at how bad the Raiders defense was ranked.

    • My only thought about Norton is would still keep us connected back to PC. He may be great as DC, and if he could recruit well that would be a big boost.

      • Pendergast needs to be replaced.

        He hasn’t been able to make any adjustments with Biggie and Jack-Jack, and I don’t see backups ready on the field. He and Ronnie Bradford have had more than enough time to get things going.

        7 straight touchdowns in the Rose Bowl

        49 points to Notre Dame

        He doesn’t recruit and said “just get me players and I’ll give you a top defense”
        Sure Clancy.

        Ronnie Bradford is his own hire and he’s also been a big time failure.

        We need some changes.

    • I just read the Raiders defense is ranked #26 out of 32. Is that the DC USC wants? Maybe bring him back as LB coach.

          • That’s not what steveg said. He said USC is already getting ready to move on. Big difference.

          • That’s hard to imagine, JB. I’m not exactly the biggest fan of Helton, but how can they kick him out after winning the conference and a major bowl game convincingly? It doesn’t add up.

          • Not what I meant guys. SC will clean house, Helton will stay. Maybe I should have said USC is going to tidy up a bit instead. LOL

          • Then how do you explain Deland McCollough? He’s shown great results with the running backs. He’s been a great position coach and positive influence on the young men. Your obsession with PC and his assistants has really reach new levels of depravity. There is no civility in any of your posts any longer. It seems the more the team wins the angrier you get.

            There was a time gentlemen could disagree in a civil manner.
            No need to insult a man for taking a job he was offered and certainly didn’t hold anyone hostage to get it.

            What’s your deal?

          • I cannot see them getting rid of Helton, Clancy, Baxter, or Tee next year. I can see Swann strongly suggesting to make some personnel changes though. Helton’s record is too good and SC cannot afford to have a revolving door reputation. If Kelly can do it with nd, I think Helton has a shot but big changes need to be made.

          • We must understand that Kelly’s ND team has vastly improved over last year and totally destroyed SC this year, but they still couldn’t transcend themselves into a true national elite. I’m not so sure if Helton could lure the top-tier assistants sitting on a rather shaky ground himself. Time will tell, though.

        • No Jack, Helton will be back we all know that, but he will have to clean house or it will be the end of him, even you said that before.

          • Ya, it’s always been my understanding that Helton has 2018 regardless of what happens. To me, cleaning house means the head guy is outta here, as in Del Rio may be gone. Seems over-rated as a HC, like Jeff Fisher was as well.

          • Hah! Please spare me.

            When and if we make a switch, I’m confident Swann will know which direction to go. That guy knows football and his focus on USC FB greatness is much different than Haden’s.

          • Only if he’s left alone. I hope he isn’t affected by any internal politics in doing so. Any major sports these are highly intricate entities with many dealings with the league and the management, which is SC, in this case.

          • Swann didn’t want the AD job if he didn’t have the power to make big decisions. There were negotiations about that.

            He’s got his eye on what to do about USC baseball too. Hubbs better pick it up.

          • Jack, my nephew is being recruited by a number of Pac-12 schools for baseball. Word is that if Hubbs doesn’t not only get to a regional, but win a couple of games, he’s out.

          • What does the Raider brass know? They stink again as usual. If ever there was a team that’s all hat and no cattle, it’s the woeful Raiders.

    • Wait a minute, so now Pauly DS just puts ear to the ground and hears what Raider Mgmt. is talking about. LOL.

  3. helton gather the boyz together and take the plane to oakland and bring our boy home #fireclancy #coachupjackjones

  4. Pete Carroll didn’t think much of Ken Norton to name him the defensive coordinator for the Seahawks, so he bypassed him for his defensive back coach, Kris Richards. Nevertheless, Norton is fantastic college coach

  5. Do you think SW would accept Lane Kiffen as a replacement for his current least favorite, CH?

  6. Will the Raiders be paying Norton millions? Does anyone realize that paying a coach at a public school not to coach is a gift of public funds?

  7. According to sources Jeff Fisher was seen having lunch with Max Nakias at papa Christo’s Greek Grill. Helton is gone if Fisher wants the HC job at southern cal

  8. One of Pete Carroll’s biggest negatives was that he couldn’t just coach with someone in a business-like relationship. He had to be buddy-buddy with his assistants and he loved the rah-rah types. That’s one of the reasons why the team started to go down in his last years. Instead of hiring great assistants, he had a tendency to promote assistants that really weren’t top notch position coaches. Also, he got rid of at least one great coach….Norm Chow. Outside of Kiffin and Orgerin, none of his assistants(that I can think of) ever went on to do anything in football. I would say that, even with those 2, the class is still out.

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