12 thoughts on “Sightings

  1. The blogger is out of the loop.
    So far two have officially signed.
    All three have signed financial aid paperwork from what I remember.
    We’re not worried. Cherry will sign very soon.

    Christopher is a 2020 kid. Not big news.

    Not big news.

  2. Did we have any good wins on the road against SEC opponents lately? You wouldn’t know it by reading this blog.

  3. Wonder what Broyles would think of this list…he is in the same league and era as Paul Bryant, Bud Wilkinson John McKay … that is elite company.An award with his name should demand quite a strict qualification.

  4. What is with this Freshmen class. O’Bannon has done nothing, is he hurt? Uaher can’t score, again nothing the last two games. The big tall kid is a project. Thornton has been useless so far, also. These newcomers pretty disappointing in early season play. Henderson needs a chance to shine with some minutes against the cream puffs on the schedule.

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