The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

Do you think USC’s situation with the NCAA in 2010 was unprecedented? Read the quote below from an unidentified USC official in 1959, when USC was put on probation by the NCAA at a meeting of the committee on infractions in Cincinnati. It could have been a quote from 2010.

The only difference was in those days, you apparently could not appeal your penalties.

48 thoughts on “The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

  1. Who (besides me) thinks the Cal offense will score more than 21 points against the little-brother Clowns?


  2. Nikias apparently has balls of steel when it comes to fundraising. I want him to put those same brass ones on the line in defending USC against he NCAA, and in asserting himself to the Pac-12 in our next deal with them (no even splits in revenue) and with the TV Networks (re-negotiate every year, or at least every other year).

      • Thank you, Pudly. Brass and steel are two very different metals —so different that I’m not sure it’s even wise to combine them. Brass/steel balls could represent a liability for our president.

      • I always put my Steel ones on when fundraising. My Brass ones do work much better when negotiating a deal. I’ve been married 35 years, lost my original pair a long time ago.

  3. i can’t wait for the crying and moaning that will follow the Tony Bland sanctions,eh, wolfman??


    • Go home troll. You’ve bagged on everybody at SC today from the president to the coaches.. your not even a Trojan.. your a useless hillbilly troll.

  4. You would have thought after 1959, SC would know that the NCAA is not a court/legal proceeding, it is a country club, you make nice with your fellow members, not get in their face with lawyers.

        • John, it’s hard to ay for sure, but with the advantage of hindsight, because I can’t unknow something, fighting might have been the way to go. Certainly looking at how they’ve tried to block all discovery in the running back coaches trial, I think they would have come to a much more reasonable decision. It worked for Penn St and others since.
          Truly since then they been much more bark than bite.

  5. Does anyone besides me think the NCAA is a dinosaur whose time came and went? USC, like all of the other saps who support this organization needs to secede from this star chamber organization. There is no need for the organization. There is only punishment issued by the organization and it is slanted in such a way as to hurt success and favor the few who have added to their coffers.
    Was there any reason to penalize USC for things a Jr in college did? Did the player’s abilities increase because of a house someone related by marriage dealt for? The fact that USC bowed and scraped before the gods of wealth is only proof that they knew they had no choice.
    To be fair and equitable all the NCAA needs to do is make sure the player meets the entrance requirements of the school which is accredited by another entity. The rest of the student’s behavior is governed by the school. To punish the school because a student cheats in some fashion is double jeopardy. The school is still responsible for the granting of degrees

    • NCAA = big time cartel – it is unfortunate that there is no alternative for organizing major athletic programs.

    • These organizations that were originally designed to oversee athletics are no longer the entities that simply manage and control sports as the commercial and political side of them have become more important to them. Now they’re very much like political organizations that casually manipulate and even conspire various situations and internally justify them as necessary for the welfare of sports as a whole.

  6. Speaking about the NCAA, sanctions, Chip Kelly, and Pat Haden, Petros and Money claim Chip Kelly is on his way to UCLA. They reported that CK is contacting assistant coaches to gauge their interest in working with him in LA. P&M mentioned that this is unofficial, but the news came from reliable sources.

  7. The Feds should be investigating this Mafia along with Adidas…and subpoena all communications between them and the TV Networks…that would be interesting reading.

  8. Does anyone know what the latest is with the McNair slander case? That trial will open the public eyes to the corruption the NCAA and how they biasly came down on USC.

  9. Don’t you love it when someone begins with a point that does not matter ,but causes you to argue from their position first,ignore and move on… If SC today was like SC in 1959 maybe none of this BS would still be going on,lawyers would have gotten the courts involved…Ohio St did, Penn St did…their problems went away much earlier and were disciplined very little compared to SC. Any one remember the PCC disciplined SC, ucla back in about 1955…so what? SC and ucla dumped the PCC and formed a new one,the AAWU…hoping some day colleges will dump ncaa,it is more corrupt than the fbi…the argument is was it right or wrong, or is ncaa still as corrupt as 1959 and the difference, not is this unprecedented.SC is sure a push over compared to then.

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