Remember Pat Haden

With Chip Kelly the hottest coaching candidate in the country right now, it is worth remembering that two years ago, then-athletic director Pat Haden said he never spoke to Kelly regarding the USC job.

Now Haden can rebut that by saying USC’s won 20 games the past two seasons. But the fact he claims he never spoke to Kelly illustrates the lack of a coaching search he conducted to replace Steve Sarkisian.

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    • Speeded up version of the run pass option is old and many teams are running variations of it. And defensively speaking, it is not as odd to prepare against it for the same reason, many teams are running it, unlike the triple option that only Navy and Georgia tech run, you never see it so you only practice to defend it once a year..

      • Agreed I got a kick outa the TV talking heads explaing the”West Coast offense” that Ucla was running. Not that anyone on the East Coast knows anything about football I mean their USC is South Carolina.

        • Yup, but what really chaffe’s my privates, is how they were always called Carolina until lately, when they saw how powerful the brand was.

  1. I have the feeling that Chip Kelly will try to leave to the NFL again once something opens up.

    Plus we all know if USC hired Chip, Flow would be complaining about no power football and lack of size on the lines.

  2. I was in a class with Pat and held him in high regard until the skimming-from-charity caper. Now i don’t give him the benefit of any doubt.

    • Oh! Wow! This I didn’t know! Haden was skimming from charities during class at USC?

  3. Kelly had a show-cause penalty attached to his name, that’s why

    Another example of wolf’s low football IQ….when will this madness end

  4. I thank Mr. Haden for his days as a player. His loyalty and devotion to USC. But as a AD. he sucked, he put this athletic department behind ten years. Way too nice way too liberal.

    • I agree. [I think it’s pretty obvious NOW that there were TWO Pat Hadens. Somehow a switch was made. The first Pat Haden would never have done the things the second Pat Haden did. Problems like this have happened in other countries, too. England, for example, had two Tony Blairs].

      • Haden seemed to always take the easiest way out. The coaches search was bogus, he looked out his window and saw Clay Helton and told his assistant to go tell him he is hired.

        • I kinda like Helton (in spite of his shortcomings) —-but yours is the funniest version of Clay’s hiring I’ve heard yet.

          • Haden was on the committee to hire that idiot Kiffin … Garrett had no say and wanted nothing to do with Goat

          • Wasn’t it Garrett that “Wanted to bring the band back together”..including pursuing Norn Chow?

        • For a Rhodes Scholar he someone ended up lazy, stupid, visionless and incompetent. He was more energized using his power as AD to push his son’s political agenda than do anything positive for USC.

          • Lazy, stupid, visionless and incompetent. Wow, gt! That perfectly describes both the Rhodes Scholars I’ve met in this life.

          • That would explain many things—from reaction to sanctions to coaching searches.

  5. I say let Florida or ucla have Kelly. His fast pace style has been diagnosed and remedied in both collegiate and professional ball. It was certainly successful for about 4-5 years. Now not so much. Also, he was a failure in the NFL. I am not keen on Helton but I think I would rather have Helton than Kelly. I like Gruden!!

  6. Haden was in a position to stop the insanity – instead he doubled down hiring Sark – that decision is inexcusable for many reasons, least of which is due diligence.

  7. Pat Haden will forever be known as backing Kiffin 150% and then doubling down on the mess he made even worse by hiring Steve Sarkisian and Clay Helton.

    Good riddance to Pat Haden.

  8. Bleacher Report just announced that Chip Kelly is likely to come to UCLA because there “is no premiere program in the Pac 12.” To quote Tom Cruise, “that hurt more than I thought it would.”

  9. For what it’s worth (probably not much), Gridiron Now is reporting that Florida screwed up their opportunity to get Kelly by not offering him a contract when they met and, beyond that, Kelly prefers the “comfort zone” of the Pac 12 to the SEC.
    Hope Helton makes the most of the rest of this season. Things could be about to get a lot tougher.

  10. I have often wondered why Pat Haden went off to be the color commentator on NBC Notre Dame football. The USC archrival. Did he need the $, prestige, what was it? As far as I was concerned, he crossed the line and I have never thought much of Haden since.

    • It’s worse, Linkster. Pat didn’t just serve as Notre Dame’s “color commentator” ——he became their Number One S**k Up Apologist —-“The officials are missing the holding that’s been going on against Notre Dame all day. It’s awful!”

      • Bobble head is trolling the ruins about Rosen’s love letter to mora. I think he’s gonna make somebody unhappy.

        And I helped

        • Just read the back and forth —- funniest thing on “Inside UCLA” ever! And —-think about how many wittle brubabes are seething with anger right now!

        • Bless you —and Ed —my wife and I got a real kick out of that.

          • Nothing like a good pre-holiday troll thru ruinville.

            Happy thanksgiving to you and your family.

          • If it was at all original or funny, I’d be the first person to give you props. But that was LAME!

          • Perfect!! Just what I was aiming for. Stupid, tawdry, void of any socially redeeming value. Have a nice day.

          • As someone who prosecuted umpteen obscenity cases—and, therefore, is an unintentional expert on redeeming value—–let me assure you Pudly that all your comments meet the United States Supreme Court requirements for “general value for reasonable people.”

          • Happy thanksgiving to you too, Goo!! Coming from a proven #fakenews fabricator of lies, your comments hold no weight and they mean nothing.

          • Happy Spanksgiving to you, gray stool the preachy lying lib. You are as factual as your hero Minnesota Senator Al Franken, who “can’t remember” groping countless women. Your denial of your own words is Clintonian lying at its best.

      • He really had no good reason…he was beloved by the Trojan Family and could have done something in media here in LA.

      • He once referred to Notre Dame as the Gold Standard of College Football. That statement alone should have disqualified him from the AD job at USC.

    • The worst was before the 2012 game against N.D. when he stated “Notre Dame is the gold standard of college football.” I’ve never heard of another A.D. make a statement like that about a rival. He should’ve been fired on the spot.

  11. So, SC, fresh of NCAA sanctions, is going to go after a top dollar coach, fresh off a show cause penalty, for paying a street agent with a check. Yeah, seems like they really overlooked the obvious choice for the head SC gig. I supposed you’re upset Hayden didn’t try to buy out Art Briles contract.

    • How did Ohio State manage to get a top dollar coach while on NCAA sanctions? Mr. Roboto must be programmed by Pat Haden.

      • Because Meyer didn’t have a show cause penalty and even though Florida was super shady, he was in good standing with the NCAA. Also, the scope of the sanctions between the two schools wasn’t even close and it was largely that way because SC chose not to work with the NCAA.

        You can easily make a big hire while on probation, but the optics of bringing in a dirty coach isn’t going to fly.

  12. Pat Haden was the worst AD in the country and the highest paid. I guess, at SC, if you are a ‘yes man’, you can keep your high paying job even if you are totally incompetent.

  13. Perhaps the Daily News should move Eeyore (a pessimistic, gloomy, depressed, anhedonic, old grey stuffed donkey) to the blogger for the obituaries section or cover UCLA athletics.

  14. ahhh, i see the rumor mill has started to spin the Bruins way in the Chip Kelly derby!!!

    let see, you’re chip…..on one hand you have to learn SEC politics, and match wits with Malzahn, Saban, Smart……OR go to UCLA, face the Human Zero, Chad Hell-TON and choose between 4-5 stars all day long.


  15. USC gave him everything. He’s a taker. The shameful crook stuff was a black mark that by itself he’ll never live down. It’s charities for God’s sake. Hiring and hiding an addict/lush not to mention letting the embarrassing antics of Kiffin go to that point is another mark. He angled for the job, then threw SC under the bus ironically with his “right way” comments, made it sound like he was doing SC a favor and then unseemly tried to hold on. There’s more but I don’t want to feed the UGLY trolls. But watch out when a man says as he did that his reputation is the most important thing to him. That’s someone who thinks more of how he seems rather than how he behaves or what his duties are to others.

  16. If only Pat Haden had a set, then USC would probably be playing for a national championship this year

  17. Given Chip Kelly’s show cause and salty personality, Capper felt that Chip would be a bad fit. I don’t disagree. UCLA is desperate right now and looking to make a splash. Why don’t you ask UM how the Harbaugh hire has worked out? 1-6 versus Top 10 teams and zero championships in year 3.


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