USC Morning Buzz: Here’s A Dilemma To Ponder


UCLA met with Chip Kelly on Tuesday. Now let’s pretend you are the USC athletic director and you really think Kelly is someone who would one day be a nice fit at Howard Jones Field. Do you really want to see Kelly at your archrival?

With USC currently 10-2 and ranked No. 11 in the nation, you cannot make a coaching change, right? So what would you do? Just let the UCLA situation unfold and hope Kelly doesn’t take the job? Would you consider making a coaching change? Is that possible at 10-2?

This is what is known as a dilemma. Like I said in the beginning, you are the athletic director. So what would you do?

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  1. How many national championships does Chip Kelly have under his belt? He breezed through a PAC 10 conference that didn’t take football serious, does anybody know what Kelly’s out of conference record was at Oregon? The media acts like Kelly is Nick Saban in disguise, the way they keep pumping him up..

    • Yes, I’ve talked about that, knows the area and all the high school coaches. He could do way more damage at least in the short run.

    • Hey Fred, I know you’ve been laughing about Kelly for sucla, but I don’t think it’s funny. LOL!

      • I’m sure Kiffin would look at it as a personal revenge of sort if he ever ends up in UCLA.

        • Again … why don’t we SC fans seek revenge on that POS for him and Suck ruining out program for the past decade

    • Have to agree. That stunt system couldn’t beat the tough pro-style teams. And the hey-day of that system has come and gone. People know how to beat it.

    • Oh Freddie … Kiffin is stuck in that crap hole he is at for a long time
      No one fears Goat Kiffin teams , they stink

  2. It’s very difficult to make a coaching change with the record of 10-2 even when you firmly believe that your team should do much better with another coach. Plus, there’s also the important fact that the team still has the two most important games remaining in the season.

    Chip Kelly for sucla concerns me quite a bit because of two reasons: He has shown that he could win in the Pac-12 when he was at Oregon, even though his offense had become less effective as other teams figured it out. But I think his fast-paced offense combined with his NFL experience can still do a lot of damage with development of the right personnel. The second important factor is his potential prowess in recruiting. He obviously knows the conference very well and is familiar with it, probably with many connections in high schools in the Southland and other parts of California which are the fertile farms for SC recruiting. And his name is still very well recognized in the region, to boot.

    The truth is that these are pretty tentative times at SC. The team still needs to win out the two big remaining games in the season to show any progress from last year, and we all know that sucla probably will improve in a very short period of time if they hire a capable coach with the right experience and credential. If I were the USC AD in this situation, I would be quite uneasy, to be quite honest.

    • Chip Kelly seems to be the best option available to UCLA at the moment. But can they get him?

      • TBH, I’d like to see what Chip could do with the Florida athletes. His offense is predicated on speed and Florida has speed to burn. I bet he would tweak his offense into something we haven’t seen yet if he winds up in Florida

          • Most analysts believe that UCLA is a better fit for him. I imagine that we will know in a week or less.

          • It may happen again. Chip is 50/50 from what I can tell. That’s a better shot than Chris Petersen was. After that, who knows?

          • The reason that I am somewhat optimistic is because it isn’t Guerrero that is handling it. It is Casey Wasserman and Troy Aikman. There was indirect communications for weeks but Kelly would not talk directly to UCLA with Mora still on the job. We know the rest.

          • Analysts are talking heads attempting to create clicks. They are the ones who create polls, forecast odds, and generally always get it wrong to begin with.

    • Given our group of coaches, Kelly will eat our lunch…beginning with this years recruiting class. I see nothing but dark clouds on the horizon for us if the Bruins land Kelly.

        • Could not agree with you more Regal…I really think he could be the second coming of Pete C, but this time wearing blue and gold for 7 years before going back to take on the NFL again.

        • Not underestimating Kelly, but have you looked at ucla football history? You can’t, there is none, sans Beban. For cying out loud, its a UC school, that puts a ton of obstacles for a top college coach to navigate. Why would someone put themselves in that situation willingly?

          • I don’t doubt the mention of “obstacles” as I suspect that it has to do with unbearable bureaucracy, however please give me a couple of examples I can use when in the company of UCLA folks.

          • No, they don’t. Takkarist McKinley was a recent JC transfer now enjoying a good rookie season with the Falcons.

          • The usual, another layer of bureaucracy, football not much of a priority to the whole UC system, and your boss is the State Gov’t. The winds could change and some libt*rd might pass something saying, “UC needs sports to be ‘gender equal’ and to field a woman’s football team or loose the men’s”, or the similar. Or more like a defunding of sports and reallocating UC funds into other scholastic areas, as our state goes bankrupt. Chip can pick an University without any of that hanging over his head.

          • Yes, it’s true sucla isn’t one of the best jobs in college football. However, it depends on Kelly’s confidence level as to winning NCs with the resources available to him at sucla. He might come to Wimpwood to pursue his unfinished business.

        • Florida would be a great job for Kelly, ucla would not. But then ucla would not be a good job for anyone.

          • It’s funny to see that Mora and Toledo had exactly the same career arc there- initial success, and then once they used up the previous coach’s recruits, abject humiliation.

      • I can’t see why anyone is in such awe of Kelly. His brand is now obsolete, he had to escape from Oregon, he failed twice in nfl, and if you think he will eat our lunch you probably will become a ucla fan when he is hired. It would be nice if ucla could become something close to competitive again.

        • Ya I’m sure Chip didn’t learn at damn thing in the NFL … SC better start its newest HC search if Chip lands at UCLA
          Gomer without Darnold is going to be ugly

    • Were you alive during the Carroll era? The truth, it’s not about them, it’s about you. Compete hard against yourself in practice so it’s easy when you go against the opponent. It would be great to get some bias east coast eyes on west coast football for a few years. How great is it to beat ucla when both teams are ranked in the top 10? Crush their dreams, even better. When you beat the best there are no questions if you deserve to be in the CFP.

    • IMHO:

      Unless Mora agreed to a major haircut on the buyout, some UCLA alumni
      apparently want to end UCLA’s rep as “the basketball school.” Casey
      Wasserman seems like the ringleader. I suspect that he and a couple of
      others appreciate that with the sanctions over. USC is as
      vulnerable as it ever will be. They want to pounce NOW.

      Kelly won’t come unless he will get 100% control, i.e., the budget he
      wants, and zero accountability except for “wins” and keeping his nose

      a. Kelly does not need a big salary for himself–he has 8-figures yet
      to come
      his way, if he does nothing at all. Why should he care if the dollars
      come from UCLA or from the 49ers/Eagles? If he doesn’t like things at
      UCLA, he can leave with no financial obligations to UCLA.

      b. How many 4-star+ athletes play FB within 150 miles of
      Eugene? How does that compare to the number within 150 miles of UCLA?
      Do you think Kelly might find it easier to attract talent–within the

      3. Is anyone else surprised that Kelly was HC at
      Oregon for only four years? Wow, that was fast, don’t you think? By
      the time the contract would really bite into UCLA’s funds, Kelly will be
      ready to leave for a second crack at the NFL. His fantasy is probably that Brady and Belichick retire, he soars at UCLA, and then heads for the Patriots.

      4. Certainly, a lot more teams run, and better defend, HUNH now. Still, UCLA burned USC with it just last week.
      Furthermore, Kelly is an OCD football fanatic. “God, family, and football”? Not at all. More like “football, sports science and strong analytics, and better football”.

      5. I’m just speculating. So, USC diehards, let’s hear some contrary analysis–ideally, arguments that transcends whistling in the dark.

  3. I could give a hang about SUCLA.

    I am more interested in how SC will play for the conference championship.

    And, I will repeat myself here, but watching the 40 minute version of the SC-SUCLA game was very exciting because boring penalty “time-outs” did not interfere with the action. And scoreboard wise, SC never trailed and never seemed as if it was going to lose that game. At least in the 40 minute version.

  4. I don’t think little ucla would ever consider The Kiffer and I’m very glad about that because I think at this stage, he would be USC’s worst nightmare there. Kelly. who hates to recruit, would be easier to handle now that tempo offense is ingrained and pervasive and The Kiffer loves to recruit day and night.

    • That was when the guy was younger and immature. I’m sure he has become older and wiser after his tribulations in the NFL.

    • I’m with you on that Jack, we hired him 10 yrs too early, mostly because there was not many, if any, who wanted to take over the program knowing the sanctions that were hanging over our heads. But history is a hard thing to erase, and he’ll never have a future with SC.
      Surrounded by the right people, he could be an occasional nightmare if he coached in the pac12

    • If Kelly has any business acumen he would look hards at the txation issue beteeen CA and FL. The difference in take-home is huge.

      • I get the impression Kelly isn’t thinking about $ first. He’s kind of a difficult guy and I think he’ll just go where he feels the most comfortable. I hear he likes Calif and IMO, he should choose the little gutties over UF. At ucla all you have to do is beat USC and get into a bad bowl game. At UF you’ve got to win big and deal with insane attention and the long Spurrier shadow. At ucla, USC is the big dog in town and takes most the focus.

    • Guerrero would never consider Kiffin, IMO. Maybe a new AD would but most Bruins can’t stand him. I think he will eventually return to the SEC. Florida would be a good spot for Lane if they don’t win the Chip Kelly Sweepstakes.

      • Houston wouldn’t hire Goat Kiffin … No one will hire that crap coach but minor leaguers

  5. Culturally, Kelly would never be a fit at sccc. He’s a hermit. Hates the glad handing booster kissing circuit.

    Not to mention his NCAA issues. Your NCAA issues.

    • Ugly doesn’t have the personnel right now for Kelley. Rosen is too slow and old to learn a new offense. Mudslide, the back up qb is just that, a back up. Ugly is built for their current offensive cordinator.

      • Rosen is leaving. Our 2 backups are dual threat QBs and our current committed QB is also a dual threat, so the QB personnel work well. The RB position needs an i fusion, although Jamabo would work well. The OL group was recruited for Mazzone’s spread system. Offensively, it could work well.

        That being said, the offense was good this year. It’s the defense that was the issue, particularly tve run defense and poor linebacker play. UCLA was forced to play some young guys on the DL because of injuries. They should be better next year.

  6. go get Tom Cable or Mike Mularkey, you might have to give them the offensive coordinator job, but our line would be instantaneously good. We could start running the football from day 1. Cable might even be available as the Seahawks gutted him of talent (testament that they thought he could work miracles with nothing) and now he might be the fall guy.

  7. Chip Kelly would never fit the SC “blue bloods'” definition of SC head coach (not that they know how to pick ’em!). Kelly is a quiet, humble, heads-down guy who thrives away from the spotlight and the media frenzy. If SC thought Ogeron was a bad fit…

  8. If I’m the AD, I got an up and coming staff (maybe some tweaks), with young talented players. I will hold my cards. The guy across the table may be showing an Ace, but I got a Full House. Kelly was tearing up the Pac 12 with SC on sanctions, and everybody else weak.

  9. Ponder this everyone: 13 to 0. That is the tax bracket between California and the State of Florida. He will be paying over 50% of his salary to the Feds and State of CA. Even if they pay him 5 million a year, he loses if he takes less in Fla. Add to this all the bureaucracy in the UC system, the choice is clear.

    • Ponder this: if he choses Florida he’ll be stuck in the armpit of the southeast, surrounded by Gomers. THAT’S “taxing”…

    • All of that’s true. So why would he even bother to speak to UCLA? He could have already closed the deal with Florida. He’s either trying to sweeten the deal or there are things he prefers about UCLA. Kelly marches to his own drummer. None of us know what he is thinking.

        • Not from what I read. Tbe last thing you or anyone else knows around here (including me) is Chip Kelly’s thought process.

          • The most interesting thing to me was that some of the others at espn had actually called his coaching style, particularly his offense, out dated. He must of rubbed some people the wrong way there too.

          • First thing I thought of, actually. And especially out west here, we’ve seen it as long or longer than the rest of the country.
            I don’t know why, but for some reason lately when I think of him, I get the feeling he’s closer to Charlie Weiss now than a real threat to the conference. Maybe it was all the bragging he was doing when he went to philly about his special conditioning program and such..always liked coaches more who bragged less and just worked hard. Sort of like the whole “we own LA” thing..should’ve gone out and did it first.

          • He was very successful at Oregon. You can’t dismiss that out of hand. However, that is no guarantee of future success. But if he wants to come to UCLA, it’s a no brainer for the Bruins.

          • No, what he did with that speed offense was pretty cool at the time. If I remember right it was nick saban who campaigned to change the rules because it was starting to be used in the sec and he had no remedy for it with the roster he had. Funny, what saban wants, saban gets.

          • Yep, pretty much. When your program is in the state of UCLA’s, it’s a no brainer. Also, everyone knows Florida will pay him more, but UCLA is still in the game. Palace intrigue.

          • I have never been wrong. You are getting used. Compare Florida and ucla objectively and you will have to agree with me, which you should anyway.

          • I’ll remember that. It’s 50/50 or better for UCLA as of this afternoon. Pudly know this too.

          • So when the PAC 12 defensive coordinators figure out how to stop the offense, what does Kelly have after that?

        • Plenty of “experts” have opined that tve right fit is more important for Kelly than just the $$$. But the $$$ had better be there. $12 million eing spent on tve Mora buyout. The increased attendance will add up to a tidy sum.

      • Not long ago you said ucla would never stoop to bring in Kelly. Things sure change fast, huh! Now you’re begging for him. Banners over the Rose Bowl will do that to you.

        I think he’ll choose ucla which will unnecessarily freak out a lot of SC people. Kelly’s lost the genius label. Everyone runs his stuff now. If he doesn’t innovate again, he’s just another aggravated coach on the podium.

        • That’s inaccurate. I said that Kelly was a pipe dream and that Bruins were unrealistic in thinking that he would come to UCLA, just like they were with Chris Petersen. I never thought Kelly would want to come to Westwood for an underachieving program.

          I realize that the word “stoop” fits your narrative, but it’s not accurate. My thoughts were about Bruin ineptitude. I’d be quite happy to be proven wrong.

          However, your last point is well taken. He’s not a sure thing by any means. There aren’t many of those. We even see that with Harbaugh at Michigan.

          • Wrong. You’re stooping at ucla to take a show-cause coach who got blatantly caught paying off an outside-the-program recruiter/friend to help steer talent to ucla.

            If USC had gone after Kelly, who wanted to Trojan job when it was open, you little gutties, especially you Trolls, would have been all over USC’s full-on desperation like a cheap suit. If you deny that, I won’t be surprised. I expect it.

            But ucla’s desperate now. You just are –
            after yet another forgettable bruin gridiron disaster year and a complete two-year bruin meltdown, unrivaled by any decent program. Here comes Show Cause Kelly. No stooping? Hah! Sure. Maybe the Klemm experience at ucla has changed the bruins culture more than we all thought.

          • Nice try, Jack. Believe what you want. Maybe we should hire your Med School Deanfor a real culture change.

          • Kelly is using ucla to sweeten his deal with Florida. Who in their sane mind would pick ucla over Florida. Like mathenyc said, the taxes would kill him westwood. ucla is just being used, again.

          • The thing about Kelly and his offense is that the PAC 12 has seen it and has learned how to slow it down. The question then is, who will be the q.v. for the system and can he adapt to it. Rosen is too slow and won’t be there.

          • Your last two points are valid. That’s why nothing is a sure thing. No matter the system, it boils down to talent, coaching and execution. There is not much that’s new. The successful teams have those 3 things in all phases.

  10. Swann doesn’t worry about Kelley. He cannot control the incompetence at ugly. However, he need to raise the bar on defense and get a def cordinator that can handle Kelley or whoever the ruins beg to coach their team. Swann needs to go after Aranada, the def. cordinator at lsu. He is from the south land. He is good

  11. gotroy22, Western Michigan went 13-0 last year. This year prior to their final game against Toledo their record is 6-5. Western Michigan eventually lost to Wisconsin in the Cotton Bowl.

  12. Take everything you just said here and cut and paste it for the Inside Oregon blog. Does not apply to USC. Not even on their radar.

  13. The fact that you think this is a dilemma says a lot about you, Scottie, sadly. It’s not a good look.

  14. Wow all this chip Kelly talk guess I was correct lol. Swann will never let Kelly go to ucla if he does sc recruiting and talent will be gone for sure. Like I said before Helton. Is gone chew on that

      • My guess is that it would take more time and money to find a translator willing to tackle that mess than it’s worth…..

    • “Swann will never let Kelly go to ucla if he does sc recruiting and talent will be gone for sure”

      It’s comments like this that reaffirm your ignorance regarding USC and football in general.

      We are laughing at you not with you….troll on!

      • You guys are all too funny. Helton as much as I like him as a person will never win a national title at usc as a hc. Now how many people agree? Talk all the crap you want you will be proven wrong soon enough.

        • You are a fraud. You make enough predictions you’re bound to be right about one..
          I asked you before where you came from?? Not many foreign born and raised people who played d-1 and then coached on a two time d-1 championship team. Please share ..

          Curious minds want to know..

          • Who said I was from another country. Lol I was born and raised socal OC I played hs ball in OC. So no fraud here. Thank about who I am. I’m still in disbelief you can’t figure it out lol. Don’t worry you guys just keep protecting Helton. Lol. Like I said he is a nice guy. Great position coach sucky head coach. I mean you let your little brother call defensive plays in a game when he is the qb coach calm on. You let your little brother call offensive plays in an offense where it’s new to him. Lol calm on. Either clay helton sucks as a head coach or he is racist as hell. My guess cause I know the guy he is a sucky head coach. It has happens many of times. So d ont lose sleep over me have a great thanks giving day. Someone please ask Helton where he wants to coach next. His answer will be classic. Lol

          • Please, if you went to college, maybe they taught you about grammar check or spell check. And btw, thanksgiving is one word in this country.

          • I can’t see lol. Truth is Helton will be gone usc football alumni/royalty want him gone. Guess what that’s who really runs the program. So hopefully you learned something

          • Be honest, clearly English is your second language..I’m an immigrant myself, why not own it? It makes you special to have done what you said you did. How many people have ever played d-1 and been on a d-1 coaching staff, let alone an immigrant. Just give us a hint, where did you coach? Play? Hmmm. Did you play high school in the oc? I grew up there, maybe I know you..

  15. If The Kiffer did wind up in Westwood it would be endlessly entertaining to hear the trolls justify his hiring and pretending they never really objected to any of his antics at USC, including 50-0.

  16. If I am the AD in this situation, I would kick my heels with joy as I get to immediately lock Wolf out of my facilities and deprive of him of any “special access” he has to my program! At least until he can become a real sports journalist and not just a low-level troll, if ever. USC IS NOT IN THE POSITION TO MAKE A COACHING CHANGE, PERIOD. Leave that to the grease fire across town. And even if it was, Chip Kelly would be a disaster hire for SC. His system is tired, and most good teams have figured out how to deal with it. Defense still wins championships — I wouldn’t touch Kelly. (BTW, if SC hired Kelly tomorrow, Wolf would immediately bitch about SC taking a guy who is under a show-cause order with the NCAA.)

    • D does not win titles in college football anymore … see Bamer vs Clemson ( Clemson wins both games if healthy )

  17. It’s time for LSwann to earn his money and assert some leadership as USC’s top athletic executive. He has no control over who UCLA hires, but has complete control over whether CH enters next season with a completent staff of assistant coaches and a footall program built on a “system” designed for long-term success at the highest level. For example, PCarroll’s system was built around tenets such as protect the ball, no big plays, finish!, compete, recruit the nation’s best players at every positions, etc. Players were held accountable for their mistakes. To CH, such tenets are nothing more than cliches. Unless, LSwann steps in and helps CH develop a winning “system” that is embraced and well-implemented, USC Football will continue to under perform.

    Hence, the problem is systemic, and the focus should be on LSwann, not CH. CH is a pretty good assistant coach with a coaching pedigree that includes Sark and Kiffin, not Saban, Shaw, Meyer, etc. If he is to ascend to the level of a good head coach he needs help. At this point, the mantle belongs to LSwann, If he is unequal to the task and the team has another embarrasing season in 2018, both he and CH should be dismissed.

  18. The thing about Chip Kelley is, the gravitas he has built up as a offensive guru, will get him in front door, and put UCLA on the list of every 4-5 star skilled offensive recruit in the country, especially west coast. He will probably be able to get mark helfrich as OC and maybe Ken Norton as DC, and then you have the makings of a good staff, who kids will be attracted to. That’s my fear. USC is not going to fire Clay Helton to go after Chip Kelley, but it will put the program on notice to step it up in the coming years. I think he is taking the UCLA job. Hope I’m wrong

    • If I was Kelly the sec is the last place I’d want to coach. Bel Air, Beverly Hills and no real history to chase. In Florida, if he doesn’t win his division in three years he’ll be out as quick has he could spell McElwain.

      • Kelly has always hated intense media scrutiny and having to deal with media in a cordial manner every day. Will the reality of living/working in the countrie’s second biggest media market impact his thinking?

        • I’ve said many times before, that I think it impacts the thinking of many coaches. When we were looking before PC took the job nobody wanted to come to LA. College towns are run by the schools and the media doesn’t get the access like they do here. Why would you want to deal with all the snark from wolf if you didn’t have too.

        • And what was Oregon’s tradition? They had been on the upswing under Rich Brooks and then Mike Belotti. Chip took them up a few notches. Prior to all that? Doormat.

          The right coach changes a lot of things.

          • It won’t matter. You said he’s not coming to UCLA and that you are never wrong.

            Where in my statement say he would do what he did at Oregon? The game has changed in the last 5 years and there are no guarantees. What I said was that if you are UCLA and Chip Kelly wants to be your coach, it’s a no brainer.

            I also said that the right coach can overcome tradition. Dabo Swinney took Clemson to the top. They were an underachieving program that fell short many times before he took the helm. Art Briles before he imploded. We have no idea what Chip Kelly can do at UCLA. What we do know is that Mora underachieved in spite of having top 20 recruiting classes every year.

            As far as if UCLA lands Kelly, are you still certain it won’t happen?

    • I agree with you SD…I think you are correct. I hope we are both wrong. One poster commented on state tax rates being an issue. That may prove to be our saving grace. Also others have reported that UCLA’s deal with Under Armour my also be a stumbling block as Kelly is a Nike and Phil Knight guy. Interesting for sure.

  19. My first course of action would be to hire a new beat writer immediately. Then I would hire Pete Carroll away from the Seahawks and win 10 straight national titles. Then I would retire on my own island in the south pacific.

    That’s just what I would do.

    What would you do Scottie?

    • Christmas shopping (chauffeuring) is killing me but you just beat me to my comment. Get rid of negative writer then get an independent TV contract and become independent in football.
      Also a radio station that covers from San Diego to Fresno.
      Then get a competent group of assistants because a head coach is only as good as his staff.
      Oops gotta go Santa is calling ho ho holy crap

  20. 10-2 looks good, but if the only good team you beat is a Stanford team that most would say is having a down year in a conference that most believe is soft from top to bottom, then 10-2 in reality isn’t much to write home about.

    Lynn Swann is the USC Athletic Director by title only. Swann is a figure head and nothing more. He’s been given his marching orders by Max Nikias, Helton isn’t going anywhere.

    Anyone who believes Lynn Swann holds any power within the USC Athletic Dept. to where he can make changes on his own…they’re fooling themselves.

    So like I said before, Lynn Swann is a “Yes Man” to Max Nikias and nothing more.

    • According to the espn fpi usc has the strongest sos of all the top ranked schools. This was posted today on espn. Where’s your data from? Some hillbilly moonshiners?

      • ESPN would love nothing more than to match USC up against an SEC team in a bowl game so that USC would get dismantled on national television. ESPN is all about hyping the SEC, what better way to hype the SEC than to watch an SEC team dismantle a team from the west coast.

        • That’s what you and they said last year too. Our record speaks for itself you useless troll, SC has a winning record against the sec.. so smoke that..cuz

          • Records speak for themselves. They carry more weight in my book. Your insensitive and crude remarks don’t carry water with anyone who knows football. Results. Until that changes your just a mongrel howling in an alley.

  21. When Chip Kelly was at Oregon his teams didn’t have half the talent that USC teams had. So all this talk about Kelly not winning a national championship while at Oregon…Pffft!

    You give Chip Kelly the players that USC currently has on it’s roster and the sky is the limit, the Trojans offense would be a juggernaut that no team in the country would be able to stop…including Alabama.

    And there are those who will say, “Well, Chip Kelly never had a good defense at Oregon” and that’s true, but Chip Kelly also didn’t have 4 & 5 star defensive player recruits by the boat load like USC does and annually gets.

    Chip Kelly at USC, he hires himself a good defensive coordinator and it’s College Football Playoff here the Trojans come.

    If only USC was serious about winning college football National Championships like they used to be…if only!

    But that’s never going to happen with the current administrators running the show, they’re too busy trying to cover their tracks with all the scandals they’re embroiled in to care about USC Trojan football.

    • You’re right.

      Nah, I was just kidding. You’ve been in the moonshine again haven’t you.

      • Hey sunshine, shouldn’t you be off colluding with the other sunshine pumpers figuring out out your going to try and build up Lynn Swann? The more that guy curls up in a fetal position off in a corner somewhere out of sight hoping no one remembers he’s USC’s Athletic Director and starts asking questions as to what he’s done for the program while at USC, the more he’s going to need sunshine pumpers like you to answer for him.

        So get to work.

        • Aw, such a nice boy considering his momma married her uncle/brother. Remind me again, which still you at today. No matter. You have no credence anymore, making statements without supporting facts.
          You know many people have opinions, and that’s great. It’s what makes the world go round. But to accuse a CFB NFL HOFer of being somebody’s sock puppet just goes too far.. you are neither a gentleman or a Trojan. You are the drug of the internet and your name is troll.

    • Once an innovator, always an innovator. Kelly maximized his talent at Oregon when Oregon had no business pummeling teams like they were. I don’t think he’s been figured out either: The pros are a different animal altogether. From what i read, Kelly didn’t know when to back off on the details and lay off with the practices. Pros don’t need someone motivating them like young, immature college players do. Kelly is going to be scary anywhere he ends up.

  22. And what has Lynn Swann done since he’s been Athletic Director at USC? Try nothing…a big fat nothing burger, that’s what.

    Max Nikias told Lynn Swann to put on a good face for the media, don’t open your mouth and speak until I tell you to, stay out of the spotlight and you’ll do just fine.

    And that’s exactly what Lynn Swann has done and no one here or anywhere else can say otherwise.

    • Florida is a swamp and Bama is backwater. Perfect for the likes of you..You talk a lot of crud for a guy who couldn’t play or do either of their jobs. Sc doesn’t give a hoot about the boys back east, never have and never will. What you’ll never get is how we win, we just do. PC HAD FUN DOING IT. That’s what killed all you knuckleheads from down south, I can still see it, saban and Meyer scratching their bums asking”how does he does it, hey miles you gots any idea.”

  23. Possible big hurdle to ucla landing Chip Kelly, per Joel Klatt, on Colin Cowherd. Kelly is “extremely close” with Phil Knight and the little gutties are an Under Armour School.

  24. 10-2 USC under Clay Helton is seen as the New Boise St. when the Broncos were posting up those 11-1 and 12-2 seasons out of the WAC. Wins over a soft conference schedule loaded with soft teams, but when matched outside the conference vs the big boys…they get crushed.

    Congrats on taking USC football from respected Blue Blood to PAC 12 conference contender, on the outside looking in but never getting invited to the College Football Playoff…pretender.

  25. Wolf is brain dead. There is no dilemma at all. Helton is 10-2, for the sake of the reputation of USC he stays as head coach. How would USC ever hire another quality coach after firing a guy with Helton’s record. Kelly will have no influence on USC as I have read on here by the blogger that USC recruits itself.

  26. Everyone can calm down. The Chip Kelly saga is over: A person I know works at an Arby’s and overheard someone he didn’t know say a friend of a friend who was in prison is related to Joey who lives in Texas and Joey knows a guy who saw someone who looks like Chip Kelly at a TCBY in Amarillo. What more proof do we need that Chip is going to A & M? Case closed . Let’s move on to more important matters—where is Butch Jones going?

  27. I wouldn’t fire CH after 2 10 win seasons. I’d like to see what he can do if you give him some time. Besides, I think Kelly’s best years are behind him.

  28. Make the change. Swann has the authority. Helton did a good job of piloting the program when it needed stability. The kids love him and he never lost the locker room. He’s a very good recruiter along with most of staff. But I think he’s gone as far as he can go. With the way Kelly runs the read zone, imagine having a Marcus Mariota type QB year after year. With the talent SC gets, Kelly at SC would almost be unbeatable in the PAC. And he would have better defenses then what he had at Oregon. It’s a dog eat dog world and as one famous coach said: Winning isn’t everything. It’s the only thing!

    • I’ll ask you the same question I’ve asked a number of times, do you actually think anyone, not just Kelly, but anyone will take over this job if you fire a coach that IS 20-2 with a chance to be 24-2?
      Who do you think that takes a job with the kind of limited job security? I quest you don’t remember how we ended up with PC.

      • No one will take it. No one that’s good. That’s just me talking. But your right. Helton will be around for a while. I suspect some changes will be made to the staff.

        • It is hard world. Nobody knows what it would be like if they hired another coach and the team is still transitioning from Sark’s recruits to Helton’s. Rhetorical questions aside.
          Who do we play next week, who you got?

          • Good question. No idea who wins the UW game. I’d rather play Stanford. You know what Stanford’s going to do. Plus, they aren’t good at all at QB. WSU runs a gimmick defense. They shift around, slant a lot. They try and hit the gaps with quickness rather then being physical like Stanford. You do think we play?

          • No preference as far as who’d e easier. I’d like to see the cougs to repay our debt to them and for the fact that all these people who keep saying Petersen is such a special coach.
            But mostly because Sam could do something in two years that not many QBs have done. If he beats the cougs, he’ll have beaten every pac12 team.

          • Good Question. I got no idea who wins the UW game. I’d rather play Stanford. We know what Stanford’s going to do. Plus their QB play is not good. WSU plays a gimmick defense. Their DL shifts a lot. They slant a lot trying to get into the gaps by using their quickness and causing confusion. Our DB, most of the time go one on one. We saw what happened in the second have of the Colorado game. Most of that was being cocky and blowing their assignment. You get a QB that’s smart and can throw like Rosen or Faulk? Good luck. Better have a pass rush. Who do you think we play next week?

  29. There is only one personnel change worth making at USC — Banish you aka Eeyore (a pessimistic, gloomy, depressed, anhedonic, old grey stuffed donkey) from anything related to USC.

  30. This year the bRuins with Mora as a head coach nearly beat Helton and USC, if UCLA hires Chip Kelly they’re going to own Helton, the Trojans, the crosstown rivalry and the PAC 12.

    • Puff pastry has more structure and substance than anything you come up with. You hillbilly troll, go back to your little backwater still and stoke it. All this coach has done is beat everyone he’s gone against save one, and if we see Leach in a week, we’re more likely to win than lose. You’ve been anti everything about USC and are nothing but a TROLL.

  31. Realistically, we will make a coaching change. And Chip Kelly going to UCLA would not be a good thing.

    If Darnold goes pro, next year will not be pretty. We could lose to both Notre Dame AND UCLA as well as to Texas on the road for starters. The coaching change will happen after the end of next season.

    However Swann better be doing his homework NOW and not wait until the bottom drops out next year.

    • Meant to say realistically we will NOT make a coaching change this year. Period. Get that out of your minds.

      And regardless of who is coaching or playing I always want USC to win.

      I’m hoping that we get a crack at Wash State again and then Notre Dame in a bowl and we extract revenge on both.

  32. Did you ever think that the Alums and beat writers create such a openly hostile environment that they are the reason nobody wanted to be head coach last time? Granted the SEC is no picnic but they at least give the Coach a chance whereas USC’s Coach wins the Rose Bowl in his first season as Head Coach is treated like he is a loser. And IIRC Kelly had a job. Quick bring up the Notre Dame game. Notre Dame who had 2 weeks to prepare for the game. USC who only had a week. Blow outs happen and just get past a lose. It’s not like they lost to Greorgia Southern or Appalachian State or a Division II program.

    • They also had no classes the week before the game, but of course it only counts here as an excuse for the win rather than give the coaches any credit.

  33. Here’s the deal with CK: he innovated college football offenses with the RPO and high speed up-tempo style. Defenses could not keep up. But that was nearly a decade ago. Now everybody runs some form of RPO, and defenses have figured out how not to get burned by it.

    Plus, college rules have changed preventing snaps until the defense gets its substitutions on the field, which fouls up the concept of up tempo. I think he’d be somewhat successful wherever he lands in college, but to think he’s going to be a miracle worker is pushing it.

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