USC Morning Buzz: Is The State Title Still Up For Grabs?

USC Trojans head coach Clay Helton during the first half of an NCAA college football game against the UCLA Bruins at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, on Saturday, Nov. 18, 2017. (Photo by Keith Birmingham, Pasadena Star-News/SCNG)A reader passed along that in 2002, Washington coach Rick Neuheisel coined the phrase, “Northwest Championship.” If Washington beat Oregon, Oregon State and Washington State, it won the Northwest Championship, Neuheisel said.

Now back to the state of California championship that Clay Helton said USC won last weekend after it beat UCLA (and previously Stanford and Cal). What happens if Stanford wins the Pac-12 North and upsets the Trojans in the conference title game?

Do the Cardinal also have a claim to state champs or is there a tiebreaker, like margin of victory involved?

Perhaps state commissioner Helton can answer this next week.

208 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Is The State Title Still Up For Grabs?

  1. With Chip at UCLA … and Darnold leaving Gomer isn’t winning the city
    Start your coach search Swannie and it better be a good unlike the last 3 jokes

    • Hey suck, we beat Shaw, we beat Petersen, we beat Franklin, all who YOU predicted Helton wouldn’t/couldn’t beat. You’re game is getting thinner and thinner, to the point of transparency.
      Give it a rest for a while. If you’re right time will tell, if your not you won’t look such the fool.

    • Lynn Swann will do as much of a search as Pat Haden did…he won’t. Swann doesn’t have the authority to do anything on his own. Lynn Swann is an empty suit, he can’t even play the part of an athletic director…he’s as pathetic as Helton is. These stories that are out there about Swann meeting with Helton after games to discuss the teams performance are as laughable as the charade about Swann being an actual athletic director.

      • Th charade is your impersonation of someone concerned with the welfare of our program, stop drinking the product in the morning. It’ll bring clarity.
        Hillbilly troll.

      • You might be right, based on the hiring of the women’s basketball coach, because a real AD would not have hired a retread

      • Check with JB—he thinks Swann is the man who makes all the decisions—ie, tells CH what to do!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to all, gloom and doomers and the sunshine pumpers and all those somewhere in between!!!

    • I want those sentiments on a holiday card, Pudly!

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  3. Must be another slow need day. This is the 5th post Wolfy keeps obsessing over the “state championship” topic. Perhaps he got no invites to Thanksgiving.

  4. Hey Pac 12 snobs, do you realize SDSU also beat Stanford and ASU, and Fresno St beat SDSU. So who is the Calif. Champ? Freedom Bowl rematch for State Champs!

  5. I am not an insider, and neither is the blogger, reading all of the hot takes and gets he has for us, but with that, has any member of the staff just put him in his place? If I were on staff I would literally never answer a question he asked.

    • Clay tried to kill Scott with kindness. That didn’t work. Now he’s decided on one word answers. But that’s all the straw Scott needs to spin his ‘gold.’ [And Clay can’t just run from Scott —it wouldn’t look good].

  6. Ya know, Clay is positive guy and likes to point out positives. That is not necessarily a bad thing. I’d much rather be around a positive person than a Debbie Downer like Wolfie. Give it a rest.

  7. This is sounding really childish. Give it up Wolf.

    Happy Thanksgiving to each one of you, may you be blessed with great family and friends and the bounty life brings.

  8. Let Helton enjoy his state championship while he can because if Chip Kelly goes to UCLA this year will be the last California state championship he’s ever going to win.

    • Hillbilly troll. Give it a rest. It’s a holiday. Go check your still, they lining up down in the hollar!

  9. I just watched the replay of the game last Saturday. All the media types said Rosen played better than Sam, but of course he lost. I am not so sure. Rosen connected on a couple of long passes that beefed up his stats but fumbled and was intercepted. Sam was intercepted. His footwork got him out of the pocket and saved plays plus he ran for a TD and first down. Frankly, I will take Sam all day. Rosen would have had @ 200yds passing if it were not for #25. What a waste Rosen was the last three years on such a lousy UCLA team.

    • How do you think Darnold is going to transition to the NFL not having taken snaps from under center, never having learned to read defenses and being totally clueless as to how and when to audible. Not to mention how Darnold has never been taught how to change up blocking assignments for his offensive linemen. Darnold has learned nothing while under Helton, its why he scrambles around looking to make plays on the fly.

      • How many snaps does Brady take from under center, or Rodgers? Wrong again, hillbilly.. stop drinking so much, it’s starting to be too obvious.

        • Darnold isn’t Brady or Rogers and he isn’t going to be drafted by a team with a decent offensive line.

          • He won’t be under center because he’ll be riding the bench holding a clipboard for about 3-4 years.

          • Chip Kelly is a fool if he picks Ucla over Florida.
            That just might be career suicide when it comes to college football.
            Let’s see…..Florida=great fan base, great recruiting land, stadium would be filled to capacity each week, more radio/tv show $, Urban Meyer turned the Florida sound immediately, etc.

            Ucla only became relevant during USCs probation. They beat SC three times playing 85 vs. 55. It’s not 2012 anymore.

          • Exactly! ucla’s success on the field and in recruiting was in direct proportion to USC having 10 less scholies to give and losing 5 contributors to transfer thanks to the ncaa. ucla plays miles away from campus, has 1/3 of their home games before kids are even on campus, has an 80 yd field and is a basketball school. For those fearing Kelly to ucla remember he was not a recruiting juggernaut. He got some good players, but he got players who fit his system. Football has caught up and unless he finds a Jaelen Hurts type athlete his QB is going to get killed now. Kelly’s success came in PCs las year and during SC’s sanctions so like you said 85-55 for the as well.

          • Sammy auld bean, you’ve jumped the tracks again.

            U of F 2017, played and lost to Mich., TA&M, Missouri, LSU, Georgia, and USC, and the Gators still have a game vs the ‘noles. In short Sammy, a brutal schedule every year.

            Should you turn U of F’s losses to wins making them East Conf. winner, U o F would still have to face Alabama in the SEC champ game. Sammy, you remember Alabama?

            The Pac-12 is where C. Kelly belongs. He’s familiar with all facets of Pac-12 competition; Kelly can easily recruit among the western states because of his winner rep. I would not be surprised if Kelly flipped solid Toejam commits and stole lock bozo u targets for UCLA.

          • A couple of days ago you posted that Kelly would NOT be a good fit at UCLA, which is it Owns? What is it again the you “own.”

          • Yea, Sam! I kinda hope Chip reads your post. It could save him from severe ignominy. [Then, again, maybe a little bit of severe ignominy is the best way to get the guy to check out of college football….forever].

          • He has to go head up with USC for players. Try and contend with SC each year, then he has Kyle Wittingham in the South to look out for too. And in the North he has his old rival David Shaw, Chris Peterson who beat Kelly in that big season opener years back, and Leach is proven to be a team to look out for.
            The Pac12 is better than people think. It’s no stroll in the park.

          • …and, after each one of the coaches you mentioned cleans Kelly’s clock ONCE, his reputation goes down the toilet, so does his recruiting and… so does UCLA.

          • “Breaking up is hard to do… Instead of breaking up, I wish that we were making up again…..”

          • Exactly.
            TCU, Oklahoma and Texas used to be tops in the nation on defense, but I guess the offenses are too much.

          • Problem with CK in Gainesville is he won’t be able to step outside his home for a moment without dealing with rabid Gator fans doing the chomp and a 10-3 record there gets him the annual hot seat treatment.

            At ucla, he can coach for life with a 10-3 record, as long as beats USC 1 out of every 3 times. He an also be semi-anonymous in L.A., where 90% of the people don’t care about CFB.

          • That’s true. If he wants long term security then Westwood might be best for him. But if he wants to challenge the best and himself he would coach in Florida. He has options, and Paul Finebaum said he believes Jim Harbaugh will move to the NFL after this season. If UM is on the table later that would be a cool gig.

          • It’s funny how so many people are all over the lot about Harbaugh. Some think he’s gonna sign a lifetime MICH K. Others think he wants to leave Ann Arbor. Personally, I think it would be great to play for him as a kid, but not as an adult.

            The MICH job has one great drawback I think. You’ve got to beat OHIO ST, or you’re crap. That’s the best border war rivalry in the country and with all the MICH losses lately, I’d hate to be a new guy coming in and lose to the Bucks again.

            Also, consider this about UF. Their facilities aren’t very good. And outside of Spurrier and Meyer, they’ve never been good. That makes me think that it’s not the job that’s good, it was the two coaches, who also won big elsewhere.

            I actually think ASU would be a better fit for Kelly than either UF (too demanding) or ucla (unfixable loser culture and USC owns L.A.).

          • Well Helton is gonna keep on winning in the South. His coaches need to step it up or shook up, but he’s proven that he can win even when Sam struggles. If makes a change in the staff say a new OL Coach or DC he will beat up Ucla a more and the games will be dominated if that happens because we have talent up and down.

          • Helton’s gotta fix some staff problems with about 3 moves (OL and DB for sure) or I’m not on board. He also needs a motivator and to learn how to stop saying stupid, silly crap like USC is city champ and we only lost to ND because of head location problems.

            ucla’s gonna improve whether they get Kelly or not. There’s some other good candidates out there that would concern me a lot more than Kelly.

          • I agree. Marshall and Jones have given up a lot plays this year, but it’s not on them. They were both 5-Star CB’s and that means the coaching is not pushing them or getting the best out of them. By now some adjustments should be evident. Bradford has to go.

          • Grabby and JJ were both hugely over-rated at FB factory LB Poly. They’re both 3-star talents upgraded by sloppy fanboy recruiting sites that don’t know what they are doing half the time. USC needs a DB coach change for two reasons: better coaching and better prep skill evaluation are needed.

            No coach in the world will make Grabby a strong cover corner. He’s obviously too stiff. And JJ? He’s got the speed, but nothing’s faster than his mouth and overdone trash-talking BS, which is obviously hurting his game.

          • Recruiting mags are like car & driver and the auto industry. One feeds the other. The truck of the year rotates between the big 4 for 30 years, every manufacturer gets one year out of four. Much like long Beach poly gets there players in the recruiting mags, along with the other dozen high profile high school football high schools

          • Great analogy and good call! So true, and very catchy.

            It’s great to have access to Poly, like SC does, and other big-time FB factories, but there’s a fair amount of big name fools gold there too.

          • I disagree. I think if Marshall were at LSU, Bama, any SEC school or his finalist Michigan, FSU, And Notre Dame they would have coached him the right way or would have already made him a safety. Not only that but he’d be making an impact for those teams. Jones just needs discipline and a coach who will get in his face, our problem is we let those kind of personalities be too free and if they aren’t backing it up it’s a problem. Thats on coaching.

          • Nice!
            He’s rockin the SC hoodie. He was on his official visit when Ohio State came back to beat Penn St, but he has legitimate interest in USC and we could end up stealing him from the Buckeyes and Clemson. I like our chances with him.

          • Hate to disagree Sam, he’s ours to lose, if he goes anywhere else that’ll be the upset.

            Peneii Sewell is next in line!!??

          • That’s what I really wanted to say. What he had to say after his unofficial visit at the end of the summer made me a huge believer that we are the team he’s leaning towards.
            He said “I want to thank USC, the coaches, players, for the three best days of my entire life”. He said Tyron Smith and Anthony Munoz are his favorite players. That’s a Trojan.

            Peneii Sewell with Jackson Carman would be the best OT’s in the nation to one team. We need that kind of firepower. And these two would light a fire under Austin Jackson and Elijah Vera-Tucker. Maybe even jump them and play right away. Carman will play immediately. And Sewell has the size already and looks more the part than some of our current guys.

          • At the Nike Open last spring. It was Dedich at center, Sewell at guard And Jackson at tackle. They were saying it made a heck of a combo.

          • That’s a great lineup right there.
            I’m sure Dedich will be working on Jackson the whole way.

          • The sanctions ended over 3 years ago. USC was second only to Alabama before last years opening game as far as having 4 & 5 Star two deep talent.

            From Fox Sports:

            After perusing the depth chart, there can be no question, Alabama is a physically talented football team.

            Of the 55 players on the two-deep, 42 of them were four or five-star recruits. That’s 76 percent.

            Impressively, 13 of those players are five-star talents, while 29 were four-stars.

            55 players on USC’s two-deep, not including the kickers or the repeat appearances by Chuma Edoga and Rasheem Green. Of those, 39 were four or five-star recruits coming out of high school.

            In other words, 70 percent of USC’s two-deep were top-flight recruits.

            That’s incredibly close to Alabama’s percentage when you consider the fortunes of the two programs over the last five years.

            So enough with the sanction excuses.

          • No, when the sanctions ended we were still under 85 players. And Alabama and USC were both very talented rosters but we had three straight years leading up to that game where we couldn’t take 10 players in our recruiting class. 10 players × 3 classes=30 football players. That’s 30 4Star/5star football players that we had to turn away to Ucla, Notre Dame, Oregon, etc. Plus we had players transfer out. Kiffin only took 12 players in 2012 because of numbers, bad season, decommits. Nico Falah and Chris Hawkins are the only two players from that class on the roster. Guess what? Eddie Vanderdoes, Kylie Fitts, Eldridge Massington, Jordan Payton were all commited to SC that year and went to Ucla. Your welcome. Jim Mora doesn’t beat USC three seasons in a row because he can out coach Kiffin and Sarkisian.

          • USC doesn’t lose 3 seasons in a row vs UCLA if Pat Haden doesn’t back the first Stooge 150% as long as he did and then hires the second Stooge who turns out was exactly who most of us knew he was before he got inebriated, embarrassed himself and USC which led to giving way to the current third Stooge who holds the distinct honor of owning two of the worst losses by margin of defeat in USC football history.

          • 30 scholarships is 30 scholarships. You obviously aren’t good at math. Some of those guys would have just added depth. A few would have been All-America and All-Conference players.

            I don’t care who’s coaching ucla, and that includes Saban and Meyer – if ucla were 30 rides down from USC, the bruins wouldn’t stand a chance against the Trojans. None. And as soon as USC started phasing back up numbers-wise again, the Trojans began beating ucla again, even with bruin wonder boy Rosen.

            Mora took advantage of a nice roster numbers little window advantage. That window closed. Now ucla’s on its knees for cheater, payola man Kelly.

          • Stupid is as stupid says, how many years did Rodgers ride the line behind Farve? You have no credibility, stop drinking the moonshine.

          • If Rodgers was like Darnold he’d have made that last completion and won that game at the Coli.

      • I did not see Rosen take any meaningful snaps under center. As for his QB mentoring you are correct. He is still a diamond in the rough. Good arm, needs to be thighs better finesse with long ball. Also, he is a nice humble kid who will do USC proud in whatever endeavor he chooses. Not to smush for the guy across town. Big arm and no heart.

    • Rosen officially lost the USC game in the red zone when he threw a ridiculously bad EZ pick and also got strip-sacked just like he did in 2015. The poor bruin phenom could never beat USC, so he knows who his daddy is, just like Troy Aikman.

      ucla’s best QBs of all time went 0-4 against the big, bad Trojans. They couldn’t out duel bruin killers Rodney Peete, Cody Kessler or Sam Darnold. Just another Trojan tradition – beating the bruins’ best.

      • Aikman and Rosen are not UCLA’s best. Cade McNown is because he beat USC all 4 years and he’s the last QB to get UCLA into the Rose Bowl and have an undefeated conference record at 8-0.

        Whatever a college player eventually does in the NFL doesn’t matter to me.

        Rodney Peete was a better COLLEGE QB than Troy Aikman.

        Back in 1987 and 1988, UCLA probably has more NFL talented teams than USC in both those years. Many UCLA players went on to the NFL. USC had guys like Scott Ross, Craig Hartsuyker, Erik Affholter, John Jackson, and Don Gibson etc who didn’t necessarily do well in the NFL. They pretty much over achieved.

        • Cade had some Dru Brees in him with a little bit of Manzel/Darnold keeping plays alive and could beat you with deep ball.

        • Try telling anybody that Cade McNown was a better QB than Troy Aikman and you’ll get a good laugh from all.

          That’s like saying NFL bust Zach Banner, who was a USC captain, two-time All-Conference selection and actually made an All-American team, was better than Anthony Munoz, who was always hurt, never made All-America, was never a captain and made All-Conference only one year.

          Sorry but the NFL counts big-time and Cade McNown couldn’t carry Troy Aikman’s jockstrap as a QB.

          • McNown was at UCLA in late 1990s. Most of those years weren’t exactly the glory years for Trojans…

          • He beat up on some bad Trojan teams under JR II and Hackett. McNown was a very winning QB who was very dangerous, especially out of the pocket and tough to handle for a guy who had an arm like Matt Barkley.

            Aikman was a big, rocket-armed, precision thrower who also had some wheels. His receivers really let him down in both of his losses to USC.

            Wonder boy Rodney Peete (best smile of any QB ever), also had his limitations exposed in an extended back-up NFL career. Peete hung in the NFL for an awful long time. He sure was fun to watch in college. The whole playing with the measles thing really got into the bruins’ head I thought.

          • 1995 Trojans were ranked #5 until they were toasted at ND but won the Pac 10 with Keyshawn and went to the Rose Bowl and beat NW.

          • Yes indeed – they went downhill fast after that – probably around a .500 team for 1996-99.

          • So true. I’ll never forget the ’96 overtime giveaway to ucla in the Coliseum. I think it was around then that Garrett and Robinson began engaging in open warfare.

          • They pulled a banner from one of the sites.. The one stating it was a done deal..twitter has him trending to Florida. Either way it may push Swann to hire a better and more qualified staff should Kelly flip to Ucla..

          • Kelly’s pretty mercurial by all accounts per Duck fans. You gotta be up for torture to go after Kelly, and if you land him. he’s a much bigger pain.

          • You shouldn’t diasagree with the self-anointed expert of UCLA Football, Laker Rod!

            I’d go with Beban as a college QB as our only Heisman winner and definitely Aikman if you factor in the NFL.

          • Beban brings back long bad memories since I was at the Bomb game as a youngster and remember Garrett alone on the bench in dirty red when it was over. I think. USC was on the press box side and we were at home, opposite of today.

            Beban was sure smooth and artful. But it was such a different game, and he couldn’t throw a lick compared to Aikman or Rosen.

            I don’t place as much value in the Heisman as I used to. Too many weird winners. Voting should never take place until all the bowls have been played.

            I don’t know how you can’t factor in the NFL. Montana, Elway, Kelly and Marino without the NFL? Makes no sense. If Rosen sinks, then Beban’s #2. If Rosen kills it, he’s with Aikman, way ahead of Beban.

          • You certainly can factor in the NFL career if that’s what you want to discuss. Laker Rod only wanted to discuss college and then forgot about Beban.

            With the NFL factor, it’s Aikman by a mile. Then probably Billy Kilmer followed by Tom Ramsey.

            SC doesn’t have a great QB tree in the NFL, Tailback U as it were. Carson Palmer would clearly be #1. Probably Sean Salisbury at #2 and it’s a bit murky with Peete, Sanchez, Marinovich and Cassell. I may have forgotten someone. I don’t recall Jimmy Jones having an NFL career nor Brad Otton.

          • You just can’t stand my narrative that ucla’s best QBs ever couldn’t beat USC – which was the whole point of my thread – USC beating the bruins’ best QBs.

            Troy Aikman was ucla’s only #1 draft pick in the entire history of the NFL. You want to say Cade McNown was better based on college? Go ahead but it’s not true. If McNown were going head to head in competition with Aikman for the job, McNown would have sat on the bench.

            And the NFL agreed with me. Aikman was an NFL superstar and McNown turned out to be one of the biggest busts in NFL history. In fact, the only reason Aikman is not unanimously ranked ahead of Beban or McNown is because Aikman couldn’t beat USC. My point exactly!

            Josh Rosen has a chance to be ucla’s second #1 pick in the draft and without a doubt will be the highest ucla QB pick ever behind Aikman. No way Rosen sinks below #5 overall pick IMO.

            Other ucla QBs I would rank right up there are are Rose Bowl MVP John Sciarra and Bob Waterfield (great kicker too)- the first rookie to ever win the NFL’s MVP award. Plus Waterfield married Jane Russell. She knew talent when she saw it.

          • Why are you arguing with me? Laker Rod is the guy that claimed McNown was the best.

            I said Beban. I think you are lost in the thread. Yes, you beat Aikman. You beat Rosen. You probably beat Elway when he was at Stanford. College success and NFL success are 2 different things. Both schools are littered with NFL flops.

            Yes, I shouldn’t have left off Waterfield and Sciarra was outstanding in college.

          • Ya, and Laker Rod doesn’t know what he’s talking about and for him to say McNown was a better ucla QB than Aikman is a laugher.

            I never qualified my statement. I just said Aikman was better than McNown – period. And Rosen’s as good a pure thrower, maybe better, than Aikman is.

            Neither could ever beat USC. Too bad. Just another example of USC’s dominance over ucla’s best QBs, my whole point entirely. You don’t like it, lump it. Aikman and Rosen already have.

            Compared to USC, ucla football is strictly 2nd fiddle: we own you, and the Trojans proved it yet again on Saturday when USC played very poorly and still beat you downtrodden little gutties. It was fun teasing you 28-23. Now go sign cheater Kelly and see if he can be the one to finally change the loser bruin football culture. It’ll be fun to watch ucla struggle as always.

          • Laker Rod thinks he’s really smart. He criticizes Nick Saban. A very deep thinker.

            Bruins know that we are an underachieving program. Whatever thrill that gives you, enjoy it. As far as Chip cheating? It was far less than SC under Pete Carroll.

          • Hah. Carroll wasn’t writing checks to his friends to illegally recruit for USC.

            And you’re the Troll. What thrill does it give you to hang on a USC site filled with Trojans who love talking crap about your horrible football tradition?

            Hope you enjoy being a strictly second rate football program. It’s always good to see you bruins on your knees.

            Good luck with Show-Cause Kelly. Maybe he’ll actually get you little gutties bowl eligible!

          • Typical little gutty Troll response. Everyone, except you, knows the NCAA expressly wanted to take USC down and they’ve let many programs which have done far worse, off the hook since then, including ORE – though they interestingly still went out of their way to show cause Kelly. The NCAA made it personal with CK. That’s called common knowledge.

            And the only USC coach who was show-caused at USC was McNair, not Carroll, and McNair has the NCAA where he wants them in court and will soon be pocketing millions of dollars from the NCAA and its miscreants who voted for USC’s penalties because of their own bias and they invented evidence to do it. This is undoubtedly beyond you as well, but again, it’s common knowledge in the world of college football.

            But now that the illegal sanctions are over, USC is back to kicking ucla around again like a rag doll, and ucla coaches like Adrian Klemm have taken up the cheating mantle for little ucla. Sorry about 28-23. Better luck next time. As always, you’ll need it.

          • Yes, it was all perfectly innocent. SC’s sudden resurgence just happened out of the blue. There was nothing to be seen there at all.

          • I’m a lot smarter than you 88Straight. We all know that’s a proven fact. I turned out smarter than fired Jim Mora. LOL!!

          • Yeah, you are smarter than the guy that had a large role in improving the program and the facilities. Plus, he’s walking away with $12 million. You are definitely smarter than him.

          • Yeah…I criticize Saban for playing a true frosh QB dummy. Things have not turned out as usual for Bama and Saban have they?

            I repeat…you are NEVER correct dummy. If you were then Saban would have won the BCS title as a true frosh. If you were correct. Rosen would have won the conference championship in 2015 as a true frosh.

            If you were right…Myles Jack would have been a 1st rounder. He wasn’t.

            If you were right…Polamalu would have proven to be a stellar OC.

            If you were right…Jim Mora would not have been fired and UCLA would have won the conference championship even this year.

            I repeat…NOTHING ever turns out right for you.

            Even as you brought up Nick Saban “prior” to playing Auburn…that backfired. on you. LOL!!!!

            HA HA HA!!

            And the problem with you dumb Bruin fans is that you may know you are under achieving but you dummies still can’t figure out WHY.

            The reason WHY UCLA continually under achieves is because of how the dumb coaches and fans like yourself think true frosh can contribute. Wake up.

          • More delusion from a person of no accomplishment. Get off the sofa and coach. It will take more than your one idea of redshirting everyone. You would actually have to do something. You are a frustrated critic. You just repeat and recycle the same stupidity over and over. Saban has accomplished things. You haven’t. You’re a joke that gets banned everywhere.

          • LOL!!! You don’t even deny anything. You’re a FOOL. You’ve shown you know NOTHING about football because you’ve gotten your butt kicked related to every single debate we have had. LOL!!

          • You aren’t smart enough to understand what I’ve said. You aren’t even smart enough to understand the difference between could and would. You can’t read and comprehend squat! AND you lied about graduating from UCLA!! One whopper after another, Rain Man!

          • LOL!!! Just another way for you to side step your stupidity and to cover up all the times who’ve been WRONG going up against me.

            I repeat…you have not been right one single time in a debate with me.

            Your stupidity in thinking true frosh drop back QB’s can excel in college football. Josh Rosen. I even asked to you name successful true frosh drop back QB’s from the past. You could barely name any and all of your examples had flaws. Your stupid wishful thinking mindset claimed that perhaps Josh Rosen was different. LOL!! So did Rosen turn out different? We all know you won’t fess up and answer you gutless POS.

            Your stupidity in thinking true frosh players can do well in general. Even after all the past failures in the past 3 seasons including Phillips and Holmes this year and you still can’t admit you’ve been WRONG.

            Your stupidity in thinking INEXPERIENCED OC’s can take over from somebody with tons of OC experience. Polamalu over Mazzone per you.

            And by the way…USC first Pac-12 South team to win the conference championship and they did so with a QB who REDSHIRTED. The funny thing is that Darnold and Rosen are from the same recruiting class too. Rosen ranked way higher. 5 star. Plays as a true frosh and has a mediocre career. Darnold redshirts and look at his record over Rosen. LOL!! Talk about being HUMILIATED…88Straight.

            You’re such a dummy.

          • Most of us have a much broader perspective than you do idiot. No wonder they kicked you off the ucla sites. You’re too stupid to get the big picture about the vastly superior Troy Aikman over little Cade “The Curse” McNown.

          • Dumb. I repeat…this is a “college” football website and at times UCLA is brought up because of the competition with USC. So when we are talking about greatest “UCLA” QB it should be what they accomplished at UCLA. Got it? You appear to be too dumb to figure this out.

          • Both Aikman and McNown finished 3rd in the Heisman voting idiot. Cade went on to immediately flop and Aikman became a superstar.

            This is also a USC website idiot. Go back to where you belong punk with your other wimp friends at ucla, where they breed Trolls like you.

          • Did Aikman win UCLA a conference championship? Nope. Cade won the conference championship in 1998 and went undefeated in conference play at 8-0. Wake up.

            And I know more about USC football than you dummy.

          • UCLA’s most talented QB ever, Troy Aikman, couldn’t ever beat USC nor Rodney Peete (even with the measles). Hah, hah, hah. We own you little gutties -and always have.

            ucla has never won anything worthwhile out of conference (and rarely that) and we Trojans, with all our NCs and Heisman winners and #1 rankings and NFL HOFamers rejoice in your horrible football tradition.

            So bug off punk and see if you can beg your ucla brethren to take you back in and show some mercy on your pitiful being. You’re such a typical little gutty. 28-23. Losers again. Hah, hah, hah.

          • Don’t change the subject you twit. This wasn’t about “most talented QB”…this was about who was UCLA’s best QB. It certainly was not Rosen and it certainly wasn’t Aikman. Neither of them beat USC.

            Wake up.

            Yeah…UCLA has sucked for years because they have a dumb fan base. 88Straight is living proof of this.

            And it don’t matter to me what you say about UCLA. Can’t your dumb self figure that out.

          • 88Straight has twice the brains and perspective you’ll ever have punk. You’re just another ucla idiot who showed up.

            Get off here and find a way back to your own mediocre brood.

            USC owns little ucla historically, fact, so it’s no surprise that your two most talented and best QBs ever couldn’t handle big, bad USC, the bullies across town.

            You’re second rate and you think McNown’s winning a rare conference championship makes him a big hero, while USC is trying for #37 this Saturday. That’s small potatoes for USC. Deal with it.

          • LOL!!! You two fools are always arguing with each other. Suddenly you’re best pals?

            And you need to take what I mentioned related to McNown in context you twit. It’s kind of like arguing over USC’s best basketball player. It’s not saying much.

            I wasn’t comparing UCLA ‘s QB’s vs USC’s QB dummy.

            Just stay out of it. You weren’t even involved with the original discussion you twit.

          • Actually, the ORIGINAL argument was between you and Jack B. Try looking back up and make a list! Yes, Jack and I argue. Sometimes we agree. People do that. And even though we argue at times, there is no doubt that he is far brighter than you. Keep it up, you may find yourself banned from this site too!

          • LOL!!! Give it up. You trying to recruit another buddy to help fight your battles shows what a true wimp you are. Looks like Jack B has left you also. HA HA HA!!

            Maybe you can find NYCBruin to come back and help you. Or that other fool TommyBeLowUs or whatever. He’s the fool who thought Ellis McCarthy redshirted. LOL!!!

          • Your mother must have been a true freshman that forgot her birth control. She should have redshirted.

          • All you have is redshirting. Your only topic, Rain Man. It’s your obsession. You create long lists of redshirts. You ave zero ability to discuss anything but redshirting. It is the ongoing display of a really small mind. And I mean REALLY, REALLY small.

          • It’s not only redshirting you twit. You seem to have forgotten on how you promoted inexperienced OC Polamalu.

            You seemed to have forgotten about the debate we had related to the value of having a mobile QB and running a certain type of offense.

            You seem to have forgotten about the debate we had related to making switches to the new “power offense”. You argued it was a better fit for Rosen’s drop back style. I tried to tell you that if Rosen can’t run the ball then UCLA rushing attack is going to be inconsistent at best.

            You’re so stupid. You try to forget why I said Rosen should redshirt to begin with you fool. I said Rosen not only needed to get more bigger and stronger but also more mobile and faster. Wake up.

            You seemed to have forgotten your evaluation related to Myles Jack in how he would be a 1st rounder you fool.

            You have clearly demonstrated what a complete dummy you are related to football.

          • It’s redshirting, redshirting and redshirting. It’s all you’ve got.

            Where is Mazzone these days?

          • LOL!! What a blindo. Where is Polamalu you fool. You thought he was better than Mazzone. LOL!!!

            Was Myles Jack a first rounder? LOL!!!

            So with Chip Kelly…is he going to run a drop back pro style offense? No. He’s going to run a system where the QB runs you twit.

          • More lies and failure to read. Same old story from Liar Rod. Can’t read and just makes it up as he goes. I think you are on the spectrum. No doubt.

          • There are no lies and you know it. You wanted Polamalu over Mazzone. It’s no different on how you claimed true frosh Chris Clark might play over Nate Iese. I kept telling you Nate Iese would destroy Chris Clark. You are just truly delusional related “experience”.

            You didn’t think experience was important related to Polamalu being promoted to OC and you obviously think experience is not important when it comes to college football since you promote true freshmen all the time.

          • Another excuse from the self-proclaimed expert. But it was another era. The Bruins were a good team with an excellent coach.

            However, Prothro was not nearly as smart as you.

          • Again more nonsense from the resident fool. Tell us again how Josh Rosen as a true frosh could possibly win UCLA a conference championship. LOL!!

            Tell us again on how Myles Jack would be a 1st rounder. LOL!!

            Tell us again how much better Kennedy Polamalu was over Mazzone. LOL!!

            Tell us again how true frosh Chris Clark was going to start and beat out Nate Iese. LOL!! What a tool.

          • Nice try, junior. Maybe Mora can loan you some of his $12 million. Maybe you can get Rosen to loan you some cash after the draft. He will probably be the 1st QB taken. Myles Jack is doing well in Jacksonville. Everyone you name is far more successful in life than you. Smarter too. You’re simply a troll with no home that is envious of others.

          • LOL!!! Changing the subject the as usual. Who cares what either Mora has made or what Rosen may eventually make. This topic was about if Mora is doing the right things at UCLA. Well…he obviously got fired so he must have done quite a few things wrong in order to get fired. You’re the dummy who promoted all the stuff Mora did. LOL!!

            And as far as Rosen goes…what a choker. Accomplished NOTHING at UCLA just like i said it would happen. You tried to claim Rosen could win UCLA a conference championship as a true frosh. LOL!!

            And Myles Jack was about if he was going to be a 1st rounder which you were WRONG yet again. In addition, Myles Jack didn’t do anything his rookie year just like I told you he wouldn’t dummy. The whole point related to Myles Jack was that he was NOT ready and he decided to leave. Wake up. You know that’s what it was about you twit.

          • The point, whether you like it or not, is that you sit around criticizing a whole lot of people that are far more successful than you can ever dream of being. On top of that, you claim to be smarter. It’s pathetic. If you are so smart, get off of your sofa and do something. You’re nothing but hot air and ignorance.

          • LOL!! Just more lame responses from you. As of now Jim Mora is unemployed just like you. LOL!!

            Rosen didn’t win anything at UCLA and you thought he could win a conference championship as a true frosh. HA HA HA!!!

          • I was there too Jack—but I think if you look at the films, sc was on the sunny side—no longer the sunny side with all the tv mandated nite games!

        • The ruin choke job in 1988 was one of the worst in college football history, because the ruins were set up to become the #1 team in the land if they could just beat traditional punching bag and 20 point underdog WSU in the Rose Bowl. The ruins led 27-7 at half but somehow Aikman’s offense froze up in the second half and the ruins lost their best chance to be #1 in the previous 20 years 34-30.

          • Even if UCLA beat WSU I’m pretty sure USC still would have beaten UCLA in 1988. If there was one disadvantage for UCLA in 1988 is that their D line was a little weak and small and certainly USC took advantage of that at the Rose Bowl. Aaron Emmanuel rushed for over 100 yards.

            UCLA’s 1987 team was better than the 1988 version and still had Gaston Green and Terry Tumey and Flipper Anderson and Paco Craig. UCLA was up on USC 13-0 until everything fell apart. Aikman had 3 interceptions all season and he threw 3 at the Coliseum. Mark Carrier and Clevland Colter stepped up. I was at that game at the Coliseum. Was electric. Bruins thought they were going to win easy. LOL. SC fans were saying Aloha to Bruin fans after the game because this sent UCLA to the Aloha Bowl.

          • Rodney Peete saved the day with that stop on the sure Pick 6 at the one yard line or the ruins go up 17-0 at half.

          • I’ve never seen a greater feat of determination in person than when I watched Rodney run down the speedy ruin DB that great November day in the Coliseum.

          • The funny thing with that play is that the Bruins are supposed to be the “smarter” ones but yet Eric Turner kept looking back which slowed him down and Peete caught him.

            Had Turner cut in and zig zagged once or twice…Peete would not have got him. Dumb as usual. I don’t see any smart play from the UCLA Bruins. Just constant dumb moves. Bonehead play against USC on that punt return. How stupid can you get. They must take lessons from 88Straight. LOL!

    • Correction. Rosen himself along with bad coaching made the UCLA team lousy.

      And Rosen was wasted due to himself, dumb coaching and a dumb fan base. Unrealistic expectations for a true frosh QB with limited speed.

      Rosen never put in the work to become bigger and stronger and faster and more durable. All Rosen wanted to do was gunsling. It was easier for him to try and simply become a drop back QB and Jim Mora went for it and it cost him his job.

      • Rosen thinks his poop is ice cream. He has a big arm and no heart IMO. He also appears pretty brittle. I do not see him as a standout on Sundays. In order to make at the next level he needs a big dose of humble pie.

        • The dude who needs a giant dose of humble pie is our big mouth JJ.

          Rosen, for all his faults, scorched JJ like he had his pants on backward. I’m sure JJ thinks he ‘s an NFL guy and if that’s true, then Rosen will be a HOFamer.

          • Jack Jones is a only a true sophomore but you’re right…he’s not ready at this time. USC makes some of the same mistakes UCLA does related to starting guys too early and before they are ready. The younger version of JJ right now is Darnay Holmes.

            I freakin’ can’t stand true freshmen. Even most true sophomores struggle big time.

        • He should have redshirted. He clearly wasn’t ready in any of his years. Had the coaches been more patience with him he wouldn’t be making those stupid interceptions and fumbles in the red zone.

          If you watch what Arizona is doing with their running QB…UCLA could have had something similar with 4 star Asianti Woulard who would have been a redshirt sophomore in 2015.

          Had Rosen not started in 2015 there is a good chance Jerry Neuheisel and Woulard would have stayed and been around in 2016 when UCLA had to rely on walk on Mike Fafaul since fragile Josh Rosen got hurt.

        • It appears so. Mora attempted to get a couple of JC transfer O linemen but those fell through for whatever reason.

          The constant that I see from UCLA is that it always takes a bit longer for any player to get acclimated in the system and academics. Bruins rarely have instant success. You start to see players coming on their 3rd and 4th years in the program. Look at Jordan Lasley. He’s a redshirt sophomore. The same thing happened with JJ Stokes. Took him until the last 3 games of his redshirt sophomore year to finally arrive. Had a huge redshirt junior year.

          Najee Toran finally played pretty well his true senior year. He’s now used up his eligibility since Jim Mora wasted his first year.

      • Anyone that thinks the fan base factors into a player’s development needs to be drug tested. What the fans think doesn’t matter one iota, nor do the fans speak with one voice. The only “fans” that have any voice in the program at all are the big donors, and they have nothing to do with who plays or how they play. The banner calling for Mora to be fired had nothing to do with it. Chip Kelly being available and Casey Wasserman’s checkbook had a lot to do with it. Keep selling your “fan” theory. It’s truly absurd.

        • You’re a dummy as usual. It’s people with mindsets like yourself who are part of the alumni who got Jim Mora fired in the first place. You same dummies condoned EVERYTHING Mora did which includes promoting Kennedy Polamalu to OC. YOU were a leader in that.

          Same dummies which included YOU who thought Josh Rosen could win us a conference championship in 2015 as a true frosh. LOL!!!

          Same dummies who think true freshmen can lead us to the promise land. How did Darnay Holmes do? LOL!! He got burned left and right all season and he certainly didn’t come through against USC. How did Phillips do? Got himself hurt. Where was Boss Tagaloa this year even as a true sophomore? How about Theo Howard? Still struggling.

          When are you going to admit I was right about everything. Like taking candy from a baby. It’s so simple to figure out and yet you dummies still don’t get it.

          • You’re so smart that you’ve been tossed out of every Bruin site. Yep. You’re brilliant.

          • Ideally McNown would have redshirted but he had “running” abilities…right? That was one of the features I have constantly tried to tell you where it was a little more reasonable for a true frosh QB to play. You wouldn’t listen to any of this. Remember that dummy?

            And there you go again switching the subject and moving on over to the NFL. Who cares about the NFL. We are talking about COLLEGE football you fool.

            In addition, McNown was 5-5 as a starter as a true frosh and 5-6 as a true sophomore. So there you go again in how it doesn’t work playing true frosh QB.

            And by the way…what awards has Josh Rosen won after getting FRESHMAN honors. LOL!!! You’ve made a complete FOOL of yourself over these past 3 years and you know it. You’ve been clobbered and humiliated by me over and over and over. NOTHING ever works out for you because you are just too dumb. Mora getting fired is the final exclamation point which proves how stupid you Bruin fans are.

            You dummies still don’t learn. There are Bruin fans now hyping up the incoming QB recruit Thompson Robinson. LOL!!

          • Your arguments are ridiculous and only continually shows what a fool you are. Cade could run with the ball and he even scrambled and rolled out of the pocket even when he made his big passes you dummy.

            I know more about Bruin football and football in general than you and 99% of Bruin fans. LOL!!

            And Saban hasn’t won anything with those true frosh QB’s has he. He did win with a graduate transfer but lost last year despite having an even more talented team. So whatever you say dummy.

            Chip Kelly never went with true frosh QB’s during his head coaching tenure. Hopefully he hasn’t changed but then again with the dumb Bruin fan influence he just might go with the incoming recruit. LOL

          • A QB that can run in addition to pass isn’t a running QB. McNown and Sam Darnold are QBs that can do both, but are primarily passers. They do well, often better, out of the pocket. Running QBs are guys like Holieway and Khalil Tate. They are runners first and passers second. Guys like McNown and Tate are passers first.

            But nice try. And if you want to know who performed best in college only, try Gary Beban. He won the Heisman. He won a Rose Bowl. He played in 2 of the best SC-UCLA games ever, winning one and losing one by 1 point. And those were both very good USC teams as opposed to the bad SC teams of the 90’s.

            Keep running your mouth. You’re the Lavar Ball of Inside USC!

          • Quit making up nonsense. You always try to take quotes out of context to stir up an argument. You’re so dumb. So what exactly was Brett Hundley. The point is both Cade and Brett could run with the ball which is something you cannot deny. I never said they couldn’t “pass” you dummy.

            YOU tried to claim Josh Rosen could run the ball. Remember that. LOL!!

            And we’re talking “modern” football here. Beban was in the 60’s related to a QB. Even Beban himself was a good runner who could obviously pass also.

            We have dumb fans like yourself who try to make claims on how Aikman and Rosen are two of UCLA’s best QB’s ever. Where their mistake is that they factor in what they did in the NFL. What a joke. The fact one had much success “after” leaving UCLA shows what a sorry pathetic university UCLA is. Same may happen with Josh Rosen. The success will happen “after”. Just like how MoDrew has outperformed Reggie Bush in the pros but it was the other way when both were in college.

            Wake up. And it’s hilarious you bringing up LaVar Ball. LOL!! UCLA is so pathetic dealing with this guy and this thief son.

          • Hey dummy…yeah you 88Straight. You watching the Bama and Auburn game? 26-14 and Jalen Hurts botches two snaps in row…one going for it on 4th down. LOL!!! So much confusion out there with the TRUE SOPHOMORE. HA HA HA!!!

            I repeat…EVERYTHING backfires on you.

          • The fact that you think Hurts botched those snaps explains it all. Now get out of the TV department at Walmart. The aisles need cleaning.

          • LOL! The fool is in denial. Look…when you are the QB you better make sure you’re on the same page with your center. It’s that plain and simple.

            And your argument is yet again dumb. Yes played as a true frosh at Baylor in 2015 but he obviously sucked there and even got hurt. You always leave out the details dummy. He also sat out the entire 2016 year.

            The point is…Auburn’s QB isn’t a true frosh now…right? He’s a redshirt sophomore.

            And your Walmart jokes continually show what a low life you are. You must be related to LaVar Ball. LOL!

            Nice job by Saban. Way for it to backfire on him and YOU. HA HA HA!!

    • “If it were not for #25….” Come to think of it, that’s all I have to say……

  10. Darnold is really going to regress once he has to start taking snaps from under center. He’ll have to learn how to do that from whatever team drafts him. With the NFL game being so much faster than the college game, Darnold is really going to struggle with making his reads. That’s how well Clay Helton prepares and develops his players for the next level.

    • Hey, heard your cousin/brother/uncle and you went huntin this morning for your thanksgiving turkey, listen to your mama/aunt, them ain’t ducks, dems mud hens.

  11. A very sincere Happy Thanksgiving to the Wolfman!!! Thanks for all the crotch kicks to the rah rahs and telling it like it is when clown college acts as the criminals that they are!

    May the Lord bless you with more bubble gum and southern cal ARRRSS to kick.

    Happy thanksgiving, don’t settle for a burrito from a hot burrito box, go get you a burger from five guys with mushroom, peppers and cheese!

  12. My guess is if Stanford actually beat USC in Pac12 championship game they would be the “so called state champs”. I am thinking wash st beats the huskies and we play the cougars though

    • You bruins won’t be playing anyone unless it’s another lame petition bowl opponent. USC played horrible and still beat you little gutties. Rosen just wasted his college career in Wimpwood. He’s not big on brains.

  13. LOL!! The Dummy in Denial.

    Snap was low but if Hurts was prepared to take the snap he probably would have gotten it. Maybe Saban should have used a QB who had more experience. LOL!!

    Where is your chant…”I’ll trust Jim Mora more than you”. LOL!!! I even told you each coach previously ended up with the same faith of getting fired. Gee…I guess I do know more than them. I’m not dumb enough to play/start true freshmen. Only dummies like you do. HA HA HA!!

    88Straight humiliated as usual. Think Josh Rosen will win any honors this year? LOL!! What was Rosen’s win loss record? LOL!! HA HA HA!!

    • You need to go get your eyes checked. And it ended up only being one snap because Auburn had 12 men on the field which negated the other one.

      Saban’s won 5 National Championships and you think you are smarter than him. Nothing spells delusional quite like that. Hurts has lost 2 games in 2 years as a starter, but I’m sure you are better.

      • Refs bailed Bama out. There was a false start by Bama but the refs only called the 12 man on the field and Bama still failed to convert on 4th and 3 dummy. The Bama WR ran a 2 yard route. Must have been a dumb true frosh. LOL!!

        Saban won national championships going with graduate transfer QB’s and upper classmen. He has suddenly turned dumb with the true frosh QB’s and it’s all proving out like I said it would. LOL!!

        Winning was the norm for Bama before dummy.

        • If you had half a brain you would know that the motion wasn’t reviewable.

          Sorry ignoramus, you might want to see what Alabama’s record was in the previous 10-15 years prior to Saban. What’s your record as a head coach? You’re undefeated!! And you never drop a battery when replacing them in your remote.

          • Oh shut up. You always try to make it sound like you know something but you don’t. Quit pointing out the obvious. I was watching the game and heard what the announcers said also you twit.

            All you do is try and change the subject and bring up irrelevant points.

            Look dummy…Saban was right on when he was winning championships because he wasn’t playing true frosh QB’s. Got it? Funny how when he has gone to the true frosh they seem to be bumbling and stumbling now. Well?

            In addition, Saban has gone through quite a few offensive coordinators and this has definitely made an impact. Again…it goes back to coaching like how I always try to tell you dumb Bruin fans.

            Jim Mora was winning from 2012 thru 2014 with Neuheisel’s recruits which were mainly upper classmen. Got it?

            He’s the dummy though who played so many true frosh in limited roles and wasted a year of eligibility for them. He also played guys who were not physically ready and ended up getting hurt.

            Mora is the dummy who decided to go with inexperienced Polamalu. That was a move you promoted. LOL!!

            Everything I argued with you on…you and Mora ended up being wrong and obviously it cost Mora his job. You should be fired too.

            You’re the FOOL who tried to argue against me. Isn’t it obvious that your way of thinking is wrong. The same goes for the rest of you dumb Bruin fans.

            Wake up and smell the coffee.

            If Chip Kelly wants to be successful here at UCLA then he better take note as to what he already has in stock related to players. Retaining Fish as OC may be beneficial. We shouldn’t make wholesale changes back to a Mazzone spread type offense. UCLA needs to make use of the tight ends we have in stock.

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