20 thoughts on “USC Thanksgiving Game Of Night

  1. Ever wonder if these guys got concussions like players do now? Maybe there is something to be said for leather helmets with no face mask. Makes you be more careful for one thing.

    • A number of years ago, a study indicated that the leather helmets were in many ways as protective as the new ones. More recent study indicates new helmets are much more protective, not surprisingly.

  2. SMU spoils #2 Arizona’s Thanksgiving 66-60. The Trojans play SMU (5-1) at home Sat Dec 2, 7:00 pm. #16 Texas A&M (4-0) plays the Trojans on Sun Nov 26, at the Galen Center, 7:00 pm. Texas A&M has already crushed # 11 West Virginia. Two consecutive Big Time Home Games. Trojan wins could push us into the Top 5, if not higher. FIGHT ON, TROJAN HOOPS !!!

    • Yep!
      My son keeps asking me to take him to the Galen Center to see a game and I haven’t been more excited about our team since the 2001 team so we’re gonna see these guys play. I hope Melton comes back soon. He’s a tough defender and is solid offensively. We have a squad with the potential to go far.

  3. The bRuin at the very top of the first picture could almost pass for Curly in the Three Stooges football short.

    Trojans 42, Bruins 7. Some things never change.

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