USC Button Of The Night

This was a popular button the last time USC went to the Cotton Bowl. They should sell these at the bookstore.

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  • JustOwns

    Wool y’all, the Piglet missed the finalist cut for Heisman Trophy Night.

    Chity B whiff’s again

    • RegalTrojan


      sucla already has outdone SC in one category, which probably will hold for the rest of the human history. Know what it is? The number of the internationally notorious shoplifters who actually were caught red-handed in a foreign country.


    • SCgrad12

      Hey Bruin Rob, where is Rosen? Where is Mique? How many more decommits are you going to have this week?

    • Steve B.

      You are a sad mother fuc’r. The ‘ruins are not worth mentioning in any discussion. Take that Cactus and shoved it up your brain down yonder.

      • JustOwns

        Ya mad bro? I know the truth hurts.

        How about them bozo u Water Polo guys finishing second in the NCAA WP NC game.

    • Linkster

      Home alone with the bottle again. Your comment above reflects on your intelligence due to the fact you did not attend college and have now adopted shoplifter u. Keep it up Owns, it is entertaining to read your screed and reflect on your miserable life and poor choice. Makes me even prouder to be a Trojan.

  • Lunderful

    I’ll be chewing’ for ya! A victory would make me banjo-happy.

  • If it weren’t for the Rose Bowl selling out, it would be SC-Ohio State. So who cares if they are in the Cotton Bowl, it is the de facto Rose Bowl.

    And most people in the know (including t.v. sponsors) consider this the No. 2 or No. 3 best game of the post season.

    So, ‘Fight On Trojan Nation.’

  • Ted

    In other news, Jojo smith commits a illegal cheap shot on Monday Night Football and classlessly stands over the fallen player. He was pushed away by one of his teammates….

    Just goes to show you, you can take Jojo out of southern cal but you can’t take the southern cal out of Jojo!


    • Linkster

      Taunting yes but not so sure a illegal block.hit him above the waist. 5 years ago the talking heads would have said it was a good block. Not illegal IMO. You can’t take Ball out of UCLA…oh that’s right I guess you can. Chuck, you of all people talking about class? What in the world do you know about class?

    • USCDAN1986

      Lol.. Oh man how many ucla rah rah games did you miss?.

  • j metaphor

    OR :
    Don’t mess with South Central

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      Was it worth selling your school’s soul to have Lonzo play for one season? Was one sweet 16 appearance worth being forever associated with Lavar Ball and the China fiasco?

      • j metaphor

        Too soon to tell but if Lonzo Syndrome starts to bother me, can I call you to see how you cope with keeping a double murderer’s trophy in your Hall and how you deal with your ex QB & AD hero milking a charity for years?
        Apparently you have adapted to that so I may need to draw upon your greater level of experience in blocking this type of thing out.