Seven First-Team Picks For “Overachievers”

USC had seven first-team picks on the all-Pac-12 team. So how were they were overachieving this season?

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  • LamontRaymond

    Scottie’s new “dead horse” – yet he hasn’t even verified where the statement came from.


      Beat me to it, I was wondering if there was a dead horse somewhere that needed beating

      • Gabby

        I thought you called him Lil Jonny

    • SteveO

      Yes, where did this come from? They did not put quotes around the statement like they would if he actually said it.

    • Porfirio666

      Scooter was in the typing-epileptic mode. Please forgive him.

  • Party of Five Scott Wolf

    Perhaps Helton was referring to a number of players on the team who were not expected to play key roles, who had to fill in and ended up “overachieving” due to expectations. Gee, I don’t know, would that make too much sense?

    Players who actually did overachieve would include:

    – Brandon Pili: expected to redshirt, was in fact redshirting halfway through the season, and ended up Honorable Mention All PAC 12.

    – Andrew Voorhees: true freshman who had to step in and play when Viane went down at Right Guard.

    -Christian Rector: went from sub to Sack Machine after Gustin was injured.

    – Jordan Iosefa: wasnt expected to play much before Gustin was injured, had a very good year.

    – Tyler Vaugns: came on strong after redshirting last year.

    – Micheal Pittman: injured early, wasnt a starter, gets ALL PAC 12.

    Perhaps when you think logically about the statement, Mr. Gloomy Gus, it makes more sense than your narrow mind first thought.

    • Jack B

      A lot of SC’s players really came through big-time to help this sloppy, penalty-plagued USC team win an amazing number of exciting games that could have gone either way.

      Outside of one bad blow-out to ND, USC showed up ready every game, without a bye, and fought tooth-and-nail to beat STAN twice and win total nail-biters against TEXAS and UTAH. Other very tight games won’t put away until later in the 4th. We won ugly, but we won.

      We could easily finish 12-2, Cotton Bowl champs and a top 4 team in the country. USC has only finished with 12 wins 4 other times in its entire history. By hook or by crook, this USC team has accomplished an amazing amount.

      Let’s finish strong, beat the Bucks and sign a great class!

      • Sebastian Lane

        Spot on!

    • StokaNoka

      Langley also “overachieved” and was the best corner after Iman went down. Although it’s hard to call someone an overachiever when the others all underachieve

    • Grammymb

      Possibly the biggest one was Uchenna. Not sure how much was expected but he had a hell of a year!

    • schammer47

      Party of Five, Excellent post !!!

    • Sebastian Lane

      Good response to a silly question.

  • peter

    I saw the quote or for better description conversation on Espn.WW took it totally out of context. Also pasting together words to serve WW agenda. Helton was discussing all the injuries and those that needed to step up into spots .

    • steveg

      Makes perfect sense.

  • Audrey Van Smack

    Phil Fulmer had “extensive, productive” conversation with overachiever Tee Martin this afternoon….sources reported to ESPN.

    • Jack B

      There’s a chance Tee could go to TENN as their Full OC (at SC, he share’s the duties) with the understanding he’s basically the HC-in-waiting. Very fluid situation here with many possibilities.

      • steveg

        I am hoping like crazy Fulmer makes the offer.

      • steveg

        I am hoping like crazy Fulmer makes the offer.

        • Jack B

          Only problem with this is that Tyson, the little bro, may then be promoted to sole OC and we lose a great recruiter in the process. I’m not looking forward to that, that’s for sure.

          As long as Helton goes out and brings in a real OC, fine. Without that, yuk.

          • Fred Sampson

            Helton would probably bring some has been out of retirement to be his offensive coordinator, because he never follows regular hiring, protocol

  • Pasadena Trojan

    Let us see twinkle toes, Rosen who was supposed to win the Heisman, Rose Bowl and National Championship came in for a second place finish. Darnold torched Rosen. 6 other players showed up as first team and surprised a lot of us. So Scooter aka Twinkle Toes, yes a lot of us were pleasantly surprised.

  • Gabby

    If the media projected USC to have, let’s say, three first teamers and they finished with seven, That would be described as overachieving.

    Quit dude, you’re f’-ing ridiculous

  • Jack B


  • Ignore_the_trolls

    Wait, I thought Darnold was the whole team?