Who Do You Believe?

ESPN draft gurus Mel Kiper and Todd McShay have ranked the running backs:


1. Saquon Barkley (PSU) 2. Ronald Jones II (USC) 3. Derrius Guice (LSU) 4. Bryce Love (Stanford) 5. Damien Harris (Alabama)


1. Saquon Barkley (PSU) 2. Derrius Guice (LSU) 3. Kerryon Johnnson (Auburn) 4. Ronald Jones II (USC) 5. Bryce Love (Stanford)

21 thoughts on “Who Do You Believe?

    • Absolutely. Funny to see Love in NY for the Heisman, and there was never a peep about ROJO – was he in the wake of Sammy? Who knows. If I were an NFL person, I’d probably go Barkley/ROJO 1-2 (or perhaps the other way around). Love seems a little injury prone – and I worry about his size.

      • Look if Shaw had allowed him to heal from that high ankle sprain you wouldn’t be concerned about him being injury prone., Shaw had no back up-Scarlett is not a big play threat-usc or anyone coudl ahve just packed the box and shut him down-Shaw saw what happened the game love was out injured. I’d have zero concerns drafting Love Baxley or rojo Great backs , outstanding character teammates and work ethic-this is a great draft to be looking for a running back. One of these guys might even slide to 2nd round-a gift for whoever gets them.PSU and USC and Stanford are gogin to have very big shoes to fill at RB next year.enjoyed watching ALL these dudes play past two years-love and Barkley deserve props from all USC fans, and like rojo NEVER complained, were always accountable.

  1. I’d care if I was the agent for any of them, otherwise, who cares

    Love is like Rosen, brittle, Cleveland will probably draft both of them

  2. Good for RoJo. Getting some love. Another selfish wish: I hope he stays. But I’d lean more towards him gone over Sam. Saquon Barkley is a beast. Showed us that first hand in the Rose Bowl. I did not see him play at all this season, so I can’t say how 2017 went. Although it appears he did well.

  3. Todd McShay has proven to be a Bozo, time after time , he’s the same clown, that said Zach Banner was going to be a number one draft pick, but Banner went in the fourth round, and was eventually cut after training camp

    • Guess the ESPN boss is an exceedingly generous human being who lets his employees spill anything that comes to their minds at any moment, unlike these pro sunshine pumpers and junkies who are in here 24/7/365 censoring what real participants like you, me, and few others write.

      • Good Grief, ok, USC sucks, it was a disaster season, lousy coaches, lousy players. USC Football is dead! Are you two that much of a downer? You can’t enjoy a good season that was better than last year? And next year promises to be even better, though not without challenges.

        • Hey, come on, Golden! Did I ever say those things you just said there? I, for one, am quite satisfied with where our team is headed for the bowl game after having played some of the most sloppy and ugly games in recent memory all season long. I’d like to ask you not to put words in my mouth, partner. All I’m saying is I just can’t stand those who literally live in this blog to wrongly attack and deride the true Trojan football fans who offer constructive criticism in order to make the team improve and reach our former glory again.

  4. After seeing Bryce Love and with his size, power and break open-field speed that’s an easy pick !

    No-offense-RoJo, @ USC there is no way I would pick anyone else !!!

    FightOn Ronald the BIG-J x ll

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