38 thoughts on “Cotton Bowl Details

  1. O/U rating for the bozo u vs Ohio St., Cotton Candy Bowl game, Friday night, Dec. 29, 2017 is 0.002 audience share.

    It’s a sad tale of 2 punch drunk tomato can FB team, who lost games by +30 points, trying hard to convince the tiny cable audience they were playoff worthy – Snore.

    • Outside of maybe the first round of the playoffs. This will be one of, if not the highest TV audiences in the bowl series.

        • Yes, the whole country is chomping at the bit to see the team SC beat twice play the team Oklahoma just blew out twice.

    • You always come on a rival website, acting like a high school punk who never offers anything except negative criticism and hate. Now you are trying to disparage two storied programs with proven success and tradition over many decades, something your football team has never had, and why, because you have such a miserable life that this is the only joy you have. Talk about a pathetic snore

    • Agreed. I’ve watched the Cactus Bowl with my Cat Hermie every year since it began in 2016, and we don’t care which teams are playing, that’s our night together and we won’t be judged by it. Our tastes are impeccable. He tastes mine and I taste his. Cactus Bowl Baby!!

  2. Why do they have a girl as part of the announcement team ? Can’t she do gymnastics, soccer or something else ?

    • This is a Rah-Rah who sleeps in his Official Toejam practice jock strap and spoons his mini-replica Carson “the Bomber” Palmer helmet.

  3. So SC is going to arrive in Arlington almost a week ahead of time and spend Christmas there? That doesn’t seem right. Must be another Scooter typo.

  4. To all going to big D. Been there many of times, great steakhouses but the best is Nick & Sams. Rsvp early because they’re booked by locals big time.

    • Just curious, why go to Dallas for a steak dinner, when you can get the same steak dinner in Ventura, LA, OC and San Diego counties.

      • It’s called traveling to watch your team play. As a UCLA fan you wouldn’t understand.

        • Gosh Gooberhead, if you say so.

          R/T airfare: LA – Dallas
          3 Days Motel 6 accommodation

          • Funny how your life’s purpose is to put down all of our sports programs and losses whenever you get a chance, do you not realize that if the NCAA had enforced what was common knowledge about basketball infractions during the wooden years, the only legacy and tradition of your greatest achievements as a university would be in your puny mind. And before you mention total NCAA championships, like I know you always do, just remember USC has more men’s championships, by far, than any other university, and that doesn’t include football. But hey, you do have your women’s sports. I hate to lower myself to your level. Most UCLA bloggers on this site at least offer some humor, some wit, some rational arguements, but you offer nothing than jealous negativity and hate. Why don’t you just tuck your tail between your legs and go to a UCLA site, or just go away.

          • Try Paragraphs Dummkopf. If you want to make point make it easy read.

            Who wants to stumble through your childish rant looking for punctuation.

  5. a girl? what she gonna do talk abuot shopping and driveing bad? and talking to her freinds and miss the exit on the rode and make me late for my docter apointment? and then spend all the money i got saved on my credit card? smdh! but i like bob and alsion. they r good.

  6. Wow, ESPN bringing out the big guns for this game. Reminds me of a Thursday night game between BYU and Utah St.

  7. Brock Huard is a solid voice in the booth and very blunt in seeing what ‘pc’ types would rather say isn’t there.

    As much as I like him it beats Herbstriet who, inevitably, would slide hard towards OH St.

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