USC Morning Buzz: The High Cost Of Going Bowling

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You know one thing that isn’t convenient about the College Football Playoff? The cost. USC fans need to buy an airfare to Dallas, get a hotel and buy a game ticket. That is about $1,000 if you stay in a hotel for one night. And not many are going for one night.

If USC went to the Fiesta Bowl, it would have been a fairly reasonable bowl trip with an airfare to Phoenix. In an ordinary year, USC would be playing Ohio State in the Rose Bowl. But this is no ordinary year with Georgia and Oklahoma playing in Pasadena.

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  1. Last I remember Cotton Bowl is an open stadium,like the Coliseum and Rose Bowl, and in late December the weather can be quite nice or quite bad….a few years ago Texas was a frozen mess, from top to bottom.Roads were completely shut down,several feet of snow and ice. Plan for the worst and hope for something better.

  2. A thousand bucks per pop isn’t cheap, but I doubt that many of my fellow SC alums would develop any serious monetary problems travelling to the Cotton Bowl, instead of the Rose or Fiesta Bowl. That’s only a fraction of the tuition they might be paying SC for their kids for the semester. In other words, we’re not sucla gutties, after all. LOL!

    • I’ve made plans to go to the game, and I’m excited about the trip. Of course the game itself is the destination, but I know I will enjoy the whole experience. Fight On!

  3. What do you think were the costs when we traveled to Miami for the Orange Bowl way back in 2002/3? For that matter you can caravan to Dallas in <24 hours by car. In addition what are the costs for fans who came from State College, PA last year to Pasadena?

      • I get that – lived in NJ for two winters – it felt literally like a jail cell was opened and”Hello well ‘in you go’ we’ll be back in late March or maybe April to let you out.” It is that real the harsh winters most of the USA endures.

  4. The biggest problem in football is the catering to TV and all of the mess that goes with it. I’m not complaining about the cost to travel to Dallas, Ohio State fans have the same problem. I am complaining about the overwhelming number of bowl games and lack of a meaningful games. Nowadays if you win half your games you are in a bowl. That’s 50% for the math geniuses across town. It’s a grade lowerthan passing in school. And yet we reward mediocrity with TV money and move traditional matchups around to cater to an absurd system that crowns a champion without all conferences represented.
    Oh well complaining here will only use up my phone battery and fingertip.

    • Not to mention most schools lose money whenever they travel more than 100miles for a bowl game

      • When the bowl dumps the ticket sales onto the schools. SDSU lost $250K going to the New Orleans Bowl a few years back. The earlier the bowl the harder it is for the school to unload tickets.

      • This I didn’t know. I thought the TV money was the reason for the games. Or maybe the extra practice and recruiting.

      • You travel thousands of miles for a Starrrrrrrr W arrrrrrrrsss Cossstume Contessst, Golllllllyy Noiiiiid.

    • Actually it over 50% as many teams pad their schedules with teams from lowers divisions.

    • Well, we all know the ruins don’t travel. Most of the people in the stands for the ruins are bums off the streets that have been given tickets to the game so they can say that the ruins had fans there. Oh wait, those bums are ugly alumni. I forgot.

    • Well, the school does not have to accept and fans don’t have to watch. Personally, I like the plethora of bowls — more games to watch and some very interesting matchups.

      • Well you do have a valid point I do get out of a lot of chores when the game is on….Okay maybe not but if I get huffy she backs off a bit. 😛

  5. Well SC’s last 3 bowl games were all in SoCal, and in ‘13 in Vegas… so travelling to Texas is not the end of the world for fans who really wanna be there.

  6. Bruce Feldman reporting that Tyson Helton receiving serious consideration for Tennessee OC job..rather than T Martin.?

    • That is fine. That way SC and the fans can find out if it was Martin or Helton that was making lousy calls.

      • Fine or not, transition can be good. I’m not sure of the difference between a bad call and poor execution.

      • That’s a really big mystery still to this day.
        Who is calling what? When?
        We’ve heard the question ask and all three say …..”I handle all the passing” or….. “i handle the running” and …?”I just have the final say”.

        Tee Martin is has a lot more value then Tyson in my opinion so I hope he stays.

          • That’s true. It feels like he’s batting a thousand with his targets bscaf! saww8knows how to sell both the player and parents. I can’t remember the last time Tee missed on a player he went after.

          • Great point. He has definitely planted seeds all over and one more season with a chance at a crack at another run for the title is all I want. It looks like he’ll be staying bud!

  7. Scooter, why do you care about the cost to attend? You will be in your basement watching the game because SC will not allow you to travel with the team and the Daily News won’t waste money on you. U can have someone hold the phone for you while you interview. They can send you the recording and then you report.

  8. We are going to Ft Worth on the 16th and staying until Jan 5th. Not even shopping for tix till we get there. Staying with our son and family, eating their food, drinking their beer, and using their car. I love it. Told my son it is called payback.

    • Too bad your son didn’t have a chance to fill out an application for something better than a mooch father.

      • Too bad yet another of your Dumbocrat Champions of Women has fallen….not Al Franken, but the latest is sanctimonious gravy-training lib Harold Ford Jr. But the good news is your illegal alien Dumocrat Congressman Ruben Kihuen is refusing to leave because he says he told Nancy Pelosi and all the other Dumbocrat leaders about his harassing staff and they said it was no problem.

      • Hey Bruin Rob, how is that DateMeLA dating site working for you? Remember it was six years ago at this time that a ten year old exposed you for the no talent clown that you are.

      • Poor Owns. He is so conflicted. Living vicariously through USC athletics and he claims to be a ruin fan. he is a twisted soul. Of course, all the booze didn’t help.

  9. This has never been an issue in the past, so why now ? USC has played in Bowl games in other states since forever .

  10. That’s the cost of fame Wolf. I think most of USC followers can pay up and go to Dallas. Not that big of a deal. I have all sorts of frequent flier, hotel points etc. I imagine lots of others do as well. Dallas at the end of December not a real inviting destination other than the football game. Go Trojans!!

  11. Hey wolf, you cheap-screw, only someone with limited to no discretionary income would concern themselves with this…..sound familiar?

    With all the click-bait you generate the bonuses should be significant

  12. Didn’t see you weeping for all the Penn State fans last year traveling cross country from Happy Valley to Pasadena….

  13. Thank goodness we aren’t going to the national championship game in Atlanta. Imagine how much that would cost! What a disaster that would’ve been.

    • And why the hell do we play in places like South Bend and Austin, Texas? We should only play non-conference games in places we can drive to like San Diego and San Luis Obispo. Maybe Fresno at the furthest.

    • Maybe wolf has to pay his own way if he wants to go. If he were a real reporter he wouldn’t have to.

  14. Pruitt named HC at UT, and hired the OC from Co. St. No title yet. Tee not looking good at this time.

  15. Imagine the inconvenience of being in the CFP. Those fans may have to arrange two trips to two different cities, get hotels in those cities and buy two game tickets. They must be very upset!

    • Good for Clay. The Empire Strikes Back and it’s SW’s peers who did it. What’s the crow eater gonna say now?

  16. The real question is the basketball game with UW is on the same evening as the Cotton Bowl with a two hour difference. Will the school adjust the starting time to later like 9pm or make it an afternoon game starting at 2 or 3 pm. Of course the way Enfield coaches maybe better to miss the live action, and record the game.

    All the social fiscal conservative Trojans need not worry about costs with the new tax plan benefiting them more than necessary. Know this will stir up the Trump constituents on this board.

  17. If you have to ask how much, you can’t afford it. Don’t be such a class warrior, blogger.

  18. Just goes to show you what a thoughtful person Coach Mora is. Last year I didn’t have to spend a dime on a bowl game.

  19. SC is going to need a great game from their players to beat OSU. They will really have to overachieve. If you just look at the stats, it doesn’t look good for the trojans. OSU is #6 in the nation in total offense. SC is #15. OSU is # 8 in the nation in total defense. SC is #75.

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