Heisman Trophy Count

Baker Mayfield’s Heisman win gives Oklahoma its sixth trophy. Officially, that ties USC because Reggie Bush no longer counts in the record books. I have a problem with taking something away that was won on the field. Anyways, Notre Dame and Ohio State are tied for first with seven.

  • marvienna

    Screw the corrupt NCAA.

    USC has seven Heisman Trophies, tied for first with Notre Dame and Ohio State for 1st all – time.

    The NCAA will never change my mind on that.

    • Trojans 6942

      Nor any rationale person.

    • Pasadena Trojan

      NCAA did not take it away. USC did and the Heisman listened to USC and took it back from USC. USC has 7 heismans

  • SCgrad12

    Total B.S. Wolf and you know it. If other Heisman winners had to give back their trophies due to receiving extra benefits the dais tonight would be pretty thin.

    • Jack B

      SW’s an idiot. The only Heisman winner who probably never received a good deal of extra benefits was Navy’s Roger Staubach and I have my doubts about that too.

  • Ed Garrett

    i was theyre for half a trofee and jackn b can never taik it a way,

    • Michael Guarino

      Who got the other half, Ed? Was it ‘John’ Rosen?

  • USC85

    Hey Scott, FYI, I know it is popular to say, but there is no such word as “anyways”. it’s like saying “gots”.

    • Grammymb

      But lavar Ball said he gots all the answers.

  • steveg

    I would personally venture to say that if Sam had not fumbled and intercepted his way out of Heisman contention that they would have still given it to someone east of here. Bias just gets worse.

    • Saul Goodman

      Without a doubt. Mayfield put up crazy numbers, and his team is in the playoff. Only way a westcoast player wins the Heisman (even from SC) is if there’s no close second, or it’s basically a two-year campaign (as was the case with Mariota). Almost impossible for a westcoast player to win it if there’s any viable option from BIG 10/12, SEC, or ACC.

      • gotroy22

        No way to win it when so many Pac 12 games are played at 10:30 EST on a Thursday or Friday.

  • USCDAN1986

    7 is better than .5 .. Lol ✌

  • Brent4c

    USC has had 7 awarded. Wether they kept it or not is all politics.

  • Linkster

    USC has seven. Everybody knows Bush won it on the field. Just because some greaseball NCAA hacks took it away because they were afraid and jealous of USC does not cut it. Missy Conway of Notre Dame and that fat AD from Miami (he is now dead) tried to put USC away. But we are back! We beat OSU in a couple of weeks coupled with our win over PSU last year and we are all the way back. FTFO!

    • ItsAllAboutTheBall

      The late Chuck Gerber likely had a quiet hand in the USC Execution Squad behind the scenes…research his history with SEC Commissioner Mike Slive.

      • Pudly76

        Thanks for the name, will ck

  • LamontRaymond

    The Heisman isn’t won on the field….