• Lunderful

    I’m rather lazy and many of the guys on this blog are encyclopedias, so didn’t Mike McKeever have a brother and what position did Mike play?

    • Old Trojans never die

      I know the broth’s name was Marlin was a defensive end and Mike was a guard

    • trojan_1972

      McKeever was another Trojan taken too soon – I believe car accident followed by very long-term coma in the late 1960s.

      • AtlDDS

        The saga of the McKeever Brothers was a little before my time as Trojan fan, but my Dad told me about them and the sad story about Mike McKeever’s accident and subsequent coma. He hung on for a long time. I do remember the story in the Times when he did finally pass away.

        • Sandy Underpants

          So is he okay now?

          • AtlDDS


          • gotroy22

            He’s a ruin.

          • steveg

            If you are gonna smoke dope put the computer away.

          • fast fred


          • Pasadena Trojan

            Dude, read. They discussed what happen to the brothers.

  • Ed Garrett

    jack b was theyre – flyte atendant,

    • Old Trojans never die

      I can assure you Ed, if Jack was on the plane, he flew it. MtSAC had a flight attendant program back then were you in it?

  • Sandy Underpants

    I love airplane photos. I just took one at the Ronald Reagan library yesterday, and yes Ed Garrett was there.

    • Pasadena Trojan

      Did u steal the photo?

  • rusoviet

    It was Coach McKay’s 1st year as head coach a 4 – 6 record and 1961 wasn’t much better 4 – 5 – 1.

    McKeevers went to the all boys Mt. Carmel HS – Hoover and 70th Street. St. Raphael’s School was/is directly behind it fronting on Vermont.

  • Yale O. Leftwich

    Back then they played offense and defense I went to games in 50’s and 60’s and some later into the 90’s…the McKeevers were stalwarts on the line, Mike a guard,Marlin a tight end and defensive end…Mike got a concussion in the Cal game and never ever recovered….USC ALL AMERICAN Marlin played for the LA Rams All Pro…Jess Hill an all everything at SC football,track,etc… was football coach in the 50;s the Jon Arnett years and my favorite SC team the 1952 team and ’53 Rose Bowl winner, my first ever Rose Bowl game…I even endured the home games in ’57,that was a rough year,all due to recruiting ,etc…