Radio Silence

I’ve checked the twitter accounts for some of the fan/homer USC types and haven’t seen any mentions of Jack Jones being named an All-American. I wonder why?

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  • rusoviet

    Is that what you do all day Wolf? Peruse social media/twitter sites for any interest in USC athletes? Get some help man before you get busted for perusing same sites for something a bit more puerile.

    • Peaceful Warrior

      This post says everything you need know about Wolf and his lack of any type of perspective on USC.

      • rusoviet

        Amen – get a woman Scott

    • Old Trojans never die

      Here we are a week after we learned that Ucla has to play basketball without any Balls and we’re reading about someone being honored?
      I believe you are right rusoviet, Scott needs a hobby.

      • rusoviet

        Well played sir….truly well played!

      • Peaceful Warrior

        Apparently playing BB for a second level Lithuania team is better than playing at UCLA.

        • rusoviet

          Is that where LiAngelo is? Good luck with adjusting to the Baltic Sea in early December. I don’t see that working out too long – that is one massive culture shift even more so than China

  • fryer tuck

    Go easy on Scott or Don Jr will have to put him up at his place.

  • steveg

    The fan/homer types have watched him play, the voters never seen him before, just read he had some pics.

  • USC jojo

    Your blog is sooo ”Inside”, you have to wait for the rest of the world to get the news.

  • Pac12 fan

    Lot in the comment section under all american teams on Jones. Tryly an amazing honor for Jones and not deserved

  • Chris

    Pretty sure every fan is, or at least should be, a homer. That’s the point! I am glad for Jack, although there are certainly guys on this team and others who have played better.

  • Sebastian Lane

    Loyalty and passion is hardly “homer”. Jack Jones was a shock, candidly. He had a terrific first 2/3 of the season, but struggled the last 1/3. I guess many looked at his “entire body of work” over the season. He’s very talented, but lost his confidence and the four picks did help. Let’s hope he finds his early season form.