• rusoviet

    Bit tough when you don’t get many reps until the 5th game of a national campaign and the bulk of your games begin >9:00 pm EST

  • trojan_1972

    There is also a lot of talent among CBs. JJ had 4 interceptions, but there are 61 other CBs with 4 or more interceptions, and whose stats for tackles, fumbles forced, fumbles recovered, are better than JJ.

    Rojo should have been second team All-American over Kerryon Johnson (who rushed for less than 50 yards in the SEC CCG).

    • Arturo

      USC plays almost exclusive Man to Man D that means that he (Jones) is out on an island all game long.

      ROJO should have gotten 2nd team. I will say this for Kerryon, he was hurt in the CCG but ran all over Bama when he was healthy.

      • trojan_1972

        Regarding JJ, SW argued that JJ’s four interceptions were the reason why he was voted third team All-American. My point is that another 60 CBs had that same stat or better, so I don’t see that specific rationale for the vote.

        Agree regarding man-to-man defense, and that occasionally even the best will get exposed.

        But will this be the end of the JJ posts from SW?

        • Arturo

          I think that Jones’ body of work is what helped land him on the 3rd team. INTs being part of that body of work.

          I hope that SW writes more positively when writing about Jack Jack. Listen, Jack Jones is a young, developing player who just started for the first time this year and has come a long way from last year’s Rose Bowl. I say support the rising star and Trojan.

  • Arturo

    I think it is time for everyone to finally lay off of Jack Jack. Jones struggled two games but was USC’s legit No.1 guy most of the season. If you watch closely, all CBs get beat, however, Jones was in good position more often than not, had four picks, and was a fundamentally sound tackler.

    Just because he celebrates, don’t hate on the guy. Everyone celebrates nowadays.


    • J.A.M.

      You must have been watching a different Jack Jones than I watched all season…first- nobody cares if he celebrates thats fine- BUT when you taunt and get flagged over and over again that is not cool…second- true he did have 4 INTs BUT again he CHEATS and takes way too many chances WAY TOO MANY and as a result he gets burned way too often for a lock down corner….and YES he does hustle and he is a good tackler but most times when you see him in a play at the end its because he wasnt where he was supposed to be in the first place…so the bottom line to fix 90% of his issues….WAIT FOR IT….WAIT…YEP….COACHING….and yes he looks like he is uncoached getting by on talent alone…

      • fryer tuck

        11 – 2

    • Sas

      If Jack-Jack didn’t talk so much he wouldn’t be so much of a hot topic. But I think he played good at times. The Ucla game was one of his worst nights as a college corner. Still i think the coaching that he and Biggie are getting is terrible because a good coach makes adjustments to problems and Bradford hasn’t corrected the holding and grabbing, and shown them how to knock away passes.
      Jones and Marshall can get better and play up to expectations with a DB Coach who will fix these problems.

      • Arturo

        Can’t say that I disagree with you on a lot of the points that you made. I will say this about the UCLA game, Jordan Lasley has torched just about anyone who has covered him- including Adoree last year. There is very little that a DB can do when a hot QB is in sync with a fast, capable, receiver.

        That said, Biggie hasn’t shown much progress and Jack Jack – IMO- should take a page out of the Adoree Jackson manual of letting your play do all of your talking. I still don’t mind much of the trash talk especially when he (Jones) backs up his talk for the most part.

        • Sas

          Lasley always had potential but was lost in the shuffle because Serra has a lot of stars. But he played good against SC. Jones can be another Adoree, good call. But Adoree had a good work ethic so he’ll have be dedicated.

      • Trojan96

        Amen SAS! The only reason Bradford got the job was because he’s buddies with Clancy. Bradford has no business coaching at USC. He needs to go. And as far as JJ “2steps”, Nickell Robey has more talent in his pinky than 2 Steps will ever have.

        • Sas

          Bradford has to go for sure. Robey is playing well. He picked off a pass this weekend.

      • Jack B

        How much instruction does it take to understand, “Do not hold anymore”? It’s not brain surgery and it’s not that complicated. You can either cover or you can’t. I played DB and my DB coach in HS had a short stint in the NFL. Needless to say, I could never cover like him, regardless of his superior coaching of me for two years.

        • Sas

          All I can say is……its the coaching.

          • Jack B

            Sorry. USC’s corners just aren’t that talented. You think all 4-5 stars are great talents because you buy into all the prep star rankings BS. Both JJ and Grabby are living proof highlight tape lies and physical exponents don’t measure the most important things.

            You said JJ could be another Adoree. Keep dreaming. Adoree was the 18th pick in R1 and is twice the athlete JJ could ever hope of being. They aren’t even on the same planet. JJ can’t sniff Adoree’s jock as a football player and they had the exact same coaching. Grabby’s so far off, he’s just a laugh as well. He’s a bad CB who can’t cover and also isn’t as good as USC’s current safeties.

            Well, we’ll see about JJ and Grabby when they get drafted.

          • Sas

            Nope. Many SC fans have said they think Demetrius Martin would get a lot more iut of our DB’s.
            They aren’t just 5-Star players. Adoree Jackson, Iman Marshall and Jack Jones were the #1 CB’s in the West. Are you seriously saying all three were wrongly appointed to #1 by all the recruiting sites?

            It’s the coaching.

          • Jack B

            You’re delusional. To call JJ and Grabby the #1 prep corners in the west just shows how ill-advised and misinformed some of these recruiting sites are.

            By the way, the recruiting sites got Nwosu all wrong too. He was only a 3-star who was ranked as literally the 862nd best player in the country – and he was projected to be a safety (72nd best in country). Ooops!

  • ItsAllAboutTheBall

    Was it just me dreaming, or did the Pass Defense dramatically improve when Isaiah Langley replaced Iman Marshall for several games?

  • Sas

    Ronald Jones is a finalist for the Earl Campbell Award.
    I believe it goes to the top offensive player in the country from the state of Texas.

    • Arturo

      Loved Uchenna’s game all year. Defensive MVP.

      • Sas

        Sark and Nansen found a diamond in the rough with him.

  • Pac12 fan

    Shows you there must have not been very good cornerbacks if Jones made it. He was embarrassed more than he did well

  • Steve B.

    Jack Jones is no All – American. Repeatedly beat on deep passes, and way too many interference calls plus unsportsman like penalties. The secondary was lame with no one standing out.