Cotton Bowl Betting

Here is where the money is going according to Bovada for the Cotton Bowl.

USC                            +7        57%

Ohio State                    -7        43%

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  • JustOwns

    Vegas motto: giving bozo u points is baiting the hook of profit.

    • RegalTrojan

      sucla motto: robbing the stores as much as possible, domestic and international.

    • SCgrad12

      Really? You’re talking about Vegas and getting? You don’t have enough money to pay attention.

    • Steve B.

      Do you reside in the L.A. area on the streets of skid row? How about a wager giving me the 7 pts. for a sum certain.
      Name a place and time to meet really. Like to look you in the eye face to face or do you need a step stool for that.

  • Sebastian Lane

    Is the ucla circus missing a clown?

  • GT

    That doesn’t make sense. If more money is going on the SC side, the line should be going down not up. I thought the opening line was 6 or 61/2. Vegas wants the money to be even. So they win the juice.