Sam Darnold On The Future

Will Tyson Helton’s departure impact Sam Darnold’s decision? “No. Not necessarily,” Darnold said. “I’m going to do that after the bowl game.”

Who will influence his decision? “Family,” Darnold said. “That’s pretty much it.”

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  • trojan_1972

    Great answer by Sam. Now let Sam focus on preparing for OSU.


    Darnold’s real answer…..
    “Well, if Gomer hires a real QB coach, a real OL coach, a competent DC a good special teams coach and a real DB coach, I’ll stay. You see, I really don’t want to play in Cleveland for that moron Hue Jackson “

    • Gabby

      Get the resume ready!…the DB opening has your name written allover it

    • David Keeling

      I really hope you are right, not just for Sam’s sake but for the players staying and the new one’s coming in. Helton has to do better than Callaway & Bradford. They have shown they are not top ten level position coaches.

      • Gabby

        Would a top 10 level position coach want to work for Helton knowing that if USC has a disappointing season both of their jobs could be on the line

        • David Keeling

          Gabby, You know Chip Kelly will bring in a good staff. Helton has to match it or he will get out coached. Bringing in Kelly was the best thing to happen to USC football.

      • Michael Guarino

        Especially Bradford, DK. I’ve seen games where the o-line really looks good for long stretches. I haven’t see anything from the DB’s over the course of this season.

        • David Keeling

          Michael, it seems to me Callaway pays little attention to backup linemen. When they get in the game, they look lost. What do you see?

          • Michael Guarino

            I’m afraid I see the same thing as you, DK.

    • gotroy22

      Sam won’t be the #1 pick.

  • LamontRaymond

    Sam’s in a great position….. So is Rojo.

  • Trojan96

    The kid is smart. Keep focusing on OSU.

  • Ted

    According to sources, Sam Darnold was at Dennys on Avenida 26 in San Clemente telling his girlfriend “why would I stay at southern cal another year? It’s not like the degree is worth anything! I would rather get drafted by the 49ers sit behind Garoppolo than to spend another year under Clay Helton!”


  • SucKiffin

    Short shelve life for football players … Sam is too smart to stay and not get paid … he is long gone , needs some real coaching too