USC-Ohio State Picture Of Day

In 1964, USC traveled to Columbus and faced the Buckeyes. Ohio State won, 17-0.

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    SC went to Michigan St & Ohio State, played ND, & T A&M at home, the rah rah’s would cry if SC played that schedule now

    • fast fred

      San Jose St., Hawaii, Western Michigan, those are the teams that the Trojan faithful would rather see—it seems the Trojan fans would rather see blowouts vs. exciting games!

      • SCgrad12

        Really Frederico? How many more times are the gutty little Bruins going to schedule Rice? Speaking of blowout games. How about 66-19 and 50-0?

        • gotroy22

          They can’t even beat Memphis.

      • trojan_1972

        Fred, you have slowed down. When was the last time the Bruins won on the road?



    • Pasadena Trojan

      One team I would love to see is Michigan playing USC in a home to home series. That has been a long time.

  • rusoviet

    A 7 – 3 record….a loss @ MI St. and then another @ OH St. (as noted) and a 3rd (at home) against WA but then those three in a row ….the true ‘trifecta’ for USC Trojan fans….@ Stanford and home against (Billy Barnes) Bruins and then the unexpected and gut wrenching loss for the ‘paddies’ … the upset of # 1 notre dame – USC 20 – ND 17.

    OR St. was chosen as the AAWU rep for the Rose Bowl….we hated it but we accepted it…we had defeated the # v1 ranked team in the USA.

    Contrast that with the ‘demokratiche arbeit klingons’ 2 years later when we were chosen over them to face off against Purdue for the 1967 Rose Bowl….blocked Wilshire Blvd. and the 405.

    • trojan_1972

      7-3. That was back in the day when some teams played 10 games, and others played 9, and there were only a handful of bowl games. And those bowl games meant something.

      • gotroy22

        The UW game was a bitter 14-13 loss at home.

  • Porfirio666

    I remember that year. ’64 was the year that McKay starting realizing that you should never pay attention to anything that the alumni think.