USC Tweet Of The Day

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  • Pasadena Trojan

    He might want to take the rest of the season off and get ready for the next one.

    • 88 Straight

      It sounds like that is precisely what he is doing. It will be interesting to see how it affects him on the field. He was an outstanding player but head injuries can certainly alter one’s approach to the game. After seeing what happened with Junior Seau, better to hang it up than destroy your life.

  • Gabby

    Here is a quote from Craven’s agent:

    “My client suffered from Post Concussion Syndrome and, under the care of Dr. Michael Collins at the UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program, Su’a has undergone targeted treatment and rehabilitation, He is now asymptomatic and clear to return back to ALL THINGS FOOTBALL. Su’a is excited and looking forward to the 2018 NFL season and the many years to follow.”

  • B.Miller

    Dangerous.. good to hear though

  • J.A.M.

    …omg …this has very very little to do with concussions….HE JUST WALKED AWAY FROM THE TEAM….so…below is part of an artilce written in the Washington Post in Sept…notice how it talks about getting his MENTAL act together…I guess he thought he could do what he wanted when he wanted in the NFL because he could at USC…

    It’s believed that move surprised and upset the Cravens camp. But a league source said, according to his knowledge, the Redskins were not guilty of any wrongdoing, and that they were within their rights to place Cravens on the reserve list to give him further time to deal with his personal life and consider whether he wants to truly commit to the game long-term.

    The Redskins believed a year break – complete with the team-based medical (both mental and physical) benefits still available to him while on the reserve list – would afford Cravens adequate time to resolve all of the issues that led to his abrupt retirement. Because Cravens has now twice walked away from the team (late last season and again this year), the Redskins want to be sure such an incident wouldn’t happen again.

    • Gabby

      Dude, you are totally clueless regarding the injuries Su’a suffered during his rookie season. He was forced to wear correct glasses due to vision issues from a concussion.

      Taking facts out of context to fit your twisted agenda is truly moronic. Your whole shtick is pathetic and smells similar to tebone’s breath

      • Golden Trojan

        There are 4-5 trolls you can just move past their posts without comment since they are just blowing hot air.

    • Jack B

      Mique Jellybrain Juarez was one of the most over-ranked 5-stars in the history of recruiting services. The so-called #1 OLB in the US of A walked out on the little gutties right off the back and ucla is still scraping his boots to get him on the field. That’s ucla for you – the losers of the west.

      At least USC still has STAN as its major west coast rival to pick up the slack always left by the little gutties, year, after year, after year.