USC Football Banquet Has Co-Most Valuable Players

Quarterback Sam Darnold and defensive end Uchenna Nwosu shared the MVP award tonight at the USC football banquet. Full list of winners after the jump:

Most Valuable Player:  quarterback Sam Darnold, outside linebacker Uchenna Nwosu

Most Inspirational Player:  snapper Jake Olson

Trojan Way Leadership Award:  safety Chris Hawkins

Trojan Commitment Award:  center Nico Falah, offensive guard Viane Talamaivao 

Linemen of the Year: offensive guard Chris Brown (offense), defensive lineman Rasheem Green (defense)

Perimeter Players of the Year:  tailback Ronald Jones II (offense), inside linebacker Cameron Smith (defense)

Special Teams Player of the Year: safety Matt Lopes, wide receiver Michael Pittman Jr.

Service Team Players of the Year:  center Richie Wenzel (offense), defensive linemen Jacob Lichtenstein and Jay Tufele (defense)

Player of the Game Vs. UCLA:  safety Chris Hawkins

Howard Jones/Football Alumni Club Academic Award (overall academic achievement):  cornerback Yoofi Quansah

Bob Chandler Award (underclassman with outstanding athletic ability, academic achievement and character):  wide receiver Deontay Burnett

John McKay Award (player with the most competitive spirit):  defensive tackle Josh Fatu

Joe Collins Walk-on Award:  punter Reid Budrovich, placekicker Chase McGrath

Chris Carlisle Courage Award:  offensive tackle Toa Lobendahn, wide receiver Steven Mitchell Jr.

Community Service Award:  offensive guad Jordan Austin 

Lifters Award:  quarterback Sam Darnold, center Nico Falah, offensive tackle Toa Lobendahn (offense), outside linebacker Uchenna Nwosu, inside linebacker Cameron Smith, safety Marvell Tell III(defense)

Captains:  quarterback Sam Darnold, safety Chris Hawkins, outside linebacker Uchenna Nwosu, inside linebacker Cameron Smith


  • John

    That’s a lot of overachievers. What about the linebacker that played with the screws in his toe?

  • Jack B

    At least JJ and Grabby didn’t sneak in somewhere. Had that somehow happened, we’d literally have to question the sanity of the coaches.

    Some great choices here. Darnold and Nwosu truly were co-MVPs IMO.

    Beat the Bucks for the 8th time in a row.

    • Pudly76

      Liked what you wrote last evening, good stuff…frustrating how close this team came to a playoff berth (3 pts @ wsu), and yet exciting a season as I can ever remember

      • Ignore_the_trolls

        We don’t lose 3 OL on game day at WSU, we win that one.

      • Gabby

        Mid-week games continue to haunt us, going all the back to the PC era…..I stand in protest, no more mid-week games

  • Ted

    According to sources Jack Jones was at the Grinder’s having his own banquet. He was furious that the dummies over at southern cal did not recognize his greatness! He promised that he would get burned for at least 2 touchdowns at the cotton picking minute bowl. His southern cal issued girlfriend just kept sucking on her ice cream shake.


    • Pudly76

      No way to keep bringing up the ruin coeds we issue to our players..

      P.S. tell your mom to stop calling..we don’t need her anymore

    • SCgrad12

      Well look who come out from under the metro station, the perennial USC whipping boy, Theodore. Aren’t you, along with your mentor Bruin Rob, supposed to helping the Ball brothers get packed up for Lithuania? Maybe you could set up shop in one of the Metro stations in Vilnius and make a few Rubles.

      • Gabby

        My fingers are crossed

    • Gabby

      The fryers are filthy. Plus, heads #2, #3 and #5 need more PT…use the new stuff.

      PS…..the boss is out of donuts

  • steveg

    How often do you see a QB get a lifters award of any kind. Sam is a qb in a linebackers body.

  • Pasadena Trojan

    What happened to the Glummy Gus award and the awards for the best players against nd and ugly? They are mentioned.

  • Gabby

    Wait!..we missed one

    TOOL OF THE YEAR: (worst beat writer covering USC football) Scott Wolf

    (Only unanimous award winner)

  • Paul Muad’dib

    Too bad for Scott Wolf, only USC players can win these awards. I’m sure he still wanted to write about how Sam Darnold deserved them all though

  • gotroy22

    Gollllly Noiiiid hardest hit!