USC-Ohio State Picture Of Day, II

Here is the 1973 Rose Bowl. USC won the national title and John McKay won his 100th game with the victory.

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  • Ray

    HOW ABOUT A PICTURE, OR A MENTION, from “the drive” when a frosh Matt Barkley led the Trojans with Stafon Johnson, and the late Joe McKnight (RIP) to victory?

    • Ray

      “the drive” is on youtube, and I would have linked it here if I could have. At the shoe, incredible. And more incredible that this blogger hasn’t mentioned it.

    • Linkster

      Nice maybe the blogger will get around to it. Don’t expect much from the blogger.

  • Pete

    How bout finding out who the next receiver coach is going to be. Keary Colbert?

    • Pudly76

      Tee Martin said he wants to retain the position

      • Pete


  • Pasadena Trojan

    Scooter, u did not describe the photo, you usually do a good job on this. Who are the sc players?

    • Pete

      If it’s 87 that would be Ed Powell.

      • Pasadena Trojan

        He said it was from 1973. Could that be “Batman” Woods?

        • AtlDDS

          thats what I thought–or was he 83?

        • Pete

          Richard Woods? Could be. Although the number would be high for a LB. He was a hellve of LB.

  • Arturo

    Good year to be born.


  • ItsAllAboutTheBall

    A line in a certain Illustrated magazine about sports (the full name of the magazine got deleted last time I referenced it) still sticks with me after all these years. After USC blew the game open in the 3rd quarter “It was no longer a game, just a telecast”