Markese Stepp Commits To USC

Lose a tailback, gain a tailback. Markese Stepp of Indianapolis committed to USC today. He ranked the No. 2 player in Indiana and No. 227 overall nationally by

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  • LamontRaymond

    Delan McCullough just keeps paying dividends. How many seasons until he’s the OC?


      Thank Lynn Swann for that hire

      • LamontRaymond


      • Pudly76

        Like you know anything

        • Pete


      • Gabby

        Are you trying to earn some brownie points ?

      • SUCLA

        Thank you Lynn Swann for letting the fb coaches do their jobs, and you doing yours (girls sports and fund raising).

  • Jack B

    Nice. Big boy.

    • Gabby

      The weather is always better in So Cal.

      • peter

        So is Deland M

  • LamontRaymond

    Nice to see the Rams grinding up Petey and Richard into little bits…. 27 – 0 in the 2nd quarter. Beautiful. As Richie Pettitbone used to say, “Nice picture, babe.”

    • Michael Guarino

      If Helton wants to replace Tee Martin, Pete Carroll will be available as soon as his game with the Rams concludes.

      • Linkster

        Pete is a D guy.

        • Michael Guarino

          Watch out Clancy!

  • StokaNoka

    Upgrade over Salahuddin

    • Jack B

      35 pounds heavier and still faster.

  • jim

    It’s hard to tell how good this guy is. A lot of big schools offered him. That’s always a good sign. I’d like to know what he runs a 40 in. It’s hard to tell anything watching his films because his O-Line is so good, he’s hardly touched on many of his runs. He’s also had some problems with injuries.

    • trojan_1972

      Websites indicates a best of 4.42 and average between 4.45 and 4.5. Great speed if he is truly 230.

      • jim

        That’s fast for a 230 pounder.

  • SucKiffin

    227 in country … Pete didn’t recruit out of stater unless NFL potential
    Guess not the case now with Gomer

    • Jack B

      Funny how Pete ended up signing so many out-of-staters who never made the NFL. He always did have the gift of gab and probably rehearsed many of his quotes for several days.

      I bet on a day like today, he wishes he were back winning Rose Bowls for USC.

    • steveg

      Like it really matters. You sound more like Wolf every day. Are you saying this is not a good commit?

  • steveg

    This is a great get by Heltons staff. Now go after the guys to open the holes.

  • j metaphor

    Number two in Indiana.