Just Win, Baby

What does Mick Haley’s firing tell us about Lynn Swann? It might just be that he listens to his underlings who directly supervise sports like women’s volleyball. Or maybe he believes you either win national titles or should be replaced in Olympic sports.

But it also applies to football (and to a lesser extent, basketball). That is why even though USC lost only two games through October, there was plenty of speculation that one-or-two more losses could spell big trouble for Clay Helton.

Swann said Helton is returning after the Pac-12 title game. But just how secure Helton’s position is remains a question if USC starts to lose a few games next season.

  • Jack B

    In Swann we trust. Now let’s go lock up another potential HOF women’s VB coach (to match our sand VB coach) and get the Trojan women back to playing for NC titles!

  • JustOwns

    Why is Andyain’twinning still employed?

    • Gabby

      I know the pinto wagon needs new tires. Less posting and more cleaning. The toilet-crew is being paid time and a half today, feel fortunate.

      PS….use the new PT, it’s softer. Wofl’s a** chaps easily…..thanks

      • SCgrad12

        Bruin Rob needs a Yugo so he can tool around Lithuania with the Ball Brothers.


    Swann wants what every brain dead rah rah doesn’t, top flight coaches in every sport, just winning league titles isn’t enough, he wants national championships

    • Gabby

      You’re just the man Swann is looking for……get the resume ready…….keep the head up!

    • Fred Sampson

      Clay Helton is safe, because he won the California State championship, don’t believe, just ask him

  • rusoviet

    Very difficult for an ‘in situ’ head coach of a football program to feel comfortable with a new athletic director.

    Consider USC – PC leaves Jan. 2010 prior to ncaa sanctions. AD Garrett hires Lane Kiffin who moves immediately to assemble a staff and prepare to selectively delay full impact of sanctions so as now to cripple the team too quickly.

    AD Garrett having served as USC AD from Jan. 1993 is sacked July 2010.

    AD Pat Haden picked to replace Garrett on 3rd August 2010 prior to the 2010 football season

    Kiffin proceeds to go, 2010 – 8- 5 and 2011 10 – 2. 2012 is not so good falling to 7 – 6 and the nightmare than ended on the tarmac after the loss to AZ St. in September 2013 and a record of 3 – 2. by being fired by AD Pat Haden. Following day Haden announced Ed Orgeron will be the interim HC through 2013.

    Orgeron produces a 9 – 4 record but the last game – a loss to ucla on 30th November was seen as a deal breaker – it was

    Sarkisian selected as new head coach for USC 2nd December 2013. 2014 sees a 9 – 4 record and 2015 rolls out with a miserable repeat of 2013 with Sarkisian at 3 – 2 and on 12th October 2015 Sarkisian is fired for alcohol related matters.

    Helton now is given interim head coach status and produces a 5 – 4 record for rest of 2015.

    Early Feb. 2016 Pat Haden announces he is stepping down as USC AD – 13th April 2016 Lynn Swann is named new AD for USC
    June 2016 reveals mismanagement by Haden of the Mayr Foundation.

    No coach ever feels safe when a new AD appears esp. one at a top tier program with a deep legacy as USC has. Helton is seen as he was initially – a short-term fix (2015-2017/18) to a very long mess over time (2010-2017) but I sense not a sure bet for long-term past 2018.

    Helton has legitimate reasons to feel heat and yes he will be the head coach for 2018 but beyond that not likely unless there is a noticeable change in what the expectations of AD Swann are met.

    That lawsuit by the 74 year old volleyball coach is a joke

  • Pasadena Trojan

    Scooter, u might not realize that if Helton wins the Cotton Bowl, that will buy Helton at least two years. If SC continues to win and get in the playoff that buys him two more years. The program needs continuity and Helton is learning and gaining experience. Look at Mckay


      Yeah, McKay and Helton don’t belong in the same sentence

    • rusoviet

      It buys him nothing – Swann would expect nothing less based on the talent of this squad – remember he stated that USC should have defeated WA St. i.e. in Swann’s mind that loss cost us a slot in the final four – aside from Notre Dame that game was the sole toughest road game we had.

      In fairness he (Swann) may see himself to offer Helton a longer deal but it won’t be because of this Cotton Bowl – not with Sam Darnold as the QB.

  • Fred Sampson

    It’s make or break for Clay Helton next season, and the fact he may have a young quarterback won’t be an excuse for losing , so let’s see how the situation plays itself out

  • Pete

    There’s less tolerance at SC now then when McKay was coaching. His first two seasons he lost more then he won. In 70-71 seasons he was 6-4. Imagine the outrage if McKay was coaching now.

  • jim

    Next season could be trouble if Sam doesn’t come back. I’d just like to know what their plan for next season is at QB. They have to have a plan. They must be planning on doing something if Sam doesn’t come back. They can’t be planning on going with just 2 QB’s. Show me a major football school anywhere that has only 2 scholarship QB’s.

  • jim

    That’s good. That’s the kind of AD we need. Pat Haden and the BOT’s seem to be more than satisfied if we’re just a mediocre team. We need an AD that’s not.

  • SucKiffin

    Gomer is done after Darnold

  • Yale O. Leftwich

    Haley has done a great job at SC …there has to be some other reason …