Tee Martin Attends Sugar Bowl

USC offensive coordinator Tee Martin attended the Sugar Bowl because his son is a wide receiver at Clemson. In an interview, he made this comment:

“Bama looked great. I went early. I wanted to see warm-ups to see the organization of the programs and see things like that.”

In the past two seasons, I noticed Alabama and Ohio State looked more intense and organized in warm-ups than USC. Do warm-ups determine who wins games? Nope. But a good warm-up isn’t going to hurt you either. It’s not uncommon to see dancing during USC’s.

  • Rock2112

    Warm-ups? That’s whatcha got this am Wolfie?

    The focus right now must be on player retention and recruiting. We can’t re-run the warm-ups from the Cotton Bowl.

  • steveg

    Cotton Bowl is over and it has been beaten into the ground. Opinions on here have been all over the place and everyone has had a say. Everything is on Swann’s shoulders now, what to change and not to change. I am sure there will be unhappy people no matter what happens, but if nothing happens I see total unity from this fan base that Swann is a fraud.

    Hope Tee had a nice trip to the game, is he coming back?

    • Fred Sampson

      I don’t know if Lynn Swann is a fraud or not, but his selection of the women’s basketball coach, makes me wonder if he’s qualified

      • Lunderful

        True – the guy was fired by USC for losing and re-hired after losing more games at NM State…..of all remote and low profile places. Budget constraints must have been the main factor in bringing him back.

      • Michael Guarino

        ….but, Fred, the way he’s handling the men’s BB team’s continuing fiasco has restored everybody’s confidence……

  • Sandy Underpants

    Hopefully he learned something or got a better offer.

  • Old Trojans never die

    To each his own. I think studying other teams is always a good idea. Maybe take notes on how the line works and how not to run up the middle three times with same results

  • SoCalGreg2014

    Wolf- I think what you are trying to say is that an organized and intense warm up shows discipline, which the team has lacked. Many people think that warmups are just warmups, but you would be surprised how high school teams stress discipline and attention to detail (lining up staight, staying in sync with your team, etc) in warmups. It does carry over to the game and also shows how the program is run IMO…

  • Tebow_Obama

    Bama looked like they were juiced on steroids. As usual.

  • Tebow_Obama

    Wolf should have asked Tee Martin how he felt being relieved of calling pass plays for the Trojans offense in favor of a newly appointed QB coach no one ever heard of for the Trojans biggest game of the year in the Cotton Bowl.

    • Michael Guarino

      Great idea. I’ve seen Tee respond to penetrating questions like that before….

  • Rock2112

    We have a lot of things we can improve, big and small. But I’m just saying, if we aren’t doing all we can do to bring in some BIG TIME line talent in this 2018 class, it hardly matters what else we do in terms of staff turnover, warmups or whatever. We need to prioritize our problems and just be glad we don’t have as many of them as UCLA!

  • Jack B

    Ya, I’m sure SW was keeping track of opponent warm-ups and surmising USC was at some competitive disadvantage based on calisthenics … and now we’re told USC is “dancing” instead of warming up. This is all brought on by Tee going to see his son playing for CLEM in one of the year’s biggest games. Too funny.

    • schammer47

      SW’s commentary is too funny to be believed. You are at it again. Wolfie.

  • Pasadena Trojan

    Scotty, who paid for his trip? Did he talk to the head coaches? Did he take notes on how to run an offense? Did he observe the o line blocking? Scooter, get on the job and find out the details.

    • Michael Guarino

      Details are still forthcoming —but at this point it looks as though tickets for nine (along with one hotel room) were purchased by the former dean of the USC Med School.

    • Sandy Underpants

      All we know right now is that he took 2 planes to get there. More information will be available in the days and weeks to come.

  • Paul Muad’dib

    Wrong again Wolfie, USC players get concussions during warm ups! That’s how hardcore we are!


    You play like you practice.

    • SucKiffin

      and we all have heard about Gomer’s ‘ tough’ practices lol
      Guy makes Sark seem like a workaholic ( insert your joke )
      and Sark’s 1/2 hour practices were legendary

      • Michael Guarino

        ….all of which is better than being accused of being a pork-aholic…

    • Trojan95

      Most of this season We look like we don’t practice

  • SucKiffin

    This clown needs to get back to the SEC … can we rid USC football from anything Kiffin and Sark.
    The stench of these people is really bad.

  • Ragtime

    I was in Seattle last year for the game vs. Washington and Peterson really impressed me with his pregame routine. The Huskies work out is very disciplined and serious and it showed in their performance that night.

  • Trojan95

    Clay and staff definitely do not stress mastery and discipline in the small things. It rears it’s head in every game with the massive amounts of penalties and disorganization