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One thing to remember no matter who is the quarterback next season: The offensive line. Will it be much better? I have doubts. Just because someone has a year of experience, it doesn’t mean they are better. Some played worse at the end of the season than at the beginning.

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  1. I agree Wolf, you have many years of journalism experience yet you seem to continually regress just like Sam did this year…

  2. Belichick DEMANDS that his players be on time despite the snow, Gomer would have told hem to stay home and have hot chocolate.

    One guy has a championship mentality, the other has an old hen mentality

    • I agree but unfortunately college coaches can be sued by helicopter parents. I am in full belief that coaches from the 90s on have had to look over their shoulders. There are anecdotal stories of McKay holding practice in a meat locker to get ready for ND

  3. There were many things that did not help the line play this year, coaching included. But I honestly would not be surprused if this unit plays well next year. We have recruited well, lots of 4 and 5 star guys, and we are a year more experienced. Good line play requires continuity, we just did not have that this year. Remember these are college kids, they are still young men, they will get bigger and stronger and they will improve. Fight on!!!!

    • And if the O line in particular and the Offense as a whole is not better next year it will be on the coaches and no one else. Let’s hope the staff can step up their game as well. No excuses next year.

    • Chris watch it, you sound positive. That will get you in a lot of trouble on this blog.

        • Dude I don’t get involved with haters. You want a positive debate, let’s do it. Juvenile argumentative statements, go have fun somewhere else. No matter what your response is from here on out I won’t respond.

  4. The kids will be fine.. Gotta have some faith in the process. Spring ball will be interesting!

  5. USC’s offensive line has not dominated in years, especially since they started running that spread offense, and building the teams from the outside in. Year in, and year out, the Trojans coaching staff celebrate the top recruiting classes on letter of intent day, but they always seem to miss on those highly touted offensive lineman. Steve Sarkisian wanted to run a no huddle offense, but none of the lineman were in shape for it .

    • They have recruited multiple o line guys in the top 10 or 20 at their positions every year for the last 4 years. I know you prefer a FB and QB under center offense. But the guys are there. It can be done.

    • To heavens with the spread offense. Run power. Get the Stanford or whisky’s o line coach and run the ball the way it is supposed to be run, which is down their throats

  6. Jello thrown against the wall – no substance. Is the O-Line or any position group sure to be better from one year to the next? Go figure…

  7. Wolf and helton must be joined at the hip, happy where they are with no motivation to improve

    • I don’t think they’ll be any surprises. Hope I’m right unless if it’s biggie.

      • I wish Grabby could be forced to play LB. He likes to hit and isn’t that great in space, especially backpedalling. If he leaves, no biggie! Either way, we need new CB talent coming in. That’s where my focus is and Helton better produce. And he better find a way to bring in some OLs who can move and like to smack people around.

  8. Scooter, do find out what the status is for the o line and dB coach. Are we gonna get new coaches?

  9. USC’s 2016 Offensive Line improved to a point where they could and did beat all comers, ie The Huskies and The Nittany Lions. Excellent work OL Coach and Coach Helton !!!

  10. Will be interesting to see wher Jacob Eason will transfer to. After his injury , Jake Fromm has taken over at Georgia and now they have Justin Fields coming in. Rumors are UCLA or Washington .

  11. Losing Viane T. at Guard early in season had to hurt the O’ lines performance for sure. Toa was not a Tackle more suited for Guard or Center and if he returns that is where he should play. Hopefully one of the center prospects Cole Smith, or Brett Neilon or incoming highly rated frosh can help out somewhere else on the line. Vorhees and Jackson are going to be good. Line must have done some good for Jones to rush for over 1K. Better play calling needed to make it easier to keep defensive front guessing w/o attacking full force.

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