38 thoughts on “Chimezie Metu Is Unhappy With USC’s Melton Decision

  1. He really thinks this is about image and not getting ahead of potential punishment from the NCAA?

  2. He’s young and being a good friend to his teammate. Doesn’t realize at this point in his career how damaging that pair of tweets can be, but I don’t blame him for it. Fight on,D’Anthony. Hope the extra benefits the “friend” got were worth a year of your college career. She’ll have to answer to you on that score.

    • I think it is not so much for the comment but the actions and the comment that Metu has done that is hurting his potential nba career. His instigation of hitting people is showing that he might have an issue that he needs to deal with. My opinion only.

    • I think you meant to say “He’s young and stupid and has a tendency to trip, punch and smack opponents in the crotch”

  3. He is correct. If SC actually had any evidence at all of a benefit for whatever,involving Melton, a family member, or some alledged family friend,which they don’t, they would not think he would be ok to play next year. Read the LA Times report, no judge would even allow a prosecutor to bring it and no prosecutor would be that stupid…this is sheer asinine,punishment before any proof of a crime,or wrong. Just like firing a coach a few years back who is going to prove SC and ncaa are …well you think about what they are.

    • The problem is, the NCAA has proven in the past that they don’t adhere to the same burden of proof or punishment guidelines. So however flimsy the case might have been, it’s perfectly understandable for USC to be overly cautious when dealing with the corrupt NCAA, given the history we have with the punishments they’ve handed down. Better to be safe than sorry.

      • and that is why they are in hot water now, and backed down when Penn St and Ohio St and N.Carolina challenged them…SC hasn’t the same moxie …there are zero charges against Melton or his families friend…zero

        • SC’s own internal investigation turned up some type of wrong-doing re Melton. That’s WHY we hired an independent investigator – to tell us what to do and assign blame.

          Blame has just officially been assigned and USC is doing what it’s told to avoid a mess with the corrupt NCAA. A sure-fire way to attract a penalty is ignore your own investigation results.

          • I read the latest reports incl LATimes, he is not blamed for anything; the independent report even has no blame,just a family friend asked to turn over something,can you post a link with this proof? I would like to read it.

          • You’re a lot more into it than I am. You think SC is benching a kid for doing nothing wrong. Good luck with that. He’s not playing for a good reason and the inner workings of USC athletics know a lot more than the crummy LAT.

          • And that’s why SoCal hired an International Search Firm to find both Sark & Helton, so they have a fall guy (firm)

          • Sorry Buckwheat. USC took the fall for Sark, Helton and Melton, which is why he’s not playing basketball. Your analytical skills are obviously nil. Pfftt.

  4. Sounds like the wheels are falling off the BB program. Of course it doesn’t sound like Metu thought it through, if he did he needs to stay in school and learn critical thought.

  5. Poor Melton put himself in a very bad spot and his “friend” cost him at least a year. USC has to protect its athletic program at all costs here. Easy call here, unless you’re shooting from the cheap seats.

  6. This from a guy who thinks it is ok to punch another player during a game in the balls. Forgive me if I don’t give his words credence. SC’s basketball season is unraveling with the FBI hovering, recruits decommiting, and the team not living no up to expectations. Only question remaining is who Swann hires to replace Enfield.

  7. LOL…..Metu was a team captain before he sucker punched an opponent’s junk. Now he sucker punches the bozo BB program because they’re leary of, and rightly so, of possible NCAA sanctions.

    Andyain’twinning has T. Bland’s BB program well under control, and BB recruits just can’t wait to sign up with the bozos.

    Moral of the story, bozo u has to upgrade their modest methods of cheating to compete.

  8. whose this guy??? he shuold keap his opiniuns to him self, end let writer tell us what to think, smdh!

  9. Chimezie – stop worrying about that and learn how to play fundamental defense. In the NBA you won’t get to block shots by 6’9″ centers.

  10. Of course the kid is right but he has to grow up. A couple of years ago, when that agent wrote the tell-all book, part of it included USC hoops (and a bunch of programs everywhere).

    Metu also isn’t naive, he knows that things go on all around him everywhere. The system itself if broken and often so are the rules.

    SC does have to protect its image, all schools do, and that’s not just about sports. Sure that has to be balanced with the welfare of students, etc. and when possible the individual should always come before the institution though that rarely happens when the stakes are large, there is some middle ground found. In this case if the player comes back next year after working out with the team but not playing he’s in good shape, and nothing is lost.

    Let’s face it, if SC looks bad or the program is shut down, or scholies are lost, etc. and a bunch of innocent people are tainted, who benefits?

  11. Metu is speaking from his heart not his mind. Nice he is standing by his guy, but blind loyalty doesn’t make it right

    What was Melton thinking, sending someone he knew to deal with a possible NCAA violation? Perhaps this will be a lesson to future recruits. One bad move, and your athletic future could be finished.

    For most of us, the possibility of punishment is a stronger incentive to go straight than being a faithful law-abiding regular guy

    And a $5,000 payout? I guess to some who have little money that is equivalent to $100,000 who have bigger money. But what a shame the kid gave up a chance at millions for such a small payout.

    But Bush did the same. And with all his millions he is an SC pariah. Money can’t buy back his well-earned SC reputation which is now officially at least, non-existent. I wonder if Bush has any feelings about what occurred. Who knows? People have become devoid of any moral feelings. What is moral, they probably ask.

    • Well said. No sense USC jeopardizing itself because of Melton’s close friend Elliott. In reality, USC was preparing to start playing Melton a few weeks ago, but more damaging evidence was discovered.

        • Ya, USC has always controlled the entertainment world and we rule in all in the cinematic arts and the west in college football. We don’t much focus on basketball and still manage to capture everyone’s attention –
          and we don’t need to send thieves to China to do it.

          As usual, it’s all about USC, the owner of L.A.

  12. I have to agree with Metu, after all, it’s not like Melton punched somebody in the nuts or something.

  13. Don’t worry about Metu rah rahs….His just mad because his name is Chimezie!


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