De’Anthony Melton Officially Out For Season

USC officially announced that guard De’Anthony Melton will not play this season. There really was never a chance he would play once he became linked to the FBI investigation. Here is USC’s statement:

“Based on information discovered through its internal investigation regarding the receipt of extra benefits, primarily to a close family friend of De’Anthony Melton, USC has concluded that De’Anthony will not compete with the USC men’s basketball team in the 2017-18 season.

“De’Anthony is a valued member of our program. He will have options for his future at USC, including remaining in school on scholarship while continuing to work on his degree and practicing with the team, and potentially compete for the Trojans in the 2018-19 season.”

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  • Pac12 fan

    This decision seems to be driven from what USC internal investigation has found so Andy cant blame the FBI or NCAA at this point. If USC felt there wasnt an issue I am sure they would play him

    • Lunderful

      Does Melton lose a year of eligibility?

      • trojanhogg

        Does that even matter? I doubt he was going to stay 4 years anyway.

      • Globehead

        Who cares. No way in hell he ever plays for us again.

    • Jack B

      Are you actually claiming to be Joe Murray, from Loyola? If you are and you aren’t, you do realize this makes you a complete ps*yc*ho, right?

      • Pac12 fan

        Who played briefly for the rams? Yeah baby

        • Jack B

          So you lettered at USC for one year in ’82 and played for the Rams for one year in ’87 under Robinson?

          • Pac12 fan

            Your good on google

          • Jack B

            Ya, sure Troll. You were a Ram for a year in your fantasy dreams. Hut 1, hut 2!

      • Pasadena Trojan

        Jack B., Do you know Joe Murray? He was about two to three years younger than I. He graduated in 1977. Interesting. He started at guard for USC. I saw him at the Washington St. Game.

        • Jack B

          I don’t know him but he did play for USC a few games. This guy is claiming to be Joe. I’m not convinced. I could claim to be Rob Adolph and it doesn’t make it true.

  • Lunderful

    I imagine he can transfer (can he?), but who would take him whilst the investigation is ongoing? Could there be penalties on the horizon or is today’s announcement the penalty, after which he can be reinstated without conditions? I recommend that he stays, waits out the storm.

    • Jack B

      He hammered himself big-time and has had legal rep this entire time which is still silent now.

  • Ed Garrett

    probaly a concushun, u cant hury him back cuz of the helth risks,

  • Jack B

    The green board says something still may be up with a USC coaching switch by Helton and that Clay has recently interviewed coaches not related to the Ellis promotion.

    • steveg

      Oh man, my pulse rate just jumped up.

      • Jack B

        Hope it’a not bogus rumor-mongering. Some good stuff surfaces there sometimes. Hard to predict what we really have here.

  • William Sequeira

    Do we not abide by a system, we are not guilty until proven so. Not according to most Schools and the NCAA. Any accusation and you are presumed guilty. I would love to see this challenged in the courts.

    • JustOwns

      Just because the bozo u Asst. HBBC has be in indicted by a Federal Grand Jury for several felonies, there’s absolutely no reason to consider any other potential associated problems identified by the bozo internal investigation.

  • Saul Goodman

    I wonder if USC’s internal investigations are as thorough as their coaching searches.

    • JustOwns

      Very droll.