101 thoughts on “Deland McCullough To Chiefs?

  1. The one guy none of us want to see go. Nansen and BKU are probably up there, too.

    • Time to back up the truck for the guy (relatively). Make him the highest position group coach in the nation. Not like you’re using that money on a QB coach, etc.

    • Hey ‘Wonderland killings’ you nailed it – exactly what we are – a AAA for the Big 5 top tier schools.

  2. This is what happens to any coaching staff/program that is in its death throes….those with talent are both seen and are seeing what is out there to get off before the whole thing capsizes.

    • Coaches getting hired by the NFL is a program in death throws? Wait I thought they all sucked and wouldn’t be hired by anyone else? Which one is it?

      • One coach, not hired by Helton but Swann, gets an NFL gig, let’s see if any of the other dead weight gets hired away

        • He was recommended and Helton looked at the guy(his resume) and what he could do. It wasn’t Swann looking for a running backs coach and telling Helton to hire the guy.

    • Come on Fred! You’ve gotta be happy. USC’s assts are getting picked off like birds on a wire. This could just be the beginning of a great shake-up. And what college RB coach won’t take a promotion to an NFL RB job? None, that’s who. You should be celebrating. Think of all the possibilities!

  3. Look for Gomer to raid W. Kentucky’s staff for their RB coach. Who is that coach ? Mike Sanford Sr. He fits the FFF Gomer mantra, gets the USC family thing being an ex USC assistant, and he’s from that powerhouse W. Kentucky where we seem to get all of our coaches these days.

    Or maybe Gomer will just put an add on Craigslist for a new RB coach

  4. Even if this team was the NC, the Chiefs or someone else would come calling. Deland is a great one, we lucked out getting him for as long as we did.

    • let me guess, Helton will promote Callaway to OL/OC and Colbert as the WR coach, let the fun continue!

      • Colbert will stick I bet. I still have hope Callaway will get the boot though the promotion of Ellis works against that.

        • Give Callaway the RB’s Hire the two guys from SEattle that got let go the OC and O line coach

          • I wouldn’t give Callaway the RBs. But everything else works fine for me, especially Cable. He doesn’t mess around and might like it being back in L.A.

          • I agree. Cable is an outstanding O-Line coach. But he can only do so much. The issue is —will he have more to work with at USC than he did at Seattle?

          • We all know what he has to work with, question is can he straighten it out. If he is a no bs guy perhaps he could.

          • Cable is SO much better than Callaway (funny how no one wants to take Callaway from us, isn’t it)? But Cable is a “Type A Plus”—could a guy like Helton co-exist with a guy like that?

          • If he can work with Cable (who has a history of extreme toughness with players and fellow coaches), Helton might just save his own job.
            Cable is the answer to saving our next QB’s butt.

          • Maybe he’s got some nice thorobreds and you can re-enact the “Corlione offer” he can’t refuse.

          • Ha! He’d have to insult Italians first. Then it’s horse blood all over the nice silk sheets.

        • I know nothing about the OL coach at SDSU. Yet the school has had back to back 2000 yard rushers.
          Curious about their line play and coaching

      • Maybe this will force Swann to pull the trigger on Helton.. Plenty of good options out there..Wild!

        • For HC? Who are you thinking about? Saban? Meyer? Gruden is gone. Harbaugh is a wash out.

          • Del Rio, Miles, for starters.. USC could talk to the SD Aztecs coach.. Who knows.. I just want Helton gone!

          • Helton’s here for at least 2018. But for all those who hated Tee and his direct into the LOS runs, they may have got their wish.

            Will be intriguing to see how this affects recruiting and Feb 7. Tee was a real force there.

          • I didn’t. I thought maybe we’d get rid of Callaway somehow. That was just my wish. I never dreamed Tee and Deland would suddenly be gone on 1/11.

          • Agree it will be intriguing. Clay makes sure to be involved with recruits. Both coaches ( if Tee gone )
            Will have left for NFL.not another school. Which just sets more intrigue. Also shows how early signing day solidifys players before coaching changes.
            There’s opportunity here,for sake of program I hope Swann steps up and Clay matures as HC.

  5. I’m sure Clay Helton’s gonna go after the running back coach at Montana A&M, or Detroit Tech

    • He has his eye on his cousin Carl at Southeastern Kentucky U. where he currently interns in the tape room. Carl is a very good listener.

  6. These coaches are starting to realize, that Clay Helton is a Bozo, they see what we see, because it’s obvious

  7. You have one program where the administration will give the HC the support he needs to build a championship program and then you have an administration that won’t but still holds its hand out for all the TV money it can get. That is the difference between the other big 5 conferences and the PAC-12. I’m not saying I think Helton is good enough to build a championship program at USC, but if you can’t keep at least some of the better coaches on an already poor coaching staff, then you wonder if the administration cares at all about USC football.

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