Tee Martin Interviews With Raiders For Assistant Position

If your head is spinning from Tee Martin’s interviews, he interviewed yesterday with the Raiders. He initially went through a courtesy interview with the Raiders for the head-coaching spot. Not sure what spot exactly Martin interviewed for. He previously spoke to LSU about its offensive coordinator position.

24 thoughts on “Tee Martin Interviews With Raiders For Assistant Position

  1. Either Tee Martin wants out, or Clay Helton is politely trying to show him the door, behind the scenes. If Martin is smart, he should jump ship as soon as he can, because Helton will eventually run the program into the ground, he was not qualified for the head coaching position

    • you’re overthinking this, it has nothing to do with Tee from a personal standpoint it has to do with the politics of the NFL

    • Must have another one of daddys buddies who needs a job or another dolt from W. Kentucky to hire

  2. My sources are telling me that INSIDE USC is going to interview Tee Martin for an unknown role. He might possibly share posting duties with Scott Wolf, or just post on opposite Tuesdays and Thursdays, or just when Wolf is incapacitated from having to clean his Mom’s basement.

    • Sources inside the inside at paper have WW taking dream job of inside u c l a.
      Martin (code ) would then take HW of inside USC.He would also remain OC and WR coach of football.

    • Ha! Tee Martin posting on opposite Tuesdays and Thursdays….caring for the incapacitated… and taking days of rest on Fridays. Leave it to Scott to invent a new religion.

    • I heard he was interviewing for the Charlie Bucket role. That guy made bank when he was posting here yo. Like 50 bucks I heard, even though I don’t believe it.

  3. lot of plains at the air port to day, not sure ware they all goin that u cant get to with ur bus pass, they shuold put bumpers and tirn signles on them plains so theyre is less crashes, sort of like the sun and the moon, lot of poeple afrayd they gonna crash in to each other, but im not to worried abuot it cuz air trafic contolers maik sure it dont hapen, glad they doin theyre jobs good,

    • Something screwy is going on in Maui today, Ed. The sun and the moon are out together.

  4. SC struggles with play calling and adjustments on offense, yet the OC is getting interviews. Curious?

    • Possibilities:

      1.) Clay/Swann want to make a change and are encouraging Tee to look at other positions.

      2.) Tee is feeling that the association with Clay is dragging him down, i.e., Clay is the cause, but Tee gets the blame.
      It might make sense to take a “demotion” and spend a few years learning under Gruden. I am not sure how much longer being on Team Clay can help Tee’s career. In fact, Tee feels USC might crater next year, it would make sense to get out now.

      • Raiders are under fire for Rooney Rule violation. So it may be a dog and pony show.

        • Exactly. ……you nailed it. Big topic of conversation here on the local sports radio stations in Las Vegas

          The Raiders are going to hire
          a third tier guy

        • If I were an NFL owner looking for a coach, I’d bring in Muhammad Ali for an interview if i didn’t have a black man on my list.

          The Rooney rule is patronizing to blacks and defines every owner and GM a racist.

  5. Can we lock the door before he comes back? Does he have a key? Call a locksmith quick. I’m afraid he can’t take a hint.

  6. The only source for Tee’s second interview is Wolf. Must of gotten the info from the heads at the local 5 guys

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