About Mock Drafts

I spoke to a front-office employee with an NFL team that has a top 3 pick and asked if their team would take Sam Darnold or Josh Rosen first?

“We haven’t even looked at most of the free agents yet,” he said. “Once we do that, we’ll look at those guys but really the evaluation won’t get serious until the NFL Combine.”

Remember that when you read the Browns or Giants will take one or the other.

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  • Sandy Underpants

    You need to say that to Mel Kiper Jr.’s face. All the people saying they’re going #1 think they know something about football, well I’m a super genius, like I’m a really smart person, and I can tell you that any franchise that wastes their first round draft pick on a quarterback, they’re suckers, and they will literally suck for like however long the Browns have sucked.

    • steveg

      You realize you are dealing with a business? The smoke and mirrors, the glitz and glamour of the BIG pick builds hope in the masses and sells seats, which the nfl now desparately needs to do. Draft the big names, they will come.

      • Sandy Underpants

        Everybody in Cleveland can be excited that Sam Darnold is going to be on the Browns, but he’s not gonna start for another year or two, or ever, and when he starts they are going to still lose because they have a terrible team, and there’s no Sam in the word Team.

    • 88 Straight

      Quite a few 1st round QBs have won Super Bowls.

      • Sandy Underpants

        Well since there are probably an average of 4 QB’s drafted in the first round every year That would mean that 204 QB’s were first round draft picks in the history of the NFL, so yeah, “quite a few” which I don’t know what that means, probably won superbowls, but many many many times more were busts and didn’t do anything, not even talking about not winning the superbowl, they were busts and out of the league a few seasons later and I can name names, but I’m classy and I don’t do that– Tebow, Young, Manziel, Leaf, Brady Quinn, Tommy Maddox (although a star in the XFL), Cade McNown, Rick Mirer, Jamarcus Russell and perhaps thousands more.

        • 88 Straight

          Both Mannings win Super Bowls. Aikman. Elway. I think Roethlisberger was a 1st rounder as well as Terry Bradshaw. Yes, there are the Montanas and Bradys that were great and from the later rounds and plenty of first round busts. There are aso plenty of first round Super Bowl 1st rounders. Teams are hardly stupid for drafting a QB early. Look at how great Matt Leinart did!

        • 88 Straight

          The other day you were looking for Myles Jack. I think he had an interception today on the way to the AFC Championship Game next week.

  • English 101

    This blog reminds us of Woodward and Bernstein. Rather than quote “deep throat” , Eeyore quotes the “front office employee” – must have been a temp fillling in for the receptionist out on sick leave.

    • steveg

      You think Wolf actually picked up a phone and called the receptionist at an nfl team? A lot of work being done on here.

  • Old Trojans never die

    I am not worried about Sam’s draft status. I don’t follow the NFL the whole system is built around greed. There is no real competition and the games are boring to real football fans.
    Sam will go when he goes and my guess is as good as yours as to when that will be. For Sam I hope he goes n the first round, but in the long run I expected him to go to a team in need.

    • steveg

      I feel the same way about most all pro sports, strictly business until playoffs. NBA I think is the worst.
      Mock drafts, preseason polls, early season polls, “expert” prognostications are all designed to sell clicks on worthless advertising.

  • BBScBaby

    The front office of some team who you probably had to Google to get the number, basically stated we ain’t saying nothing to you. Don’t fear they obviously speak to other writers who we can get info from.