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    • You know coach doesn’t care about SW. he is a gentleman, so will answer his questions when asked. But no further than that.

      • When it’s 44-0 at halftime in Austin … after barely surviving UNLV and getting drubbed at Stanford
        Ya Gomer is toast

        • Texas just added a new offensive line coach, which tells me, that Tom Herman it taking it to another level. I wouldn’t be surprised if Texas demolishes USC come September

          • Helton has to know .. Its win or go home!. With JDR in the mix and other schools hiring of HCs with experience . Helton knows he is done. Sure he’s 23-4 -5… But the Pac is not competitive (bowl proof).. USC is a coach away from making the step forward of becoming recognized as an elite program… Again!

          • Swann is allowing guys to look elsewhere. Martin is only OC by name..its his recruiting that USC needs.

          • A game that could set USC and the Pac 12 back 5 years if it doesn’t go well

          • I would, Freddy. Should be a good game. USC suffered many crucial injuries in last years Texas game. Many more than one could expect. I hope USC comes out of the Texas Game in good health !!!

          • They’ll (USC) lose – count on it – Clay will have nothing new a full year later except no Sam Darnold…USC loses to TX….go Clay….you de’ man!

          • rusoviet, You have no idea what you are talking about. Your prediction might come back to HAUNT YOU. I’ll be looking forward to it, Lightweight.

          • The defense is good, but not when the offense leaves them out to dry, Clay Helton is Steve Sarkisian Jr . Sarkisian offense made Jason Wilcox defense look horrible, because it was three and out every series, so pay attention, as oppose to coming at me… smmfh

        • You do realize any team that wants to beat USC has to score. Not happening in 2018. 2 sides to the ball game. Texas doesn’t have the offense to hang 44 on anyone, especially the 2018 USC defense.

      • Hey Gabby, are you keeping a spread sheet on this with dates and concurrent blog post headings as to when Mr. Gomer Helton made said comment 635 different times?
        Beautiful, man! And Impressive!

  1. It’s a no brainer. Replacing Darnold. Who else plays qb, rb, ol, gets sacks, int’s, tackles for loss and doesn’t need to be coached?

    And makes helton look like a genius.

    Right sw?

  2. I doubt that the Trojan coaches give a rip about the two other coaches mentioned. I will also bet they started talking replacements for key players in August.
    I honestly don’t think they were shocked about anything mentioned above. These only become concerns for a short term and then they move on. Just as I am replacing members of my band with beginners, they have been building the future all along.

  3. Recruiting numbers per the WeareSC website:

    Current roster after seniors and early exits…71
    Current signees and commits…………………..14

    So to bring in anyone not already signed or committed we need to lose 1 player or commit for each additional..

  4. Clay Helton will always have the biggest dogs during PAC 12 games, they just don’t play like it, and that’s a direct reflection of Helton’s coaching style. So don’t be surprised if UNLV gives the Trojans a run for their money during the season opener

          • It’s not only that rumors are player love Matt. I really think matt has more heart then sam. I mean all we heard all year is Sam doesn’t get emotional. Lol. It’s called Sam this he better than everybody. Just quoting a player by the way

          • Could be. Sam is a guy who would be great at poker because his face. But I don’t think we have to worry at QB.

          • Very true qb position will be fine. I habe a funny feeling though that no qb will be named during the spring. That usc will wait to see how Daniels does when he shows up

          • Watch the tapes and Sears is a better passer, but Fink is the home run threat with the ball to run.

          • sears had dudes st san clemete that year fink has no body. in practice alone fink is the better passer. I have watch first hand.

          • What I saw in practice is fink worked with 1 and 2 depth while sears work with 2 and 3 depth. Game seems slow to fink which is good. For sears the game seemed way to fast. Sears throws lots of int. Fink seemed more careful with the ball. I really think fink is the future. The rpo system fits him

          • Good to hear. Especially from you a guy who was at practice. The consensus is Fink has the upper hand.

          • You also see it on the sideline when he is excited for his teammates where sears is just sitting on the bench not excited at all. He seems alot like sam to me

          • Sears may be faster but fink is more of a run threat and pure athlete. People forget sears did not beat out sam I’m hs. Plus you have a bigger threat coming in the fall. I beat if no qb blows the other away they will not name a qb

          • Fink has qualities that could influence our offense, open it up.Sam didn’t elude like he did in 16′.
            I’ve heard a couple respected reporters refer to Daniels as a QB savant.
            I think we are in great shape QB wise.

          • Matt may surprise alot of DCs across the Pac.. But Im still on the fence with the wins if Helton is in charge.. With JDR its 60 of beat down football. The kids will play harder for JDR..

          • I like Helton, but I don’t like his staff as a whole. I think it’ll be too late for him to change later down the road.

          • He’s done.. Swann wants his guy and stamp on the football program.. JDR is the right guy going forward..

          • 86, Still not real. Get real. Helton will be USC’s Head Coach far into the future, while you beat your gums and pull your hair each time the Trojans, Helton’s Trojans, are VICTORIOUS. An unhappy camper, 86.

          • Dude.. Get lost, you are obviously a troll and have zero knowledge of the coaching situation.. I would not post it if it was not true.. So beat it clown!

          • Still haven’t seen one media source on this. Not one. Just other boards like this one. For all we know it’s just you posting. Nice work though, some here buying the line.

          • Message boards are just dudes posting what they want. Just like this one. Show me one media source, one beat writer, a news paper, anything.

          • Don’t we all sincerely hope “scammer” gets at least a 10% cut from what Helton makes for the relentless efforts to guard his job security?

          • Any HC needs to learn that things change and they need to be flexible. The days of Bear Bryant and Lombardi are long over, technology in coaching is moving things at a really fast pace. New wrinkles and ideas every season. If Helton doesn’t realize that he should not be a HC, period.

          • Today he picked him. Only guy we lose in my opinion is Sewell, and that’s still in the air because I hear he’s been hanging with all the USC players at the Polynesian bowl so far.

          • We have to watch out then. But id say 1. SC 2. Oregon right now.
            Hope we close it out so he doesn’t get on the plane for another trip.

          • Yeah those two are his top right now, but we’re up against the big number of 85 scholarships. Helton must have a plan or he wouldn’t be still offering this late…

          • Hall was considered a Oregon lock.with Williams following. Fsu is now in Hall conversation.Williams came into Usc conversation after visiting last week. If Hall leans Fsu,Williams may see big Op at Oregon.
            We will again be in situation with more excellent talent than we have spots. D.Weber indicated if we had spot we could have gotten OT T.Brown from MD.

          • Oakland drafted him with the thought of Gruden coaching him.. Thats what I read earlier.. Carr is a good qb..

          • Look at JDR’s NFL history. He’s a .500 coach and that’s an indisputable fact. He’s never done diddly as a HC in the NFL. Wy get so excited about some mediocre NFL retread? Del Rio didn’t just have a bad year. He’s always been mediocre.

            The only guy who would be worse for USC would be Trojan Jeff Fisher, another NFL retread who proved that the old guard in the NFL as HC’s is just that – old and behind the times.

          • Pete Carroll was too.. Not getting excited. Jack’s a great football guy, perfect fit for USC.

          • Come on. If I hear one more comparison to the renowned, USC miracle man Pete Carroll, I’ll vomit. That’s just a joke that people bring up to make any new miracle seem possible.

            Del Rio would be a good DC, I’m sure. Otherwise, he’s just a head coaching laugh with a putrid .500 record who used to be a good/great Trojan LB and is now another failed NFL retread.

            Your info about Tee was way off. You surely understand why people would question you about JDR, who needs a break from the game so he can figure out why he’s a miserable 49 – 59 in his last 7 seasons.

          • It was all over the media, It was a great tactic on his end, he got more monies.. He will bolt the first HC gig that he is offered..

          • He should try out Arena ball. I’m sure they might be able to find a place for a guy who went 49-59 in the NFL over the last 7 years. Yuk.

          • JB, I see what you’re saying quite clearly, but I would take JDR over Helton any day in a heartbeat. It may be true that he has been a mediocre coach in the NFL, but will Helton even make it to NFL as a head coach? Never in our lifetime! In other words, I’d take a mediocre NFL coach over a mediocre college coach, period. But this whole discussion would be moot if he ain’t coming because there would be even better hire than him out there.

          • I wonder if all you guys would praise JDR if he weren’t a Trojan. I 100% doubt it, unless you just think all NFL coaches are better even though clearly 1/2 of them are no great shakes. When Pete Carroll was hired, he was better than JDR and hugely brutalized. Now, it’s the curse of Carroll and his name ALWAYS comes up whenever some NFL schmuck’s name is tossed about.

            If we shelve Helton after 2018, fine. I just hope to heck that Swann has some bigger plans in mind for USC than a former Trojan who got the crap beat out of himself in the NFL and has no successful college HCing experience either.

            We all put down ucla’s Kelly for getting toasted in the NFL. But for some reason do-nothing JDR gets a free pass. USC homerism at its finest. Nothing really changes.

          • LMAO…Yeah, I’m not going to completely deny that JDR being a former Trojan isn’t factoring into the equation in my support for him, but it’s not entirely the case, JB. It’s true he hasn’t exactly lit the NFL on fire with his near 50/50 record, but what percentage of the NFL coaches do significantly better? Of course, I’m fully aware of the fact that an NFL coach doesn’t automatically translate into a successful college coach, but football is football, and I still think it’s a considerable coaching upgrade for SC to bring in JDR considering the clear lack of head coaching credential of our current coach.

          • I say no sense lowering our standards because Helton’s not viewed favorably. Things are all out of whack it seems at USC while other schools, like GA and OHIO ST go out and get proven successful coaches.

            To say JDR hasn’t exactly lit the NFL on fire is like saying Jim Mora almost won a NC. JDR’s not even a .500 coach. But he’s from USC, so rah!

          • Saban didn’t light up the nfl either. But he got valuable experience. Same may be said for JDR. What’s to say he won’t turn out to be a great college coach. He knows x’s and o’s for sure.

          • Saban had a cup of coffee in the NFL after he already won a NC at LSU. JDR has spent his entire life in the NFL and accomplished nothing.

            I’m still waiting for someone to tell me what Del Rio has done that would make him a good Trojan coach. So far, I’ve heard nothing. He doesn’t know more about X/Os than Kiffin, Sark or Helton. And if you insist he does, than on what basis?

            Saban’s one of the truly great, and maybe the greatest, coaches in the history of the college game. I’m surprised you would use his name in the same sentence as that NFL flop Del Rio, who’s never even won a single college game.

            I’m fascinated with USC fans’ mysterious preoccupation JDR, that’s all. He hasn’t won one thing in the NFL, whereas a guy like Kelly was a fantastic college HC for 4 years. I’d take Show Cause Chocolate Chip every day of the week before I’d give the job to do-nothing JDR.

          • JDR’s problems on raiders are literally the exact same as ours now. Secondary was aweful, penalties, lack of preparation, and no fixes. They fired Ken norton and the defense got better. They fired OC last year and went from formidable to terrible. I’m with you, no on JDR. Plus, he ain’t coming anyway.

          • Last thing I want is some coach whose team is constantly penalized and plays sloppy and loose and wins ugly all the time. That’s the problem with Helton right now. He’s got to prove he can fix that crap in 2018 or he needs to be gone.

          • If Fink goes in at qb, completes 60%-65% of his passes, can run the ball and does not fumble USC is going to be much better than 6-6. Not only that, they could win big because they didn’t turn over the ball for easy scores and let teams back into the game.

        • I wouldnt write off JT Daniels. The kid can throw and will pick up the system quickly.

      • You blew it again, 86. Without each of the Sam’s 10 Teammates on the field playing up to speed, Sam Darnold doesn’t do sh***t. Coach Helton’s outstanding 11-2 and 10-3 Records WERE WON by Sam and all of his Offensive Teammates. Verdad, Senor ?

    • If UNLV gives Troy “a run for their money” —-watch out! The beginning of the end for Kiffin was signaled by that squeaker with Hawaii….

      • I remember, because I was at that game, they struggled to run the ball against Hawaii

        • I think Haden made his mind up during that game and just waited for the most opportune time to lower the boom….

  5. if all 4 stay, USC tops out in 2018 as NCAA Champions. But Time, and Time again, maybe 50% of Juniors stay for their final year.

    • Maybe pigs fly….maybe Klinton fesses up assaulting Juanita Broaddarick….maybe the dems nominate someone with common sense…good luck

  6. I want Ed to comment on the expression on Helton’s face above……

  7. Helton let’s start with you – dress like a head coach a leader – at a minimum get rid of the baseball caps.

  8. Which headache is bigger, part 2? Dealing with wannabe beat “writers” who remind Trojan Fans of “Eeyore”.

  9. It does not matter how many 5 stars players you have on your team, If your not coached well it won’ last

  10. You see Helton in the picture above, all that’s missing from the picture is the sign that should be above his head that says, “Clueless”

  11. Looks like Clay Helton was asked, “What are your thoughts on the TE & FB positions”?

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