• LamontRaymond

    Because it’s related to the football stadium, how about earmarking those funds for football assistant coaches and support staff?

    • USCDAN1986

      $ 7.5 mil is the monies.

  • SucKiffin

    Haden will steal it

    • rusoviet

      Yeah that little weasel is still ‘re-designing’ the LA Memorial Coliseum in his ‘sticky fingers’ hands … Hey Nikias why no ‘blow back’ for what Haden did to the Mayr Foundation? Why is that Nikias?

  • J.A.M.

    ….I thought Argyros threw all his money towards Chapman University…how nice he has a few coins for those in LA…

    • rusoviet

      Man $7.5 million goes a long way these days huh?