• 04Trojan

    Because of the FBI Investigation? Was he involved?

    Side note: Sad news out up at WSU…

    • LamontRaymond

      wow! how terrible…..

    • GreenFox

      What awful news. So sad.

  • LamontRaymond

    The way that SC didn’t back Melton was disgraceful.

    • Jack B

      What did USC do wrong? Are they supposed to play a player they obviously think is ineligible for this season? Have the NCAA come back later and cause the entire season to be forfeited?

  • Sas

    He’s dead to me like Juanito!


  • Yale O. Leftwich

    Good judgment on his part…sc throws everybody under the bus…

  • UCLA Dynasty

    It seems like recruiting has taken a dip since the money man was escorted off campus by the FBI.


      What? Isn’t Sam Gilbert dead? Is he still paying BB palyers at ucla?