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  1. Looks like most go to private schools, most of which are Catholic. These kids are good marketing for their high school. Helps draw tuition paying parents when you have a big time sports rep. Why should they care about them being in class?

  2. Many students take days throughout their senior year of high school to visit colleges or interview for scholarships. Their teachers usually accommodate absences through rescheduled tests and homework. I’m sure extraordinary football opportunities are no different.

    • Elsewhere. This blog is for pure entertainment by trashing the terrible “beat” writer.

      • Elsewhere? You ever tried to comment on those other ‘company store’ websites that have their ‘censors’ rapping knuckles of anyone questioning their insight?

        This is a free for all website and all of us are better for it rather than that West 28th Street ‘martian chronicles’ or reign of helen’.

      • Can’t believe you still can here. Do yourself a favor and pay for a subscription Scott’s new site TrojanInsider. Anyway they layed an egg against Ohio State so Wolf has all Summer to enjoy it.

    • I was thinking the same thing. Wolf should be criticizing USC’s school of journalism with the way he puts out work.

      • Have you read some of the comments written by a lot of the supposed USC alum that post here in this forum? Using or knowing how to use correct grammar doesn’t appear to be a strong suit of theirs.

        Just saying.

  3. Who pays for these trips that all these kids/players from public schools go on? And these so called sporting events are a form of payment to the players as they stay in top notch hotels and receive all the gear they get.

    In other words, the kids are getting paid as they’re playing high school ball and they’re getting paid in college.

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