• Pasadena Trojan

    Do not discuss soccer, that is not a sport. Do not fall out of your chair, you are embarrassing enough as it is.

  • Paul Muad’dib

    Fred Roggin is just as bad as Wolf. Always about the negative. Rodney Peete constantly has the check him.

  • hoohoolianFUCLA

    Shocking and sad:
    Washington State quarterback Tyler Hilinski is dead after an apparent suicide, Pullman Police confirmed Tuesday night.

    • Arturo

      Remember seeing him play at Upland High for a pretty darn good team. Tragedies like this always force me to take a second look at friends and family. Sad, so,sad.

  • 04Trojan


  • Sas


  • Fred Sampson

    I wish SW would have brought up Clay Helton’s coaching staff, because I’m curious as to why changes haven’t been made. Helton is a sitting duck without a real offensive coordinator, the team has no direction, and lacks toughness

  • Sebastian Lane

    Slather more praise on Sumlin, who was sacked at TAM and who has done nothing since Johnny Football left College Station…..

    Go man, go.

  • Stephen Randel

    Indeed. Bottom line, the coaching staff is well compensated, but most of the staff, imho, are sub standard college football coaches.

    • USC jojo

      I agree with you on that. How can a majority of their games be struggles?

      • gotroy22

        The canary in the coal mine was the Western Michigan game. That should have been a laugher.

        • USC jojo