• Ed Garrett

    ugh! so rediculuos,,,probaly gonna pay these so-called “couches” to, smdh!

  • Tebow_Obama

    Clancy is the only USC coach who earned his contract money.

    • GABBY702

      And the running back coach was chopped liver?

      • hoohoolianFUCLA

        I would add that the coach I was most doubtful of in January, 2016, Nansen, also had a good unit despite losing Gustin,

        Wole and Murphy being listed as #2s and being virtual no-shows in 2017 is suspect, but the LBs offered 2 of our most-reliable players (3, with Gustin).

        BKU also did pretty well, considering he lost two NTs.

        • GABBY702

          The defense will definitely be the strength of the team to start the season next year until the offense can develop with a new QB

  • LamontRaymond

    That should satisfy the anti-Helton crowd.

    • GABBY702

      Tebow and gomer are ecstatic

      • LamontRaymond


        • GABBY702

          Had my account deleted. Some people didn’t like my thoughts and opinions

          • Pudly76

            That’ll teach you

          • GABBY702

            That Helton detractors and wolf supporters never have their comments censored


        Ya ! I see you’re under a new handle Helen

        • GABBY702

          I’m sure you had nothing to do with it

          PS….. just curious, how many different handles do you have in the stable

    • steveg

      Even people that have supported Helton know 2018 is the line in the sand.

      • Paul Muad’dib

        Exactly what I was thinking. The haters just take this opportunity to pile on the hate. Its really sad and pathetic.

      • gotroy22

        The recruits say otherwise. They are high on Helton.


      You betcha barf boy

    • Sas

      I would rather see Helton fix his staff so we never have this problem again. But he wants to roll the dice like a cowboy.

  • GABBY702

    What bets? …….is there something you’re not telling us


    Goodbye Gomer & Co, goodbye. Maybe Kiffin will hire Gomer, or W. Kentucky

  • GABBY702

    What’s a top coordinator worth in college football today, not saying he’s a top coordinator

  • USCDAN1986

    With JDR now sitting at the McKay Center.. Helton and staff are officially on suicide watch.

    • usc fan

      I see you guys. JDR looks like he is the new head coach.

    • GABBY702

      Do you have the spy drone in place?

      • USCDAN1986


  • Guest.user73

    So we have an uncorroborated story that SOME (but not all?) coaches will be offered 1 year contracts next season (this year). And the reporter and some of his ilk hope that means an end for the head coach?
    What I see in this story is business as usual. SOME of the coaches didn’t pull their weight last season. They got lucky by way of a few talented and lucky players and came away with 11 wins. Nobody gets fired for winning 11 games, even at USC. So maybe, just maybe this is a way to say; ” shape up or ship out and if you don’t like the prospects don’t let the door hit you on your bruin on your way out.”

    • schammer47

      Guest, I am convinced SW has no idea what he is talking about. To me, it just reads like “FAKE NEWS” coming from a Hater.

  • steveg

    So when does Clancy’s contract expire Wolf?? Do you know?

  • Wee Willie

    The problem with the coaching is that they are blind. Helton did not see any problem all seasons, and actually thought the team was getting better. He even thought they were better than last season’s team. “None is as blind as he who will not see”.