And if the Eagles starter doesn’t get hurt he’s on the sideline holding a clipboard

    • Grammymb

      Doesn’t matter. He’s there.

  • Ted

    Wolfman! You are one ruthless vato sometimes! Another kick to the groin! How is it that the “vaunted” football program at southern cal has never had a former QB starting in the Superbowl yet Arizona will have one!


    • Jack B

      How is that ARIZ has never even been to a Rose Bowl and USC has won 25?

      Ah, ha. Almost forgot. little ucla has won 5. Hah, hah, hah.

      • Ted

        Jack….go get some ice for your pipi….puahahahahahahahahahahahah

        • Mrs Tool_Obama

          Working the late shift tonight? wolf needs his donuts

      • Peaceful Warrior

        How come Shaw does not get crucified for starting this guy.

        • Sandy Underpants

          They play basketball now?

          • gotroy22

            What do you mean “they”, ruin? Your team lost.

        • gotroy22

          Try again.

    • schammer47

      Teddy, You forgot to mention that little Delaware University had not one, but two, Super Bowl starting QB’s: Rich Gannon, Oakland Raiders 2003: Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens, 2013.

    • JustOwns

      Remember Ted, that vaunted bozo FB program is only Toejam Rah-Rah dogma.

      • Mrs Tool_Obama

        (more crickets)

        • Jack B

          They come here, the Trolls, because they need USC. Counterintuitively, the only thing they need more is to hope for its destruction.

          We’re so under their skin that they freely live here everyday for any morsel of a chance to spew anti-USC venom. You won’t catch them talking about ucla. Too depressing for little gutty Trolls to get into the reality of that.

      • gotroy22

        What’s it like supporting two losers in Hillary and the ruins, Owns?

        • gotroy22


    • Mrs Tool_Obama


    • Linkster

      Chuck – or is it Chaz, Miguelito, Yoda, whatever handle you are using. how can you come over here and throw shade after the year you have had? First the Queen (Hillary), Bruin athletics in general for the past year, the sunglass escapade….we could go on and on about the bruin ineptitude. We don’t need to remind you of Trojan dominance in NFL, oh that’s right, you went to West weird and are a slow learner.

  • Peaceful Warrior

    I guess he got coached up.

    • Tebow_Obama

      Yeah, the Eagles did a good job. It sure the hell wasn’t anyone on Helton’s staff that did anything for him.

      • Mrs Tool_Obama

        Glad there is one smart guy around here. Good insight

  • marvienna

    How about making the post about a Trojan – like “Nelson Agholor to the Super Bowl?”

    • Paul Muad’dib

      I was thinking the same thing.

      • Mrs Tool_Obama


    • Krystal

      Of the 52 SBs, USC has had a player participate in 49 of them. Including 2014 SB MVP Malcolm Smith

  • Sandy Underpants

    I am vindicated once again with my point that it’s a waste to take a QB in the first round. Thank you Scott Wolf. And can you please open a board that is strictly for losers so Gotroy and his bedbuddy can post their racist takes over there instead of our revered bored. Thanks in advance. Something with lots of confederate flags and Democrats from the 60s and before.

    • JustOwns

      Who might be the bed buddy Jellohead’s doing? LOL!

      • gotroy22

        Owns, did you see that even the Boston Globe has abandoned your Affirmative Action Fake Indian candidate for 2020, Fauxcahontas? Now Hillary will need to find another minority to run with. Are you available?

        • gotroy22
    • grave soul

      A sincere toast to you for rightfully calling gotroy22 out on his racist remarks. He is a pathetic excuse for a human being who denigrates others with constant lies and bigoted, hateful remarks. I feel pity for the him and his unhappy existence.

      • gotroy22

        gray stool, how did you celebrate the one year anniversary of the Trump administration? Did you wear a p#ss y hat and march with your fellow Dumbocrats Saturday?

        • gotroy22
    • gotroy22

      Poor racist lib ruin baby! You have never been right about anything since the day your crack momma left you on the porch at the local orphanage.

      • Sandy Underpants

        I voted for Donald Trump, btw, and still support him right now. Against Democrat weasels and Republican weasels.

        • gotroy22

          Sure you did, ruin wacko. You also pretend you like SC when it suits you.

          • Sandy Underpants

            You might be a complete imbecile if you are the only person on a board of about 80 commenters that thinks I’m a Bruin.

          • gotroy22

            You are a complete imbecile. Your act has been exposed, ruin wacko libt#rd.

  • Sas

    Somebody has to call this guy out……..

    Hey blogger dude, Former USC WR NELSON AGHOLAR will be playing in the SUPER BOWL!

  • Sebastian Lane

    Good point about Nellie. But let’s finish the Foles discussion. They lost 33-0 in their bowl game, and finished a whopping 8-5. Maybe he had too many 3 star guys playing around him? In any event, who cares? He’s a NFL backup anyway. Good luck to him in life and the SB.

  • steveg

    Goes to show what determination, persistence, hard work, and a good O line can do for you. Foles didn’t do it single handed.

  • Independent_George

    Hardest position to make recruiting prediction. You can look at a 17 y.o Jadeveon Clowney and say “That’s a five star athelte!” But QBs are so much more than size and speed and washboard abs.

    Google “Tom Brady Combine Picture”. That does not look like the picture of the greatest quarterback of all time. Then Google his combine numbers. Jeez, he was trash. 5.28 40, a pathetic 24 in vertical, a 7.20 cone drill.

  • LamontRaymond

    Clay Matthews was a walk-on…. so?

  • Globehead

    It’s an even numbered day so recruiting rankings don’t matter.
    In a week or so there will be an odd numbered day where a 4-star kid chooses not to go to SC and Wolf will bag on Helton for failing to land a highly rated recruit.

  • Guest.user73

    Speaking of SuperBowl… My daughter upon hearing that the Vikings lost said, “Let’s hope they get voted into the SuperBowl”
    This goes to show how messed up the current championship system in college football is

  • Rock2112

    Let’s protest. Let’s post no comments but “NELSON AGHOLOR TO THE SUPER BOWL” here until Wolf bites the bullet and reports that.

    • gotroy22

      You first!

  • David Keeling

    Sorry to say it, but PC had the ability to be what Nick Saban is today with Alabama. But Pete always had the the NFL in the back of his mind. What happened? #1 -Pete didn’t make the effort to replace quality assistant coaches with the same quality. He chased away the best playcaller there ever was in Norm Chow. Saban has made the coaching replacements and they are the best of the best and it shows each season. #2- PC recruited with the best of them when he wanted to. But there became loopholes when things didn’t go as planned like when Mark Sanchez left early and PC wasn’t prepared for that to happen. #3- He couldn’t just concentrate on football only, getting involved with other things that interested him which took away that extra effort to win games and making sure the program was not being compromised with infractions. You look at the pictures of the Alabama program being shown today and you look back at the first 5 years of USC under PC and we knew that feeling. We were on top of the World here. But the glue started coming apart and there evidently wasn’t enough desire on PC’s part to stop the bleeding and stick around the repair the damage. Pete, you could have been the king of the CFB World if you had only been satisfied coaching USC football. It was all here for you but you were no longer interested. Instead, Nick Saban came back to Bama and the CFB World rotates around Birmingham.

    • ItsAllAboutTheBall

      You forgot #4 that Carroll didn’t do but Saban did: Knocked Texas’ Staring QB out of the game in the First Quarter in a BCS Title Game at the Rose Bowl.

    • gotroy22

      Win Forever!

  • Golden Trojan

    Welcome to Inside Arizona (Alumni).

  • ItsAllAboutTheBall

    I believe Pete lost to every other Pac10 (10 at that time) team at least once except Arizona State, plus to future member Utah in a bowl.