• Pete

    Who cares.

    • GABBY702

      no one!

  • LamontRaymond

    They’re in a nice position. If they just keep winning and getting better – performance in line with their talent, they’ll inevitably rise to that all-valuable #6 seed. The seed they used in 2002 (?) when they went all the way to the regional final against Duke. Love to see the development of Usher (though still stumped by the absolute ZERO from Chuck).

  • GABBY702

    Really!…3rd week in Jan. and talking bracketology?

    Come on wolf, you can do better

    • Independent_George

      This is exactly when you start talking about it.

      • GABBY702

        rinse and repeat speculation, got it!

      • gotroy22

        Since winning the Pac 12 is meaningless.

    • Golden Trojan

      Less than 7 weeks to Conf. Champ Game, 10 regular season games to go. Long ways to go yes, but what else is there right now?

      • GABBY702

        Perhaps some inside info on football recruiting

  • Independent_George

    Considering that they were a “bubble” team three weeks ago, that’s pretty good.

    When they make the NCAAs, they will be the first team since Floyd’s teams to make three appearances in a row. They should be the first USC team in history to register more than 20 regular season (does not include conference and NCAA tournament) wins three years in a row.

    Not bad from a coach who Scottie wants to fire.

    • JustOwns

      It’s the little things that count to the bozo u BB program


      In 17 total appearances in the NCAA tournament, bozo u is 14 – 19 all-time.

      During the Andyain’twinning Tournament era, Andrew is 1 – 2, but his auld lady looks good.

      • Mrs Tool_Obama


        • JustOwns

          Truth hurts.


        Stay in your lane Rents! Brown cant help your little gutties until next year. Right now, the ruins are on the wrong side of the bubble

      • Pasadena Trojan

        Squatter, especially since you had the greatest cheater of all time coaching at Thug U aka ugly, Johnny Cheetin’ Wooden bought 10 championships and paid for by Sam Gilbert.

    • Arturo

      Historic, really.

  • Rock2112

    I’m hijacking this post back to football. Has USCDan1986 explained to us yet why JDR, sitting over in Heritage Hall to get Lynn Swann coffee and keep the staff amused, is now the leading candidate to be the next defensive coordinator of the NY Giants? I’m guessing no.


      Anyone believing anything Danny Boy says should consider a lengthy stay at a mental institution.

      USCDAN has had numerous handles, he claimed he went to FSU, then Stanford, Gotroy said the guy claimed to have gone to Cal Poly Pomona, he’s said that he has an insider at the BOT, Dan is a troll

      • Independent_George

        But he did get a conversation going, proving once again that some of the dumbest and least knowledgeable fans in all of college football are, alas, USC fans.

        • GOMER HELTON

          Some fans will believe anything

        • steveg

          Funny thing was at first there was doubt, then hope, then the realization JDR is not the guy USC needs. Hope he does well at the Giants.

          • JustOwns

            That any Toejam Rah-Rahs entertained the silly idea that JDR would ever contemplate taking an asst. or HC gig at bozo u is convincing evidence they suffer from a severe deficit of intelligence.

        • gotroy22

          And most optimistic…

        • San Diego trojan

          Have you ever listened to all the redneck, rambling SEC idiots that call into the Paul finebaum show? What that poor guy has to put up with makes us all look like “Einstein’s “ I always feel a little better about this blog when I sample the rest of the country. Try it sometime

      • GABBY702

        numerous handles….LOL!

        You two have more than a few things in common, nice

    • Independent_George

      Because USCDAN1986 is a lying troll who lies and trolls?

  • Golden Trojan

    Hopefully they don’t get put in one of those 11 seed play in games those are ridiculous, just get rid of some of those 16 seeds.

  • Steve B.

    Keep winning and good things will fall in place. First order of business is to get Stanford at home with a bad beat to offset
    the unreal loss to them at the buzzer. Sweep at home this week-
    end pretty much a must for committee. Some tough games left
    ucla, Arizona, ASU, and UW. The idea is to get hot at
    the finish to improve your lot in the ncaa tourney seeding.